Veterans Day In Arizona

Arizona Senate: Kyrsten Sinema’s anti-war group blasted ‘U.S. terror,’ depicted soldier as skeleton in 2003 flyers – CNNPolitics

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4 Responses to Veterans Day In Arizona

  1. czechlist says:

    If the election is legit, then the majority of Arizonans who voted in the Senate race must be crazy and/or on meth.

  2. Romeo Rachi says:

    It makes no sense. How can a state that overwhelmingly voted for the Republican governor not vote for the Republican running for Senate? And how is you go from leading by 20000 votes on election night to losing by 40000? And why is it that for the first time in Maricopa county history they opened emergency voting centers 2 days before the general election requiring no proof of ID and allowed people to vote if they had n emergency and how is it that the democrats were canvassing their districts letting people know that these centers were open and no ID was required well before they were announced? This whole situation stinks. IMHO, this was a rigged game and the results are proving this out. There is no way that this county swung that far left so fast. Especially to end up voting for someone so far left of center?…It makes no sense.

  3. Russell Cook says:

    Resnik:You weren’t checking for emergencies at the door.

    Fontes:It’s not my business what your emergency is, Brahm. I’ve got HIPPA [health privacy laws] laws that prevent me from asking. You’ve got your privacy that I have to respect, and by the way, what, pray tell, is the problem with giving voters access to the ballot box? That’s my first question.

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