Notre Dame Mystery Finally Resolved

Notre Dame Fire: Why Climate Change Is The Most Likely Culprit

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  1. Psalmon says:

    I was watching CNN as Notre Dame was burning and Chris Cuomo said (try to get this as close as possible): …”Now they have been having a lot of unrest in France, this couldn’t be the work of the Yellow Vests could it? No of course not.”

    IMO that was a plant of the narrative they wanted.

  2. MrGrimnasty says:

    We’ve had some wild-fires in the UK in the last few days. Despite the fact multiple arrests have been made at both ends of the country, the BBC points out it was the hottest day of the year/hottest Easter in every report!

    They are excited that it was the hottest Easter in a lot of areas i.e. a hottest random day in April, although in all areas these records were 3C to 5C below the April record.

    What with Attenbollox and the BBC acting as publicity agents for XR, and our government apparently engaging with XR, western society is pretty much doomed.

  3. Colorado Wellington says:

    Well thought out, but it became nearly impossible to write satire in this era. How can anyone tell the difference?

    Ancient farmers spared us from glaciers but profoundly changed Earth’s climate

    Date: September 6, 2018
    Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Summary: New evidence shows that ancient farming practices led to a rise in the atmospheric emission of the heat-trapping gases carbon dioxide and methane — a rise that has continued since, unlike the trend at any other time in Earth’s geologic history.

    • Gator says:

      Life imitates art..

    • R Shearer says:

      That pastoral scene looks inviting but 30 was old age back then, and I wonder why the livestock stick around as there doesn’t seem to be any fencing.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        1. True, life was short back in the day but they used their time efficiently. The 30-year-old elder in the center is going into the woods to change the planet’s weather.

        2. I have a logical explanation to the missing fence problem. The livestock sticks around because it can’t move. It was painted in place.

        3. The real problem for the peaceful inhabitants of the scene are their unpleasant and disagreeable relatives lying in wait in the grove down river. They will attack at night when the elder in the center is asleep, killing everyone and taking over the pastoral site.

        • Jason Calley says:

          Hey Colorado! I am now worried about your mental stability. Why? Because point number 2 is the same thing I thought as why the livestock stayed put. If your thought patterns are that close to mine… well, as I say, I am worried for you! :)

      • James says:

        30 was not old. Child/infant mortality was so severe that it skewed the numbers. People(most) lived long lives, if they survived childhood.

  4. rah says:

    Who reads that excrement and believes it? I mean really? Friggin 800 year old timbers and no sprinkler system and renovations in progress but it was the longer term state atmosphere that is the simplest answer as to why it caught? “The stupid, it burns” just doesn’t quite cut it. No words can capture it.

  5. Dave N says:

    “We are confident in saying this since the renovation work area had clear ‘no smoking’ signs..”

    Oh yeah, people *never* ignore those, just like accidents never happen in safe workplaces.

    Their logic fails all safety standards.

  6. Michael Spencer says:

    As usual Tony, you are ‘spot on’ in revealing the increasingly desperate ‘arguments’ from climate change (‘anthropogenic’, of course!) cult ‘believers’, to say nothing of the charlatans who are/have been waxing fat on largesse from taxpayers in various countries.

    And now we have juvenile ‘experts’ appearing, like the obviously-propagandised Greta Thunberg who is now having such a profound influence on our Youth.

    Hmmm ….. Why am I reminded of a certain Herr Doktor Josef Goebbels? And Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, to say nothing of “George Orwell”‘s “Brave New World”.

    Hmmmm – again! Shaespeare had something to say about it:

    “Oh, wonder!
    How many goodly creatures are there here!
    How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
    That has such people in ’t!”

    • Jason Calley says:

      Someone jog my memory. Was it the alarmists at Sceptical Science who uploaded photos of themselves dressed in Nazi uniforms? I think it was 8 or 10 years ago…

  7. JN says:

    Is that article serious? I can’t believe I wrote this in the other post about Notre Dame as a joke.

  8. James says:

    I hope people realize that is a gag site, like the Onion or Babylon Bee..

  9. aeroguy48 says:

    This guy (accreditatedtimes) used to post on ZH (Zerohedge) all the time as MBD (Million dollar bonus) He was laughed at for the left wing talking points all the time, he finally was banned on ZH for linking to his site. Good to see he’s still around.

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