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Thickest September Ice On Record In The Beaufort Sea

This is the first year in the Danish Meteorological Institute record, with thick ice in the Beaufort Sea all the way to the Canadian Coast at the end of September. Index of /arctic/icethickness/images

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A Credible Witness

Susan Ford doesn’t remember where or when the attempted murder and rape occurred. She has no corroborating evidence or witnesses, didn’t tell any of her friends, and left her friends in the house with drunken rapists and murderers. She didn’t … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists Expect Ice To Melt In Extreme Cold

Climate scientists expected to find melting ice in extremely cold Antarctica, but discovered that the Ross Ice Shelf was actually growing. And they need more money to study this surprising phenomenon. Ross Ice Shelf Bore in Antarctica Reveals Freezing Ice, Not Melting, … Continue reading

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