October Surprise

Schumer to Trump: Intel officials have ways to strike back

Reeling From Tragedy, Many in Pittsburgh Say Trump Should Not Visit – The New York Times

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12 Responses to October Surprise

  1. But… the NYT says right there in the link that it is the exclusive purveyor of “the” Truth. Who are we to argue with The Truth and Settled Science endorsed by 97% of all Network News reporters and scientist impersonators? Tell me that!

  2. Bob Hoye says:

    No matter what Trump says or does, the Deep State, including its Democratic Party and its media will be there with full condemnation.
    Until the Deep State is bypassed.
    It will never quit, but over time it can lose, as the popular uprising continues.
    The last great experiment in authoritarianism corrupted the Church into a murderous police state. Maxing out in the early 1600s, the Great Reformation is best reviewed as it evolved in England.
    The Wiki on the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688 covers it well.

  3. Psalmon says:

    Looks like Trump just lost the pregnant-Chinese-women-who-love-to-travel vote.

  4. TA says:

    Other than a few jokes said at his political rallies, Trump has not advocated for violence from his supporters. All the claims of Trump’s violent rhetoric are made-up lies by the Left and the Leftwing News Media.

    “Lock her up” is not violent rhetoric. It is a cry for justice. A guilty person has so far gotten away with numberous, obvious crimes, and people against who those crimes were committed, don’t like it.

    Calling the liars in the Leftwing News Media “Fake News” is not violent rhetoric. It is the truth. Trump has a perfect right, as does every citizen, to call out the political liars when they lie.

    The Left repeats this narrative that Trump is fomenting violence among his followers, and giving our subtle messages of White Supremacy. But Trump is sending his message only to white people, he is sending it to all people who support him and that inclues every race and creed in the United States.

    When Trump says he is a Nationalist, he is not dog-whistling to his white supporters, he is saying this to everyone in the United States of every color. Trump is not just representing the 65 percent of the US population that is white, but he also represents the 35 percent that are not white.

    Trump’s condemnation of the Illegal alien horde headed to our southern border is not hate speech and is not directed at just those in South America, since these illegal aliens are from all races and nations. Trump just wants to stop the bad guys from coming in. That’s a benefit to everyone who doesn’t like bad guys.

    Trump is right: The lying Fake News IS the enemy of the people. A simpler way of saying it is: Lies are the enemy of the People.

    The nation cannot govern itself properly if all the citizenry get are a constant stream of lies and distortiong from the News Media. Basing a vote on a lie is a path to disaster.

    Trump should continue pointing out how the Leftwing News Media lies are undermining our country and our form of government.

    And all those Fake News lies are aimed at just one thing: Ousting Republicans from power and putting the Socialists back in power. That’s what it’s all about.

    If you value your personal freedoms you should go out and vote Republican on Nov. 6.

    • Rah says:

      Their hate oozes from every pore.

    • Disillusioned says:

      “If you value your personal freedoms you should go out and vote Republican on Nov. 6.”

      I used to go down the ticket and choose by candidate. This year, there’s not a local or national Democrat I’d vote for. It will be the first time I will vote straight party ticket. I’ll be in and out of that booth fast.

      • Rah says:

        Been there and did that already. Indiana has early voting and allows straight ticket voting. However to vote against any Democrat that is running but has no R contending one has to go through and vote for the Libertarian or Independent that is running against the Dem.

  5. Rah says:

    Really what I’m looking for is a November surprise for left and their broadcasters of conventional election wisdom.

  6. Psalmon says:

    The media are setting up violence after the Midterms IMO:

    – They report polls that have NOTHING to do with reality…look below at Florida Early Voting EV figures…R turnout is up by over 150K compared to 2016…Seeing this same thing in AZ, NV, IN, IA, ME, NC and CA. CA is actually has the largest gap of all. Black and Hispanic turnout is down…on top of that you have #WalkAway. Trump Won FL by 113K votes after trailing EV by (150K). There is no Blue Wave. In State after State you see the same trends…polls one way…EV the exact other.

    – Now they are mis-reporting on the 14th Amendment. Before Trump wins that two years from now in SCOTUS, they will make him out to be a true tyrant. Racist tyrant but they’ve already covered the racist part.

    When the Dems lose BIG next week, Wednesday’s shock in the media and in the “Left bubble” is going to cause everything from suicides and riots. The Left faithful are being told they will win…After Tuesday, the DeepState knows many of them are going to jail. The Left and DS will not go down without a bang. These people can’t even eat ICE CREAM without being angry and hating something.

    I am telling my family to stay home Wednesday and out of the city for a week. Seriously, stay safe all.

  7. Mr GrimNasty says:

    The BBC was interviewing some mad woman that looked like a bloke yesterday – just written a book on Russian US election hacking etc. – she couldn’t say for sure the Russians swung it for Trump, but they definitely did! Needless to say she was treated like royalty.

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