Life In The “zero-carbon” World

NPR on Twitter: “Here’s what life is like in a zero-carbon world”

It isn’t hard to imagine what a carbon free world would look like. Carbon is the basis of all life.

Our entire civilization is dependent on carbon based fuels. Without them there would be essentially no food supply, transportation, communications, and very little heat, light and electricity.  There would be no stores, no deliveries. Civilization would quickly collapse and billions of people would die. Places like Ontario, which use a lot of nuclear and hydroelectric power, are also completely dependent on carbon based fuels. But they don’t like to talk about that.

Toronto ranked the 47th worst traffic in the world

The global warming scam is being used to get westerners to self-destruct.  We need to shift the conversation away from junk science, to pointing out the evil which is driving the scam.

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