A Big Win For Sanity in Government

Marc Morano, Chris Horner, Me, Steve Milloy

Chris Horner has scored a a big win for shutting down Michael Bloomberg’s attempts to hijack democracy.

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7 Responses to A Big Win For Sanity in Government

  1. TA says:

    Thank you, Chris Horner!

    This buying of State Attorney Generals by billionaires is a direct threat to the freedoms of every individual.

    Where’s the U.S. Attorney General on this? He needs to be investigating this corruption.

    • Robertv says:

      It is very rare that those who reach top positions have a clean shirt. To control is to know where the dirt came from with the corresponding documentation.

  2. neal s says:

    I recently read an article

    I hope before PDJT leaves office that some changes to kill the CAGW beast will be made.

  3. Anon says:

    Unfortunately Bloomberg has his hand in a lot of pots:

    Months before that, Bloomberg directed his political team to work hand in hand with leading Democratic allies to shape the first nationwide election of Trump’s presidency. His top aides even shared office space at times in the campaign’s final days with the super PAC aligned with top House Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

    Ultimately, Bloomberg’s preferred candidates won all but three of two dozen targeted House races, focused overwhelmingly in America’s suburbs.

    Once it became clear Democrats seized the House majority, he said he delivered a stern message to Pelosi.

    “I’ve said to Nancy Pelosi: ‘We don’t expect you to do the same thing to the Republicans that the Republicans were doing to you. We want to have people working across the aisle for the benefit of America rather than for the benefit of their party,’” Bloomberg said.

    That’s a message Pelosi herself has articulated in recent weeks. Bloomberg reinforced it again in person on Tuesday as Pelosi met with his board of directors in private.

    “I said, sitting next to her, without mincing words, I said, You know, we expect you to do a good job,’” Bloomberg said. “That’s why we supported the Democrats.”

    Democratic officials poised to play leading roles in the next presidential election took notice of Bloomberg’s investment.

    Guy Cecil, chairman of the Democratic super PAC Priorities USA, described Bloomberg’s midterm effort as “incredibly helpful.” It’s unclear, however, whether Democratic voters who might favor younger, more liberal candidates in 2020 will see him any differently.

    “Democrats appreciate how much he has invested and how much his team has been engaged in the cycle, but ultimately it’s going to be about what Bloomberg’s vision is for the future,” Cecil said.


    So the Democratic Party is really in the hands of Bloomberg and Wall Street, but the average Progressive voter does not have a clue about this.

  4. Analitik says:

    How are SAAGs even given any legal status since they are not government positions?

  5. feathers says:

    The Old Dominion is quickly becoming “California-East”, or “New York-South”. As the Federal government grows, Virginia’s hue of blue becomes darker. We have a very slim margin in the VA house and senate. This small margin protected 40+ week old babies and now protected the independence of the AG office.

    After the dehumanizing HB2491 debacle (super late term abortion for any reason bill), I was hopeful that non-political types would see the demonacrats for what there are…demons. But now I’m thinking Virginia is lost forever, which is a shame. Northern Virginians (and Washingtonians) think they’re so smart because of their education; however, you’ll never see more groupthink or “appeals to authority” in your life!

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