Rapidly Declining October Snowcover

October snow cover has been increasing for 40 years, above normal seven years in a row, and above normal fourteen out of eighteen years this century. But the trend is sharply downwards over the past two years.

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

Experts say declining snow cover is proof of global warming.

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8 Responses to Rapidly Declining October Snowcover

  1. Gator says:

    Come on Tony, you know very well that both increasing and decreasing snowfalls are proof of dangerous man made global warming. Where I live, we have been running about 20 F below average this month, which is of course even more proof of global warming.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey Gator! Back during the Golden Age the weather was always perfect and the fruit fell right off the trees and into our hands. Of course that was before the discovery of fire and back when humans never exhaled CO2. Now the weather is crazy. It gets cold during November through February and gets really hot during June, July and August. The only possible explanation is that it’s OUR fault! If we all accept Right-Thought and stop exhaling, I am sure the world will be perfect again.


  2. feathers says:

    Biggest DC November snowstorm since 1996.

    • AndyDC says:

      DC today had its 2nd earliest inch of snow since 1953. Of course, every idiot knows that early snow is a certain indicator of catastrophic warming (sarc).

      As the very cold November continues over most of the US, the “Beast from the East” is due to hit western Europe next week with unusually early cold and snow.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Snow cover extent is affected by ENSO since ENSO affects global temperature. The big el Nino of 2016-17 caused a fall in the SCE anomaly. There seems to be a delay of a year or two before SCE dips to its el Nino low.

    As for snow cover long term – it has been flat since 1994 despite CO2 rising 10% in absolute terms. In other words the real global temperature is not rising.

  4. billtoo says:

    I learned how to ski in 87-90. no wonder I suck.

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