The Hits Keep Coming For The Climate Fraudsters

For the second year in a row, Greenland’s surface is gaining well above average amounts of ice.

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Last year, DMI tried to blame the record growth on a 2016 hurricane.  What is going to be their excuse this year?

Guest post: How the Greenland ice sheet fared in 2017 | Carbon Brief

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42 Responses to The Hits Keep Coming For The Climate Fraudsters

  1. R. Shearer says:

    It’s all very logical. For instance, hurricanes rarely happened before global warming, that’s why it is so hard to find treasure from sunken Spanish galleons.

  2. RAH says:

    Really not a lot for the ambulance chasers to be screaming their message of doom about anywhere. That is except in the US where they are trying to get rid of Scott Pruitt. They really are pulling out all stops to try and bring him down. Every single day there is a deprecating article or two or three about the man in my MSN “news” feed. I have already sent my expression of support for the man to the WH. I think a much stronger campaign to support him needs to organized among the climate realist blogs and organizations.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    DMI needs to get with the program. They’re overdue for some ‘necessary’ anthropogenic algorithmic adjustments. (Maybe I better not joke like that!)

    • Taphonomic says:

      Actually, they have adjusted their graphs. They deleted the line showing last year’s high snowfall while retaining the line showing the 2011 high melt. And in 2017 they adjusted the graph showing “The percentage of the total area of the ice where the melting occurred”

  4. terak says:

    Look at the trend before you get overly exited.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Yep, Greenland is only a TINY amount down from the extreme of the LIA.

      Apart from the LIA, Ice are is higher than in 8000+ years.

      • AndyG55 says:

        And that is because Greenland is only just above its coldest temperatures in 8000 years.

      • Phil. says:

        The current Greenland ice sheet area is 1.7×10^12 m^2 which puts it substantially lower than the Holocene Optimum as shown on your graph.

  5. terak says:

    here we go

    • tonyheller says:

      Graph based on bad interpretations of gravity data, which would have little to do with the current climate even if they were accurate.

      • terak says:

        That is a super-strong signal as thousands of square km of ice are gone. Of course they have something to do with climate.

        • tonyheller says:

          Calving has little or nothing to do with “climate change” and GRACE ice mass interpretations have historically been worthless – at best.

          • terak says:

            GRACE can easily detect such a huge signal, as can satellite altimetry. There’s no doubt that Greenland has been sheddding a lot of mass lately…are you predicting the trend turns this year?

          • RAH says:

            GRACE cannot tell the difference between changes due to an active geology and those due to changes in ice. And no system is better than the analysis of the data it produces.

            You want to obsess about the Greenland ice sheet melting away then do so when the glaciers stop calving or when the SLR rate shows a marked increase over a number of years as measured by tide gauges.

            Till then your not going to convince anyone here that there is significant loss of the Greenland ice sheet.

          • Gator says:

            RAH, Ms Terak is a remote sensing know-it-all, just ask her. She knows how to discern between a GRACE gravity anomaly and a GRACE ice anomaly, even when GRACE herself cannot.

          • AndyG55 says:

            Grace measures gravity

            Greenland is over a KNOWN active volcanic area

            WAKE UP, idiot !!

            Or prove you KNOW NOTHING.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            Ms Terak is not alone in receiving this huge, super-strong signal.

        • tonyheller says:

          Rock is three times as dense as ice. Small movements of the land underneath the ice overwhelm the ice signal, making GRACE completely worthless. Nobody knows what is going on underneath two miles of ice.

          • Anon says:

            Except Al Gore…

          • AndyG55 says:

            And Greenland is over an active volcanic region.

            There are huge amounts of differential magma floating below.

            The differences in density of different pockets of magma would absolutely swamp any actual ice changes.

          • R. Shearer says:

            Al said that it’s millions of degrees down there.

        • Taphonomic says:

          That’s cubic kilometers.

