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CO2 : The Greatest Threat Mankind Has Ever Faced

Life can’t exist without CO2, and experts say it is the most dangerous thing ever. Biggest Threat to Humanity? Climate Change, U.N. Chief Says – The New York Times

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Twitter Blocking My Images

Twitter has started blocking my images on my timeline, because they are offensive to left-wing criminals. These are the images being blocked above.

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North Pole To Disappear Soon

In 1923, radical climate change was going to cause the North Pole to melt entirely. NORTH POLE MELTING. MANY GLACIERS VANISHED. Is the North Pole going to melt entirely? Reports from fishermen, seal hunters, and explorers who sail the seas … Continue reading

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CO2 Targeting Tourists

CO2 is not just targeting the National Parks, but it is also specifically targeting tourists. Climate Change: More Tourist Deaths on Melting Glaciers – The Atlantic The Atlantic article above cited five glacial accidents since 1987 – which is a … Continue reading

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Where Little Balloons Come From

This is similar to how balloons reproduce in Canberra. Thirty years from now, I will report these incidents to the FBI.   #MeToo

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Just When You Thought They Couldn’t Possibly Get More Stupid …

CO2 used to target women and children of color, but now it targets national parks. National Parks are warming twice as fast as the U.S. overall — High Country News To be fair, they are telling the truth. Two times … Continue reading

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