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Consensus Reached!

By 1926, our top scientists had proven there is life on Mars The photographs show that the dark areas in Mars can only be explained by vegetation 08 May 1926 – LIFE ON MARS – Trove 15 Jan 1915 – … Continue reading

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New York Times Celebrates Passover

12 Jan 1938, Page 17 – The Sydney Morning Herald at Taking us back to the Dark Ages. 12 Nov 1938, 1 – The Gazette at

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Third Grade Education Required

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New Video : Potholer Show Up For The Debate

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April 28, 1910 Heatwave

On this date in 1910, it was 103 degrees in Nebraska, 100 degrees in South Dakota, 96 degrees in Iowa, and 95 degrees in Iowa. By contrast, tomorrow will mark the third April 29 in the past four years to … Continue reading

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Mickey And Minnie : Desperate To Have Me Silenced

After News-O-Matic agreed to let me post an article, there was a massive alarmist attack on twitter to bully them into censoring me.

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Using Children For Propaganda

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New Video : 100% Reliable Climate Predictions

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Three Years Since Earth Turned Into A Frying Pan

(Al Gore) believes humans may have only 10 years left to save the planet from turning into a total frying pan. Washington Post January 26, 2006 Al Gore, Sundance’s Leading Man Prior to that, Earth was destroyed by global warming … Continue reading

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Northwest Passage Cruises No Longer Go Through The Northwest Passage

An ice-free Northwest Passage was once the stuff of legend. But it’s now becoming the norm thanks to global warming, and commercial freighters to luxury cruise ships are racing to turn a profit off the newest frontier on earth Climate … Continue reading

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