Two Years Of Joy

Looking forward to the rerun in four weeks.

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17 Responses to Two Years Of Joy

  1. Jimmy Haigh says:

    I watched all of that. The biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Proof, along with the previous video, that, as I have always said, liberal/leftist “experts” are always wrong.

  2. Charles Straw says:

    I normally wouldn’t pay any mind to a pre-lunch, impromptu press conference with Jim Brown, Kanye West and Trump…but I watched what I could of it tonight and found it to be captivating TV — yes, Kanye was just on the other side of kooky, but there are some deeper things swimming around in his mind. Kanye seems like he may have experienced satori too often. But he also seems sincere in some of his rambling pleas for positive change in the USA

    Trump’s repeated praise directly to Jim Brown was touching. And as there are usually methods to Trump’s own madness, we’ll have see if these celebrity Oval Office shindigs continue with other notables.

    Yes, the upcoming elections be fun to watch, too

  3. Psalmon says:

    Then these “rights” loving people tried to:
    – Intimidate Electoral College Electors into thwarting the people’s vote
    – Leak private conversations and documents from the White House
    – Stop approval of Trump’s Cabinet and the formation of a government
    – Concoct a fantasy and investigation of how Russia caused the election upset
    – Accuse a SCOTUS nominee of running a drugging gang rape ring in high school
    – Inflame and conduct a campaign of violence against Trump supporters

    That’s a short list for our friends so afraid of losing their “rights”. Good Gawd, and 36% of people apparently see Hillary favorably. We are dealing with at least 40% of our population who are literally insane.

    • Psalmon says:

      My bad, I forgot they also have launched the largest assault on Free Speech in the history of humanity…because…”rights” you know.

  4. Josh says:

    Please protest Kavanaugh more and kick em when they go low! I want 55+ senate seats!

    • Richard says:

      “I want 55+ senate seats!”

      55 votes is no better than 50,
      or 51 or 52 …

      55 is worthless — must have 60 votes
      to stop a “filibuster”, which doesn’t
      even require anyone to stand up and talk !

      Just 50 Senate votes
      in 2017 or 2018
      could have been used
      to rewrite the filibuster rules,
      but Republicans were cowards
      — those rules remain, and are why
      there will never be a “Trump wall”.

  5. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    And for the past two years, we’ve been subjected to these sock puppets spouting the same crap 24/7-365.

    I hope American voters bitch-slap them twice as hard this election.

  6. Charles Straw says:

    “The Black unemployment rate fell to a record low of 5.9 percent in May,
    dipping dramatically by more than half a percentage point from April…

    This new number is the lowest since the government started keeping track in 1972”

    Essence Magazine – June 3, 2018

  7. Menicholas says:

    I have been closely keeping track of the polling at the Real Clear Politics site, and have seen just in the past couple of days several instances of polls being deleted after having been posted (and after I posted stories and screen shots on my FB page), and numbers changed on others that were not deleted but altered.
    They are omitting a lot of polls, erasing some after they list them, altering others…and every single case is to make it appear the republican surges are not as big or as widespread as it really is.
    And yet they will be shocked…SHOCKED…when the results are not as “predicted”.
    They always act like polls are never wrong, even though you can look at old Batman clips from the 1960s based on exactly what we always see…inaccurate polling.
    They never learn anything, or willfully misreport what is measured to try and alter voting patterns…keeping people from bothering if they think there is no hope of a win, or getting them out to vote on the other side by reporting it is close when it is not.
    I even wonder if everyone sees the same thing when they go to these pages?
    We know that two people doing a search get different results for the same search, and ads are different for everyone.
    I would not be a bit surprised if the news and polls are duplicated in altered form depending on who is looking.

  8. pinroot says:

    I believe a lot of these polls intentionally skew left. I think the reason is to demoralize those on the right, to make them feel like there’s no use in voting because they’re so far behind, so why even bother.

  9. Rosco says:

    From where I sit in Australia it seems that ALL of the rage and thuggish behaviour those “commentators” feared would be unleashed by “emboldened” Republicans actually was unleashed by Democrats whilst Trump supporters and republicans have remained remarkably passive.

    ALL of the hate speech and public misbehaviour has been Democrat or Media inspired smear campaign against one man !

    I can’t see a basically conservative nation tolerating the amazing childish behaviour witness on TV and social media and rewarding the party that is currently involved in the destruction of democracy in their country.

    The elections will be fascinating and if the Democrats don’t win after the 2 years of insane invective they have unleashed what next ?

  10. Jeff Jones says:

    It never gets old, does it! Still the best entertainment available. My son-in-law’s top entertainment is Georgia football. But a really close second is watching reruns of election night meltdowns!!

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