Nancy’s Ark

With global warming slated to flood the planet in the next few years, Nancy Pelosi will have to build a much larger ark to accommodate all 119 genders.

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  1. Earnest T. Bass says:

    The reality is cooling…not warming:

    Interestingly, some scientists have stated that increasing snow is consistent with climate change because warmer air holds more moisture, more water vapor and this can result in more storms with heavy precipitation. The trick, of course, is having sufficient cold air to produce that snow. But note that 93% of the years with more than 60″ of snow in Boston were colder than average years. The reality is cooling, not warming, increases snowfall.

    Looks like someone in Boston reads your blog.

    • Mr GrimNasty says:

      If warmer air holds more moisture, why is it that the only statistic that everyone can agree on is that it has got much sunnier in recent decades – which does correspond to the warming – this is especially clear in the UK’s Central Endland weather records since ~1980.

      From memory, I believe I read a report/study that claimed a 1% decrease in average global cloud cover would be expected to result in 0.8C of cooling, so presumably the reverse is true?

      If you can link CO2 to decreasing cloud cover, there might be a case for CAGW!

      • Mr GrimNasty says:

        It might well be Endland soon!

      • RAH says:

        There is no case for CAGW. The whole claim of runaway feedbacks relies on a physical model that demands the appearance of one or more persistent “hot spots” in the upper troposphere over the tropics. No such anomalies are in evidence despite their desperate long term search. Thus the physical model upon which CAGW/human caused climate change is based upon has been falsified.

  2. Jimmy Haigh says:

    If it gets warmer we’ll get more rain. If it gets colder we’ll get more snow. Rocket science it ain’t.

    • Adam says:

      Only if the atmosphere has increased its water vapor content … which it hasn’t … to any significant degree. It may not be rocket science, but alarmist scientists cannot / will not face reality.

  3. R Shearer says:

    People recover their senses one by one.

  4. Robertv says:

    Zombie is a gender?

  5. AndyDC says:

    Now all life can be put in a few test tubes, so we don’t need an ark.

  6. gregole says:

    119!!!?? Crap. I thought I was so “with it” knowing there’s 87 and now it’s 119. I can’t keep up anymore. Just got back from a week in California. I noticed there are Men’s, Women’s, and All Genders. Progress.

    • ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N says:

      Yep, and the EU, UN and Democrats have no problem with some filthy immigrant man “identifying” as female showering with your daughter in the pool change room.

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