More Stunning Evidence Of Global Warming

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12 Responses to More Stunning Evidence Of Global Warming

    • Gator says:

      Ms Griff, why are you posting fiction here?

      Climate change driven by the burning of fossil fuels is causing the planet to warm

      Religious beliefs as the basis of fiction can make for an interesting read, but has nothing to do with science.

      Also, why do you hate poor brown people?

    • Mr GrimNasty says:

      The Guardian is so bad that it has been broke for years, and has to be funded by lefty deep pockets, so that it can keep churning out the fake news propaganda.

      I expect Griff still sends in complaints about right wing bias.

  1. Norilsk says:

    The mild El Nino has produced severely below average temperatures in Ontario, the whole country is running cold.

  2. MGJ says:

    Elected by the dead, ruling the living and taxing the unborn. American government has a very commendable level of inclusion.

    • Jason Calley says:


      Very well said. I may have to steal that for my own use, especially the “taxing the unborn.” I once had a SJW guy agree with me when I said that the essence of slavery is when someone claims the legal authority to take the labor and property of someone else without their consent or recourse. I then asked how he could support enslaving future generations to pay for stuff that he and his buddies wanted to buy now. Result? Deep philosophical thought and insight from him? Naw, not so much. The result was anger, shouting and outrage. “All those taxes will go to projects and investments that will benefit those people in the future!!”

  3. DH says:

    In Broward County, I think the following happens:
    1. Election staff fills out ballots – been reported in news.
    2. Actual votes in boxes have no chain of custody – moved via private and rental cars and the tags identifying the real ballots as legitimate have been removed as reported in the news.
    3. The actual votes are then destroyed as has been reported in the news.
    4. The election staff filled out ballots are then counted in their place.
    5. Viola, it is a big Democrat landslide.

  4. billtoo says:

    and still, after several days of trying, google will not return anything about our current record cold spell. imagine that.

  5. arn says:

    If you want to destroy a country,you have to do it from within.

    By bankrupting the country on purpose with a flood of illegal immigrants
    and accellerate spending with endless artificial wars.

    and by make the country pay the enemies of the country
    and make the ruin the own children.

  6. I. Lou Minotti says:

    My Republican father-in-law died in 1991. My Republican mother-in-law joined him in Heaven in 2009. One year before we moved out of the Peoples’ Republic of New Jersey, we found they were still voting Democrat. Go figure!

    They are now off the voter rolls.

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