Where Were You Two Years Ago?

I was celebrating in Oz.

While the press was busy doing their usual thing (cheating, lying, tampering and defrauding) I was celebrating with Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts in front of Parliament House.

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  1. Johansen says:

    There’s never been a **lazier** politician than Mrs. Clinton. Obama worked his butt off to get elected. Bernie Sanders likewise worked very hard. Not so, Hillary. She relied on the “machine” and the Press to carry all the water. Result: one of the most *humiliating*, embarrassing defeats in the history of politics. She went home sobbing and cursing at the World, blaming everyone else, went on an eating binge and gained 35 pounds. Think of all the $millions spent on buying her influence… .UGH. How would you like to handle all those phone calls after a defeat like that?? HUMILIATING…..

  2. Steelman says:

    I woke up to the great news. I hoped for a Trump victory, but feared that MSM was right. There was an united MSM, with polls and all, showing Hillary would win, in a landslide.
    How could a reality star and business man, like Trump, compete to the historic, first woman to become president? She was entitled, it was to be, after the first black president, it was kind of logic.
    But i had hope, because I had paid attention to the mood and the huge turnouts at The Trump rallies, compared to the hundreds at Hillarys.
    I’m the one of 100 that believed in Trump in my land, and even if i’m kind of into american politics, i could not quite figure out how the americans think.
    The fact that Obozo was elected twice, made me wonder. Thank’s God, it turned out right, this time.

  3. Jeff Jones says:

    Two observations;
    when the press shows republicans even close to a democrat in a poll that means the Republican is solidly ahead in the race. They are forced to have the Republican close to save face after the election. I predict a Red Wave in this election.

    YouTube videos of 2016 election day press melt-downs are still some of the best entertainment available anywhere.

  4. MGJ says:

    Humiliating indeed.

    But the same denial of reality she exhibited during the campaign – a supposed buffoon as an opponent, unassailable leads in the (rigged) polls, dismissive attitude to the working and middle classes, listening to the (bought and paid for) media etc – was never going to change after her defeat.

    Recrimination, spite, blame, hatred, doubling down plus a near psychotic belief in her continued relevance were mirrored by her entire party.

    Accept reality and take responsibility or reject it and claim victimhood. Both would most likely destroy her.

  5. Gator says:

    I stayed up long enough to witness all the alphabet channel talking heads looking sad and confused. Then I went to bed and slept soundly.

  6. John F. Hultquist says:

    The US – indeed the world
    – stands today on the cusp of an
    event of immense historical

    And I wake every morning with a smile,
    knowing Hillary is not the President of the USA.

  7. Timo - Not that one. says:

    That’s a scary newspaper. HRC as president and “Goodbye Cleavage” on the same front page.

  8. feathers says:

    I see all the positive things happening and I think we should see Republican pick-ups; however, I live in deep-blue Northern VA and I keep having flashbacks to the 2017 election in Virginia – it was a slaughter for Republicans. Who knows, I remain hopeful but I’m prepared for the worse. No one said this was going to be easy! Notice that no one is talking about the outstanding October jobs report – not even Fox!?!

  9. Robert says:

    Watching that ice princess democratic shill Nora O’Donnell on CBS having to announce Florida for Donald Trump was hysterical.

  10. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I wish we had a Trump.

    Our major parties are Left, Further Left and Looney Left.

    The next Federal election is coming soon, and the supposed right-wing LNP coalition (which are pushing crazy climate action and legislated several lefty laws) will lose to the Further Left (ALP) and the Looney Left (Greens). They respectively want 50% and 100% renewable energy by 2030, which no country on Earth has managed to do.

    The MSM is of course cheering this on. We have no equivalent of Fox News, let alone Breitbart.

    Poor fella my country.

  11. Jimmy Haigh says:

    I live in Thailand and woke up around 3AM here and started watching Fox News just around the time that they started to realise that Hillary might not win. It was fantastic TV. I watched the next few hours celebrating with a few beers and ultimately a dram of a very fine single malt from my home town of Aberfeldy.

  12. Streetcred says:

    As Conservative as I am, I’d be circumspect of ‘celebrating’ anything with either Hanson or Roberts … bit too far right of the right place, way further ‘right’ than Mr Trump.

    • Rosco says:

      Seriously ?

      I can’t see any evidence that either Hanson or Roberts have views any more extreme than Trump.

      Like Trump Hanson states Australians should have the right to control the borders and decide who can come here.

      To my knowledge, and I live here, Roberts has never made any public pronouncement about migrants – probably because he is one himself.

      He was removed from the Senate as he was in breach of Australia’s constitution just as many accused Obama of being born overseas Roberts was born in India and as his father was a UK citizen he was also a UK citizen and he lied under oath on his nomination form.

  13. Rosco says:

    Unfortunately for Malcolm Roberts he was too indolent to ensure his nomination for the Senate of Australia conformed to the Australian Constitution.

    No-one can stand for election to Australia’s Federal Parliament if they hold citizenship in any country other than Australia. This is well known in Australia and has resulted in many members of Parliament being disqualified for some decades to date.

    He should have known this – we assume he knew his family history – his father was a UK citizen and he was born in India.

    He could have renounced his UK citizen status but didn’t bother.

    He was thrown out of the Senate by the High Court.

    The problem now is, as he was a sceptic, he is now lampooned as careless with the truth and this gives warming alarmists in Australia even more ammunition.

    How can you believe a lying denier (he was never eligible for election but swore he was as you must to nominate) they mock !

    His actions set scepticism in Australia back decades !

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