Moral Leadership Of The Democratic Party

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21 Responses to Moral Leadership Of The Democratic Party

  1. DCA says:

    I see where Edmonton Alberta is having its snowiest September on record, with more on the way:

  2. GW Smith says:

    Media captures all. Who would take these jobs? Which is why we get who we do.

  3. GeologyJim says:

    He’s just fondling his “Bismallah” ring that declares his devotion to allah

    He will rot in Hell, insh’allah


  4. griff says:

    Just to say the arctic sea ice extent is still going down (on the Jaxa measure) and is at 7th lowest, just ahead of 2017. since other years hit max earlier, it is 4th lowest for the date. (still melting around the edge, even as a little new ice forms.)

    and this in a very por melting deason.

  5. Robertv says:

    Only those who have something to hide are allowed to climb the political ladder. If you have nothing to hide you are much more difficult to control.

    Of Course the same goes if you have nothing to lose.

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  6. James says:

    You mean immoral leadership right?

  7. RAH says:

    Well it appears the wheels are about to come off the deep state attempted coup bus. The principles are starting to out each other.

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