January 1896 Heatwave In Australia

The condition of Brewarrina is hardly better than that of Bourke. Yesterday’s record was 117. On Wednesday night many of the residents walked the streets for hours, the thermometer at midnight registered 109, and the minimum reading was 103. Sickness is alarmingly prevalent. Bingara was yesterday visited by a terrific thunderstorm. Typhoid is prevalent in this district. Burraga yesterday registered 100 ; Cobar, 119, with two deaths registered. Goulburn, 104, with five deaths ; Grafton, 100 ; Gundagai, 108 ; Harden, 103; Moree, 109 ; Tamworth, 101. Wagga, 110 ; West Wyalong, 114 ; Young, 108.

23 Jan 1896 – THE HEAT WAVE. – Trove

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5 Responses to January 1896 Heatwave In Australia

  1. ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N says:

    Those damn colonial SUV’s. They were warned, right..?

  2. arn says:

    This interview may give you how and why lunacies in Academia work
    (and things like SJW and AGW can exist)

    (this guys interview with Horowitz is also worth watching)

    And a little bit of Ben Shapiros experiences in Hollywood (proving McCarthy right)

  3. Patrick says:

    Don’t forget the years of “The GREAT FAMINE of 1876-1878”.


  4. GW Smith says:

    I’m really glad you do this, Tony. Putting things in perspective is the best argument for sanity, in every issue.

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