The Ministry Of Truth Responds

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

― George Orwell, 1984

The Ministry of Truth has responded to President Trump’s tweet.

Patrick Moore was not a co-founder of Greenpeace.

Greenpeace USA on Twitter: “Patrick Moore was not a co-founder of Greenpeace”

Rep. Don Beyer on Twitter: “1) He didn’t co-found Greenpeace”

Rewriting the past is more difficult in the Internet age.

The Founders of Greenpeace

Patrick Moore, ecology student at the University of British Columbia

The Founders | Greenpeace International

There are hundreds or thousands of newspaper articles confirming Dr. Moore’s involvement with Greenpeace. Here are a couple of them.

06 Dec 1998, 51 – The Morning Star at

24 Jul 1983, 1 – Arizona Daily Sun at

But never mind the overwhelming evidence Greenpeace is lying – Twitter has their back, amplifying the big lie.

Global warming has nothing to do with science. The perpetrators are becoming very open about their motivation. I received this E-mail this morning from The American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Achieving these limits will require “rapid, far-reaching, and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society,”

So what do we do now, they ask? What we do is expose and root out the totalitarians, frauds, liars and criminals who are attempting to overthrow our civilization.

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20 Responses to The Ministry Of Truth Responds

  1. Mac says:

    LOL! I love it. A guy’s entire life history has just been smokebombed. This is an overused phrase these days, but you really can’t make this stuff up. These people are absolutely out of control. There aren’t too many things in the world that are this hilarious and bone-chilling frightening at the same time.

    Greenpeace must be run by gangsters.

    • ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N says:

      More like old Marxists using environmentalism for their political cause. All they’ve ever done is cause misery, famine, cost rises globally and even damage to the environment itself.

      Unfortunately, Australia no longer has a death sentence for criminals, but the “Death Penalty Abolition Act 1973 (Whitlam govt.)” was never correctly and therefore never lawfully passed, so look out all you green Marxist/Bolshevik frauds.

      Maybe we can send them to texas..?

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        “More like old Marxists …”

        Sure, but they have their Marxjugend in every generation.

        Texans are unsuspecting and tolerant. A place run by the crippled survivors of Ceaușescu’s Communism may have a better legal venue.

      • Weylan McAnally says:

        Don’t send ANY of these nut jobs to Texas. We do not want them and there mere presence drops the average IQ of the state.

  2. Don B says:

    Imagine that – Greenpeace pretends that people who lobby are evil.

    “In other countries, however, Greenpeace has not been as lucky: Both Canada and New Zealand have revoked the organization’s non-profit status, noting that the group’s overly politicized agenda no longer has any “public benefit.”

    In the UK, Greenpeace is forced to reveal what they spend lobbying in the USA.

    “$414,446 spent on lobbying in US, covers roughly through Q2, 2014 [2]

  3. John F. Hultquist says:

    The photo has Patrick Moore in the plaid shirt (2nd from left; with hat; under ‘P’).
    Another photo has Moore holding a white cat.
    See on the New Zealand-Greenpeace site:

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      From Greenpeace archives: Departure to Amchitka Island, September 15, 1971 …

      • Jason Calley says:

        Perhaps there are still a few Stalin era photo retouchers who can edit Moore out of the photo.

        • Wesley Hamel says:

          I have been down loading everything Patrick Moore onto my hard drive. Everyone might want to do the same, so Dr. Moore will never be forgotten as a major player and co-founder of Greenpeace before it was infected with UN, Democrat/Socialist ideology.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      With description here:

  4. gregole says:

    Lying, yes technically they are lying. To me it seems like they are making things up as they go; no research, no investigation, no curiosity, pure fantasy divorced from reality. Lies, yes they’re lies; but tissue paper thin lies that vanish like smoke.

  5. rah says:

    Lies, to cover lies, to cover more lies. It never ends. Every single day I read lies in my news feed. Every single day there is at least one story about how we’re all in trouble because the ice is melting, or heat waves are getting worse, or storms are getting worse, or some other damn thing. Just imagine what could actually be accomplished if the people that make their living creating, publishing, pushing this crap actually did something useful with their lives!

  6. rah says:

    OT: My son sent me this. These are “Paratroopers” from an unidentified African nation in action during a ramp jump.

    Hilarious! When jumping the ramp the jumpers must be spaced more than when jumping a door. If a jumper goes out too quickly after the jumper in front of him he will get that first jumpers deployment bag in his face. You don’t ” jump” off the ramp, you just walk off of it with some space between so you drop below the previous jumpers deployment bag. We in SF, being experienced jumpers, cut the delay by having jumpers going off on alternate sides of the ramp. For some reason that jump aircraft does not look like a C-130 to me. Too narrow it seems to me. I could be wrong but I suspect it might be a C-160 transall which is a 2 engine version of the C-130 that Europeans and many others use.

  7. Chuck Diaz says:

    ** Forbes Magazine 11/11/1991, “Not So Peaceful World of Greenpeace” by By Leslie Spencer with Jan Bollwerk and Richard C. Morais
    “Many say it was an open battle between David McTaggart and cofounder and president Patrick Moore. Moore had the support of the Canadians, but the U.S. and European affiliates were squarely in McTaggart’s camp.”
    Full Article:

  8. feathers says:

    My one disappointment thus far with the Trump Admin is that they have not rained in all the pseudo-science that gets funded and then repeated by the MSM, 99% of it fear mongering on the climate. For example, this recent study from the National Academies of Science: “Study finds a race gap in air pollution — whites largely cause it; blacks and Hispanics breathe it.”

  9. arn says:

    Well-they rewrote an entire scientific field from global cooling to global warming and even pretend that former never existed
    therefore they should have zero problems with rewriting own history and that of a single person.

    The same behavioural patterns scientist&government agencies as EPA show apply to them.
    They need to maintain apocalyptic scenarios and make themselves look indespensable to keep the money coming from working people and they need to come up with new scenario to increase the money flow.

    @Don Beyer
    the only thing that threatens live and livlyhood in america is the new green deal.
    When this happens a massive desaster is next,if it doesn”t happen things will change in the next 30 years as much as they did in the past 30 years=
    not so much will happen.

    isn’t it an amazing coincidence that the AAAA has the very same “rapid,far reaching and unprecedent changes in ALL aspects of society”
    plans as AOC has with her green new deal at the very same time??

    And isn’t it interressting that this megalomaniacs consider that they have the right to change society,not just in certain aspects,but in ALL.
    =destruction of nations and sovereignity,
    =destruction of family unit,as wanted by Marx,but the UN call it restructuring.
    =destruction of culture
    Who gave them the authority?
    And why do these freaks always have the very same opinions and intentions?
    They even lie and rewrite history and acceppt the new truths with incredible synchronicity.
    Who is pulling their strings?

  10. Johansen says:

    Can you imagine any other President Tweeting that? God bless DJT….

  11. Colorado Wellington says:

    Patrick Moore’s statements about @AOC & the #GreenNewDeal have nothing to do with our positions.

    AOC is batshit crazy® and so are we.

    Greenpeace USA

  12. Menicholas says:

    I am all in on fighting these people.
    AOC was not a candidate, she is an actress.
    We are under attack.
    Our country.
    Our way of life.
    Our freedom.
    Our lives.
    There is no way to overstate how high the stakes are in this battle.
    They cannot be allowed to get away with this.
    Or freedom is over.

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