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Yet Another Climate Refugee

Thirty years ago this month I moved from Sedona to Houston.  Monster hurricane Gilbert was forming and headed towards Houston – after destroying my favorite town in Mexico. A few weeks earlier NASA’s James Hansen had predicted Lower Manhattan would … Continue reading

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Unburying The Past

Roman soldiers would frequently bury their coins before they went off to war.  Many never returned  or couldn’t remember where their 0% interest bank was.  People with metal detectors find these stashes after 2,000 years of oxidation and sell them … Continue reading

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Shortest Arctic Melt Season On Record?

As it stands right now, August 31 was the date of minimum sea ice extent in the MASIE record. This is the first year the minimum occurred during August.  The map below shows ice gain and loss since August 31. … Continue reading

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Daily CNN/Guardian Climate Fraud Update

“We will know our disinformation program is complete, when everything the American public believes is false” William Casey  CIA Director 1981 Last week, CNN, The Guardian and many other fake news agencies reported Arctic sea ice north of Greenland is … Continue reading

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New Ice-Free Arctic Date

Based on current volume ice loss trends, I predict with 97% confidence the Arctic will be ice-free on July 29, 2021 at 11:42 AM. Spreadsheet    Data Ice loss this year was fourth lowest on record, with all of the lowest four … Continue reading

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