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Playing Whack A Mole With The Udall Family

For decades, carpetbagging Udalls have been the scourge of the southwest.  We recently got rid of ours in Colorado. A new one as popped up though in Fort Collins. Over the last century, the river’s flow has declined by around … Continue reading

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They Love Ice So Much – They Want It To Disappear

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New Video : New York Times Climate Fraud (Part 2)

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More Spectacular Climate Fraud By The New York Times

The New York Times says satellite images were first used to study sea ice in 1979, and that ice is disappearing due to global warming. We Charted Arctic Sea Ice for Nearly Every Day Since 1979. You’ll See a Trend. … Continue reading

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Five Years Since ISIS Appeared

On August 7, 2013 newspapers all across the US announced a new terror group, who by sheer coincidence had just achieved one of the key military objectives of Barack Obama and John McCain in Syria. 07 Aug 2013, A10 – … Continue reading

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Playing Chess With A Pigeon

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