1825 Low CO2 Hurricane

At Basseterre, of 900 houses, only 13 escaped, three fifths of the whole being completely prostrated

22 Oct 1825, 3 – Buffalo Emporium and General Advertiser at Newspapers.com

04 Oct 1825, Page 2 – The Arkansas Gazette at Newspapers.com

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2 Responses to 1825 Low CO2 Hurricane

  1. Bob Hoye says:

    Great Lakes Ice Cover:
    As the season is ending.
    April 18, this year at 8.2%.
    Same date last year at 5.8%.
    In 2017 at 0.4%.
    The numbers were on March 9:
    80.0%, 28.9% and 6.2%.
    Did not note every day so I don’t know if this was the max.

  2. Matthew Robinson says:

    Hello Tony Heller
    As a regular follower of your site, might I make a small suggestion? Your postings could be even more informative if you also show the relevant CO2 ppm alongside headlines such as “1825 Low CO2 Hurricane”. Sure, I can relatively easily find out myself (284 ppm for this example). But would your readers not appreciate the CC nonsense (that you daily expose so effectively) by being immediately presented with the CO2 figures? Best regards, Matthew Robinson

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