Polar Meltdown Update

Greenland gaining ice, even after bogus GRACE ice loss calculations

Greenland Ice Sheet’s 2017 weigh-in suggests a small increase in ice mass | NOAA Climate.gov

Antarctica gaining ice, even after bogus GRACE ice loss calculations

NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses | NASA

A big increase in snowfall in Antarctica.

Big increase in Antarctic snowfall – BBC News

Greenland again gaining more ice than normal.

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Arctic sea ice volume continues to increase and is up 10% over the past two years.

FullSize_CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20180415.png (1337×1113)

Experts call all of the mass gains a “meltdown.”

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21 Responses to Polar Meltdown Update

  1. Frank K. says:

    We also gained some ice here in New Hampshire over the weekend. And it’s mid April! This is coldest start to Spring I’ve ever seen in my 20 years living here…

  2. Griff says:

    yes, but the sea ice volume is DOWN compared to 36 of the last 40 years.

    and extent is lowest for time of year for last 40.

  3. Taphonomic says:

    Isn’t it funny that DMI has updated the surface mass budget Greenland Ice sheet graph to remove the massive above average 2016-2017 snowfall but leaves the 2011-2012 high melt year? I wonder why any reputable science organization would do this?


  4. Steven Fraser says:

    And, in other news, DMI ice volume rose again yesterday.

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