          The gravity data suggest that ~200 cubic kilometers are lost per year. That’s out of ~2.85 million cubic kilometers of ice. That’s almost 0.01% of the total mass. How accurate and precise are those geophysical measurements?

    • Ari Saltiel says:

      The last data is 1/2017 for a reason…. too much ice in 2017 was added :)

    • arn says:

      According to your graph
      one should suppose that greenland turned green (again after 1000 years)

      But somehow we are missing the results the same way we miss the sea level rise(when we compare photos of beaches and buildings(50+ years ago) built in and by the sea .

    • sunsettommy says:


    • AndyG55 says:

      Wake up idiot.

      Here is a graph of Greenland total Ice mass since 1900.

      If you dispute it, draw your own,, maybe you will learn something. !

      But probably you will choose to remain ignorant.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Even if that GRACE junk is correct, then the loss would be from calving, rivers flow to the sea, even ice rivers.

      Nothing to do with climate change, all to do with heavy snow many years ago.

      And since SMB is climbing, the only other option is basal melt.. which would NOT be anything to atmospheric anything, especially not CO2

    • neals says:

      Remember, terak wrote “Highest sea-level rise rates have happened in the open ocean.”

      So how many years at this supposed rate of mass loss would it take for even one half of Greenlands ice sheet to be lost?

  6. pwl says:

    “the main cultprit”… as if there is a crime being committed by the ice growing.

    noun: culprit; plural noun: culprits

    a person who is responsible for a crime or other misdeed.
    synonyms: guilty party, offender, wrongdoer, perpetrator, miscreant; More
    criminal, malefactor, felon, lawbreaker, delinquent;
    informalbaddie, crook, perp
    “police are doing all they can to catch the culprit”
    the cause of a problem or defect.
    “viruses could turn out to be the culprit”

  7. Andy DC says:

    Greenland is a very mysterious place that looses ice while rapidly gaining ice, all the while, with temperatures very seldom getting above freezing. Maybe it’s from Reggie’s magic blowtorch being fired from outer space. That is a better theory than any given so far by alarmists.

  8. Snowleopard says:

    We can look at graphs and argue about the quality of the Greenland data and its interpretation. When we do so it suggests that DMI is not yet as dishonest as some other government’s agencies responsible for keeping such data, despite their suggestions of warmth when the data say cold.

    But is it really necessary?

    There are Viking settler graves in Greenland under permafrost that is in no “danger” of thawing any time soon. Obviously the current “warming” in Greenland if any, (I suspect it is cooling) has not yet approached that of the Medieval Warm period and is thus well within natural variability.

    • gregole says:

      Greenland is an inhospitable place to live; the population is shrinking. If, as some say, it is warming and thawing, then population projections would be positive. They are negative.

      • Rah says:

        That’s what happens when the sheep have to be fed with imported fodder year after year. The alarmist organs claim that while it has gotten warmer the summers have gotten dryer. Greenland though, us a very wet place even during relatively dry summers. Certainly wet enough to provide more fodder and grazing than places like Australia which at 70+ million head is 2nd only to China.

  9. Primustultorus says:

    Follow the money!

    International lenders want to convert countries environment into financial instruments they can seize if contries cannot repay the money the lenders pretend to lend them.

    The lenders want to seize debtors’ water, trees and nature reserves. The problem is that this stuff, wilderness, does not produce much money, and therefore they want us to buy it back with ordinary money.

    The stick: “You horrible polluter, you will be fined $1,000!”
    The carrot: “Don’t worry, for only $900 we can sell you some cheap, ethical shares, based on wilderness assets that you can use to expunge your fine.”

    The aforementioned want to trade in CO2 financial instruments, Hovever CO2 in the atmosphere is miniscule, four hundredths of one percent, and human-produced CO2 is almost three percent of that.

    In a few years we will all notice Global Cooling. Don’t let the tricksters keep the money – give it to rogue, deplorable scientists not consensual scientists.

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