Golf In Estes Park

This is rutting season for elk, and tourists are flocking to Rocky Mountain National Park and fighting over parking spots to get a glimpse of them.  Most of the elk are actually on the golf course, where the biggest challenge is to avoid landing in elk poop.


This is the view from our cabin.

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  1. RAH says:

    Glad your enjoying yourself. We had some pretty rough winds here at my place yesterday. Took down a good portion of one of the western pines that border my property.

    But on the bright side I finally got a bug in widows 10 having to do with the memory that was really screwing up my computer time patched and it seems to be working as it should now instead of constantly locking up and slowing. I had about determined that I needed professional help but today I got it working right.

  2. Disillusioned says:


  3. jst1 says:

    Excellent work on that first image.
    A polarizer would help the daytime shots. Still, fine work.

  4. gregole says:

    Great shots Tony! “Climate” looks just fine in Estes Park.

  5. patrick healy says:

    great stuff Tony.
    Had a nett 75 yesterday on our Open track at Carnoustie.
    Got second in the Saturday medal (second class).
    Quite pleasing for a 76 year old golf fanatic global warming realist.
    BTW if you ever fancy a real challenge I can treat you to a game at Carnoustie.

  6. john emery says:

    Ahhhh, I miss Long’s Peak…

  7. R Shearer says:

    Tony, if you happen to make it through Boulder, the CU art museum has a Roman coin exhibit and small exhibit on Arapahoe Glacier, both of which should interest you. A photo from 1954 shows less snow than is present today.

  8. Rah says:

    I’m on the paved shoulder of the exit ramp off I 64 W to WV 12 and this is where I’m taking my 10 hour break. Delivered to Harrisonburg, VA this morning and hooked to a preloaded trailer bound for the USF Holland terminal in Indy.

  9. Rah says:

    Yesterday and today on this trip I dodged a Fox Squirrel, a Red Fox, a drunk in an old Chevy van, and Bambi in that order. After Bambi with 200 mi to go I was waiting for big foot to run out in front of me since everything else seemed determined to get hit by this truck!

    • Disillusioned says:

      I don’t always say it, but I really enjoy your off-topic truck driving stories. I’ve even gotten to know you’re on the road when I see two less capital letters in your moniker.

  10. BobW in NC says:

    You take the most amazing photos showing life, Tony! Never tire of them nor your excellent providing of well-analyzed,up-to-date, accurate data. Cited your work many times in my emails. Thank you!

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