The NOAA “Hot Winter”

NOAA says winter in the US was hot, at 33.4F (1C.)

The winter temperature was 33.4 degrees F (1.2 degrees above average), ranking it among the hottest third of winters on record, with warmer-than-average temperatures across the Deep South, the Southeast and parts of New England.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Most water based life forms don’t consider one degree above the freezing point to be hot. And most also don’t consider dangerous life threatening cold to be hot.

Montana just endured one of the nation’s most exceptional cold spells on record – The Washington Post

Few people consider a record cold -38 degrees to be hot.

All Time Record Low Temperature In Illinois Now Official

The Sonoran Desert had multiple snowstorms this winter, not a good indicator of heat.

State of Emergency in Flagstaff after snowiest day on record |

Great Lakes ice cover is nearly double normal, and one of the highest on record. Ice is not a good proxy for heat.

Ice Products – Product – Product Search – Canadian Ice Service

So let’s look at how NOAA created this latest fraud. Across the US, winter was 65th warmest (below average) since 1895 – but through the magic of data tampering, NOAA turned it into 36th warmest.

NOAA data tampering has created nearly two degrees of imaginary warming since 1940.


More than 50% of the winter 2019 adjusted data is “estimated” – meaning it came from a computer model instead of a thermometer.  NOAA can produce any number which suits their agenda through their non-scientific data practices.

The “heat” exists entirely inside the crooked minds of government scientists. Without fossil fuels, they would be freezing and starving in the dark – just like everyone else.

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