Will Alabama Rebuild?

Hurricane Michael damage in Enterprise, AL

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14 Responses to Will Alabama Rebuild?

  1. ElC says:

    Literally “garbage journalism”

  2. Steve Keohane says:

    I think the paint blown off the mailbox is far more indicative of tramatic wind than the downed trash can!

    • Squidly says:

      That isn’t “paint blown off” .. that is moss .. and is very common in this part of the country. The shade side of almost everything gets this green moss/algae like stuff on it.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Maybe, but the hurricane nearly uprooted the mailbox post. It’s leaning into the street and crews will have to bring it down before it topples on pedestrians.

        • Jason Calley says:

          The address on the post now reads “106”. It used to read “109”. The wind was so strong it blew the 9 upside down. This is obviously the world’s first Category 9 hurricane!

          • Steven Fraser says:

            No, the whole 3-digit number spun! It was 901!

          • Jason Calley says:

            Hey Steven! Ha! A category 901 hurricane!

            I can just hear CNN right now: “Meteorologists have predicted a 42,000.27 foot storm surge, with sustained winds of right at orbital speeds. Maximum gusts are expected to be well over escape velocity.”

  3. Ari Saltiel says:


  4. pinroot says:

    I wonder if their insurance will cover that?

  5. Deckholm says:

    Has the HAZMAT team arrived yet to collect the possible paint chips from the surrounding area before they enter the water table?

  6. AndyDC says:

    The Child Protection Service needs to be called in to provide grief counseling for traumatized children.

  7. Steven Fraser says:

    Cleanup on aisle 1!

  8. cdquarles says:

    WKRG … Montgomery? Will check, argh, Mobile. I have lived in metro Montgomery and in Mobile, back in the mid 80s. I am an old man, memory’s not what it used to be ;). Looking at the maps that I saw, Dothan should have been affected. I’m not so sure about Enterprise, though it is possible.

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