How Much More Corrupt Is The New York Times Than When You Were Born?

“Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper.”

– George Orwell

I was looking at the New York Times “Climate Change Is A Terror Movie” article, and in the middle of the page they link to “How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born?

I went to that page, and they asked me to enter my birthplace and birth date. I entered Brinkley, Arkansas and 1920, because that was the earliest year they would allow me to enter. I’ve don’t think I have ever been to Arkansas, but known that Brinkley has a well sited USHCN station.

The graph below shows the annual count of 90 degree days since 1920 at the NOAA USHCN station at Brinkley, Arkansas.  It has decreased from about ninety days per year in 1920, to about fifty days per year now.


The first message which the New York Times pops up is that their data set only goes back to 1960, even though they allow you to enter dates back to 1920. They correctly state that Brinkley averaged about 64 days per year over ninety degrees in 1960, but hide the readily available data showing that Brinkley was much hotter prior to 1960.

So we already know they are hiding prior hot data, but here is where the real fraud kicks in. They claim that Brinkley now gets about 77 days per year above ninety degrees, when in fact the real number has decreased to closer to 50. They have reversed the trend from cooling to warming.

Then they extend their fraud by claiming that number of ninety degree days will increase to above 90 per year in the future, and that it is caused by CO2.

They are lying about everything. Brinkley used to average about 90 days per year above ninety degrees when CO2 was below 310 PPM, and in 1925 they had 131 days per year above ninety degrees. The trend is down, and not up, and it obviously is not due to CO2.

So why are they hiding pre-1960 data?  Because the US used to have a lot more ninety degree days before 1960, and it wrecks their scam.

The New York Times are propagandists, not journalists.  I took my 96 year old step-grandmother out for lunch on Easter Sunday in New Jersey, and she told me that the New York Times is the only news source she really trusts. She does remember that New York was very hot when she was a child.

I have been calling out the New York Times on their fraud for a decade. They write hit pieces about me, but refuse to talk to me. What they are doing has nothing to do with journalism.

E.P.A. Head Stacks Agency With Climate Change Skeptics –

When I was a child I assumed this sort of fraud at a newspaper was a scandal. But now I understand that it is standard operating procedure.

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