Fourth Coolest October On Record In Arizona

Phoenix Sonoran Preserve  November 2, 2018

Afternoon temperatures in Arizona were fourth coolest on record last month, seven degrees below normal and fifteen degrees cooler than 1950.

It was also the wettest October on record in Phoenix.

The Latest: Heavy rainfall in Phoenix sets record the date – Story | KSAZ

We are now seven years into the Arizona permanent drought, officially declared by Bill Clinton’s climate adviser.

Dust Storm Marks Beginning of Southwest’s “Permanent Drought” | The Energy Collective

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  1. Steven Fraser says:

    On DFW Precip:

    This October was #1 for Precip of all Octobers since records started, 15.66 inches, 461.98% of the October Average.

    Last Month, #1 for Precip of all Septembers since records started, 12.69 inches,
    448.66% of the September average.

    Last Feb, #1 for all Februarys since records started, 11.31 inches, 509.50% of the February average.

    So far this year, 50.56 inches of precip, 151.96% of the average yearly rainfall, with 2 months to go. 5 months so far were below average, and 5 above. This year, through October, is already ranked #5 for all years, even without November and December precipitation. Its possible this year will exceed Year #1, 2015.

    As for the ‘permanent drought’ claim: This year and the prior 3 have all been above average. The last time we had 4 years in a row above average was ’89-’92. Prior to that, ’68-’71.

    For dry periods, each of the 5 years 2010-2014 was below average, (taken together, 83.89% of average), but not unprecedentedly long or dry. The longest period of below-average years was the 6 from 1951-1956, which, taken together,were 66.53% of average.

    That 1951-1956 period was the longest and dryest (by percent) of any since records started. All other below-average periods of 4 years or longer were wetter.

    As to climatological periods, DFW has gotten wetter. The last 3 overlapping 30-year periods (beginning with 1961) have all been above the average, and progressively so.
    All the prior overlapping 30-year periods were below the average of the entire record, but not by much, with the lowest at 94.08% of the average, and the highest at 97.36% of the average. So, compared to the average yearly precipitation of the record, the first 6 climatologies (1901-1980) were very similar in average rainfall, just a little below average of the whole record. Since then, the 30 year periods have been wetter. So far in this decade, we are running at 110.12% of the average for the record, and well on the way to having 5 decades, each with of above-average precipitation.

  2. Mrs Maam says:

    Can you give me a source for all the graphs in this post?

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