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Today’s Global Warming Fraud At The New York Times

The New York Times is blaming Roger Federer’s September 3rd loss on global warming.   Roger Federer Is Tough to Beat. Global Warming Might Have Pulled an Upset. – The New York Times It was the 10th warmest September 3 … Continue reading

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The Wins Just Keep Coming!

CNN is very angry about the defeat of ISIS, ambassadors not being murdered in spontaneous YouTube protests, peace with North Korea, the end of the Cold War, the booming economy, peace on the streets of America, no cities being burned, … Continue reading

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One Of The Least Hot Summers In The Midwest

Midwestern USHCN stations have recorded 17,772 June/July/August measurements over 100 degrees since 1895, including 2,624 in 1936 alone. This year there were only eight measurements over 100 degrees. The frequency and intensity of hot summer afternoons in the Midwest has plummeted … Continue reading

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More Nebraska

On July 17, 1936, there was a large spread in temperatures across Nebraska, from 118 degrees at Hartington to 100 degrees at Kimball. Does this mean there was something wrong with the data?  Not at all – it was much … Continue reading

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