The World Has Less Than Ten Years To Get Leftist Lies Under Control

A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.  He said governments have a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control.

  • Jun. 30, 1989

The world has barely 10 years to get climate change under control, U.N. scientists say

  • October 7, 2018

Steve Goddard on Twitter: “The exact same #FakeNews article from 30 years ago.… “

U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked

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20 Responses to The World Has Less Than Ten Years To Get Leftist Lies Under Control

  1. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    Get ’em Tony!
    Good job!

  2. gregole says:

    Is MSM so broke they can’t afford to pay someone to write new copy, they simply go back 30 years and write the exact same story with new dates? No wonder readership is cratering.

    If they wanted to sell papers, all they’d have to do is a thorough job of reporting the real climate science story starting with Climategate 2009. But selling papers isn’t really their business, is it?

  3. Anon says:

    It has always been like that. The headlines blare that 2018 is the tipping point year at which point Climate Change will become irreversible and the Paris Climate Accord irrelevant. Then lo and behold, just before the date arrives scientists discover that we have another 18 years to make the required changes – thus funding money is secured for another generation.

    Limiting global warming to 1.5 °C may still be possible

    Analysis suggests that researchers have underestimated how much carbon humanity can emit before reaching this level of warming. To forestall the new tipping point send monetary donations to the following list of environmental NGOs below…

  4. johnbuk says:

    ….and 10 years before that (1979 approx) we were all going to freeze to death in the forthcoming ice age.

  5. Cam says:

    The first article was about preventing it, and the new one is about limiting to 1.5 c.

    In 10 years we’ll have articles saying “Urgent action needed to keep climate change under 4 degrees”, and there’s no contradiction.

  6. David of Aussie says:

    Ground Hog Decade ??

  7. Mr Sir says:

    Maybe the reason the article from 1989 was wrong was because people at the time took some actions to slow down the effects for a little while?

    • Gator says:

      You are so precious little mr man!

    • spike55 says:

      Mr slur, you are either an incompetent IDIOT or a LYING piece of gutter trash.. (I vote , both)

      CO2 levels have continued to climb at a basically constant rate.

      No slow down, just transfers to even higher levels of REAL pollution in China, India etc.

      NOTHING any of the AGW scammers has made one iota of difference to world CO2 levels.

      The whole scam has been a manifest FAILURE in that regard.

    • Johansen says:

      Massive build up of worldwide coal power since 1989, as well as huge increase in global oil production, so you can’t use that argument.
      Every nuclear plant that gets retired early sets-back Green Energy by a staggering amount. At 3,000 megawatts at a pop, there is no way these get replaced by PV panels or windmills

  8. marty says:

    It’s like the fusion reactor: Theres always 20 years until working!

    • Johansen says:

      Fusion’s too far off. We have to get moving with breeder reactors which use “waste” material as fuel. This kills two birds.
      Jimmy Carter ended our breeder reactor research because someone in his administration told him we had plenty of Uranium

  9. Mr GrimNasty says:

    The BBC is like a pig in muck today. Relentless saturation CAGW hogwash.

  10. The Other Brad says:

    Twitter states Your media has sensitive information.

  11. Jacob Morgan says:

    They always push the catastrophe off into the future. LOL! Over & over & over again.

    “We’re all gonna die if we don’t do something in 10 yrs!!!!”

    10 years passes…

    “We’re all gonna die if we don’t do something in 10 years!!!”

  12. The writers at the Washington ComPost are fools.

    Anyone with brains knows the disaster will be here
    in nine years — where do those fools come up with
    “barely ten years”?

    You can never trust the ComPost — they have
    so much right wing bias — stretching the truth
    to “barely ten years”.

    That’s why the only creature in my house
    who reads the ComPost is my cat —
    I leave it in his litter box
    for “bathroom reading”
    — he likes to “highlight”
    the ComPost stories
    he wants me to read
    in yellow ink.

    Real science
    and at least
    four decimal places —
    — it’s all over in 9.1284 years
    +/- 5.752 years

  13. Loren says:

    Think of the money they save by recycling old articles as new!! LOL!

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