This Week In 1954

The US was hit by three major hurricanes in 1954, including the last two to hit New England. The third one, Hurricane Hazel caused massive damage in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario – where a storm surge killed more than 100 people in Toronto.

16 Oct 1954, Page 1 – The Gaffney Ledger at

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  1. pinroot says:

    My parents lived in Southeastern NC near the coast when Hazel came through. They went to one of the beaches and filmed some of the devastation. We used to watch home movies occasionally and I always liked that particular reel. If a Hazel came through today, the alarmists would cite it as absolute proof of global warming/climate change/term du jour

  2. Rah says:

    Didn’t happen. I wasn’t born yet

  3. Rhys says:

    The funny thing is I read about hurricane Hazel in the 70s in a book entitled The Coming Ice Age. It was indicative of the type of weather destruction we would have with global cooling

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