Arizona Global Warming Update

Today was the coldest October 7th in Phoenix in at least 100 years. Average temperature for the date is 93 degrees, and I was riding my bike this evening with a jacket on.

PHOTOS: Northern AZ gets first snowfall – | ABC15 Arizona

We have had huge amounts of rain, and the desert is greening up rapidly.

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13 Responses to Arizona Global Warming Update

  1. gregole says:

    Of all the places I’ve been to and lived in, Arizona is my favorite. I love this state. Great pics. Yes. It is that beautiful here.

  2. Michael Newton says:

    Awesome! Now that it’s cooled off, I can’t wait to go hiking again.

  3. AZ1971 says:

    Third wettest October for Phoenix as well, and it’s only one week into the month … which is good, considering we’ve been in exceptional drought for some time and can always use more precipitation (it’s a desert, after all.)

    Tony, I saw one individual walking along 43rd Ave. this evening wearing a lightweight insulated jacket and a winter knit cap. Is it chilly? Relative to the normal, yes. But it’s by no means winter weather. I’ve quite enjoyed the storms, full arroyos, and greened flora the past couple of weeks and am hoping the nice weather continues for the next 7 months.

  4. Griff says:

    and in Alaska or Wrangel Island?

    Over the arctic ocean off Siberia?

    Sea ice refreeze still not kicking off: now 3rd lowest for the date and heading to overtake 2007 into second lowest.

    • Mr GrimNasty says:

      It’s not where you start it’s where………………every year the ice takes different routes to roughly the same levels.

      There’s obviously a very warm weather event at the moment, looks like it has just about peaked. Temperatures will dive at some point and ice will ‘catch up’ rapidly.

      It’s more extraordinary that ice hasn’t melted and gone back down.

    • spike55 says:

      GREAT NEWS for all people living up there , hey griff. :-)

      Transport, recreation, commerce, fishing, etc all become so much easier, even though the levels are STILL in the top 10% of the last 10,000 years.

      Absolutely ZERO down-side..

      .. except that once the WEATHER changes it will start to refreeze again.

      and ABSOLUTELY ZERO evidence of any human influence.

      You have yet to provide one tiny bit of empirical science or evidence showing human CO2 causes warming, griff.

      You CONTINUE to DENY climate history.

      You are a classic CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER.

      • D. H. says:

        And as corroboration for spike55 comment, below is the science.
        For those unfamiliar with: Andrill
        And not inclined to look up science/facts (a brief summery).
        Stands for Antarctica Drilling Project. A consortium of nations engaged in specialized drilling on continental shelf under ice during limited time slots available during year.
        Findings were (have to read small print results – was much to chagrin of most scientists involved) that during last 2 million years there have been 60 cycles of ice ages with interim global warming in Antarctica with some global water level changes up to 300 feet. Confirmed by research on New Zealand coast lines.
        Naturally during those 60 cycles/2 million years man not a factor.
        In future all you need to do is supply Google reference link (or cut and paste this entry) which is brief explanation. That will suffice to “checkmate” any individual who says “humans” cause global warming.
        And you can ask (on future posts here on LinkedIn) as an introductory question does individual proposing human caused global warming ever go to Vegas and gamble. If they say no because of “odds” against them then they are up against same type of “odds” by supporting “human caused” global warming. In other words global warming does occur. Just not by humans.

    • Gator says:

      now 3rd lowest for the date

      Really? What was it on October 7th 1253? Or October 7th 307?

      You’re not cherry picking to support genocide, are you Ms Griff?

    • Snowleopard says:

      I believe climate change is real, but it is not caused by humans, and most alarmists are looking in the wrong direction. Also, it might be good to adjust one’s view of climate from post 1979 to at least encompass written history.

      As we return from the inter-glacial period and re-enter the glacial over this century (or the next three if the sun perks up again) the prevailing winds are shifting from latitudinal to meridional. This is likely to cause some arctic warming and much cooling in grain growing regions. To me the latter is far more important. Either way a significant solar minimum is ahead. This pattern tried to establish itself twice before in historical times, once circa 536 AD and again circa 1410 AD. Both instances led to crop failure, famine, plague, forced migration, war, and large population reductions. It seems the most recent instance was the more severe, but we cannot be sure since plague in the first instance was much worse in urban areas where the few who could read and write lived. It appears we are entering a similar era.

      If conditions more than ten years in the future concern you or your (grand) children some preparations might be in order. Perhaps this will be delayed by a another cycle of renewed solar activity, but that cannot be relied upon.

  5. Mr GrimNasty says:

    That last photo looks like the inspiration for a totem pole.

  6. Andy says:

    Love the last one

  7. pseudo-intellectual says:

    How much less likely is the media to report COLDER than usual temperatures?

    It would be an interesting study.

    I was in Tucson for a week in October, 1979… broke heat record nearly every day; in the 100s as I recall.

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