Another Leading Democratic Party Sociopath

Ted Lieu on Twitter

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30 Responses to Another Leading Democratic Party Sociopath

  1. Rah says:

    They live in their media/”news” created fantasy world. Hillary lost by big numbers and they still have no clue that the media was lying to them. So the media told them Putin worked with Trump and that’s why Hillary lost. Now that has been proven to have been a lie and they’re in complete denial. I can’t wait until Trump wins big again to hear the wails followed by denial and some new lie.

    • paul courtney says:

      Rah: If history is any guide, consider John Kerry. After the fun of 2000, dems were all lawyered up and ready for another go in ’04, but it all fizzled out because they knew they lost, and Kerry conceded. Insiders (especially those Kerry campaign folks who couldn’t possibly take responsibility for losing) started a meme that Kerry actually won Ohio (you know, the place with the Vandalia terminal you frequent). Within a year or so, Kerry himself was talking about how the election was taken from him in Ohio. Kerry knows this is false, he had the lawyers all lined up but did not challenge Ohio results, but he and his people cannot admit to themselves that they lost the race.

      FF to Hillary- John Podesta was the campaign mgr for Hill, if anyone has a reason to deflect blame on how Hillary lost (she was a shoe-in compared to Kerry), it’s Podesta. The first word of “Russian collusion” came from him. Have you ever seen one word from the press, in the two + years of this, that the source should be considered? Podesta is THE person (next to Hillary) responsible for her losing, but it would ruin him to admit how he failed. So, instead, we are led on a merry chase and the press runs right along, never questioning the premise. I would love to have been in the room in mid Nov. ’16 when Podesta explained to his candidate how the russians done it to her.

      Anyway, much as you and I would like to see it, these folks will never fess up-but they will keep their heads in sand, lose in ’20, and we’ll get to hear that wail. Again. Followed by denial and lies. The future should be harder to predict.

      • Rah says:

        I’ve not seen so much obvious hate for any person from the press as they express every day for this president.

  2. Lasse says:

    It is understandable if a 11 year old child says this.
    But his/hers father should think twice before sending it out to the world to see.
    He should think three times if he has a minority look.

    • arn says:

      It would have been understandable a few days ago,
      but since Mueller was forced to admitt that there is 0% proof for a russian collusion((even Hilarys russian uranium collusion has more substance and this ‘collusion’ is almost non existent))
      a kid with half a brain should ask:
      Why so much blame for so long while no proof at all.

      (and i’m pretty sure asking if Obama was Kenyan
      would have labeled him Hitler Junior)

  3. Gator says:

    Eleven year olds can be very scary, especially to oversized ignorant children who are sadly entrusted with their care. Role reversal may be the best answer.

  4. Steve says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me a bit to learn that he had heard it from his civics teacher at school.

  5. Tom Abbott says:

    Lieu = Lie You

    It is not a surprise that Lieu’s kid would think Trump is connected to Russia because that’s what Lieu has been telling the child.

    Btw, Trump’s approval rating just hit 53 percent. Obama, at the same time in his presidency, had an approval rating of 46 percent. That must chap ole Ted Lieu’s hide.

    These crazy Democrats have gone off the deep end. They see Trump is on his way to four more years and they are desperate to try to stop him, so they will tell any lie they think will work in order to try to damage Trump.

    So far, it’s not working very well, Ted. And if you really think Trump is colluding with the Russians then you are in worse shape than your child, who has merely been duped by you, whereas, if you really believe, that means you have some significant mental issues that need to be delt with. You are filled with delusions. You are not in touch with the real world, Ted.

    • Al Shelton says:

      Right on Tom………….

    • Gator says:

      Teddy also tried to smear Candace Owens, saying she defended Hitler in a recent interview. This was of course a lie, but many in the MSM are still not sure, and think she may be a white nationalist.

  6. Al Shelton says:

    Right on Tom………….

  7. Bob Hoye says:

    The whole political system, including too many Republicans has been sympathetic to the intrusive state. Always with the best care for the citizen in mind. Of course.
    Then too much in-your-face and in-your-wallet government inspired another popular uprising.
    And Trump, by election, is now the movment’s executive. One problem has been that before the bullying state can be reformed the GOP must be reformed.
    Perhaps the Rasmussen approval at 53% will help get them on board the most important uprising since the Berlin Wall and Communism were brought down by a similar movement.
    Successful popular uprising date back to Ancient Egypt when they forced a few dynastic changes.
    Meaning ” greedy priests and pharaohs–you’re out of here”.

  8. Mac says:

    So, Ted Lieu’s kid is obviously endlessly bombarded with lies and leftist propaganda for years about how Trump is a Russian agent, and then, after being properly conditioned and indoctrinated, the kid finally asks if Trump is part Russian. Ted Lieu acts as if that’s indicative of something bad about Trump, rather than he’s abused his child, lied to him, and filled his mind with garbage. I mean, this guy is amazing, and has the intellect of a slime mold. Only in California would this imbecile be a U.S. congressman. In any other state, he would be sweeping the aisles at Walmart.

  9. Johansen says:

    Need to readjust downward again… ugh

  10. Mohatdebos says:

    Trump was colluding with Putin during the election campaign according to the left wing media. Yet, the same left wing media (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) reported that Trump asked his son-in-law to establish a back door channel to Putin after he was elected President. I am trying to figure out why he needed to establish a backdoor channel if he was already working with Putin. I guess you don’t have to be consistent to be a left wing “expert.” Just like AGW will result in lower Great lake levels, and higher Great lake levels when original prophecy fails.

  11. scott allen says:

    This should scare anyone. If the democrats have their way by lowering the voting age to 16 this kid could vote in 5 years.

  12. Venetian Panorama says:

    The left consistently confuses cause and effect. What is truly terrifying is that this poor child has been propagandized by a ruthless popular culture (and possibly by abusive parents) that is willing to stop at nothing in pursuit of power. Is it really a surprise that adolescents living in a doomsday cult have extraordinary levels of anxiety and self-harm?

  13. Jason Calley says:

    I am waiting for the left to just shortcut through the rhetoric and jump to the final inevitable level of hysteria. “HE’S A WITCH!! HE’S A WITCH!! BURN HIM, BURN HIM!!”

  14. Jeff L. says:

    Sort of like asking Ted Lieu if he’s part Chinese…

  15. TomRude says:

    Dr. Hayhoe makes the news… LOL
    “Hayhoe said the behaviour of people in developed countries like Canada is also a factor in climate change, noting that per capita, Canadians add much more carbon than Zambians.
    “If the entire world were like Zambia we would not really have much of a problem,” she said. “If the entire world was filled with people with the carbon footprint of the average Canadian though, we would have a huge problem.”
    Hayhoe said she knows people who’ve decided not to have children because of the environment.
    “It’s very hard to bring a child into this world but if we decide not to then there’s no hope in the world,” she said. “It’s not black and white. It’s a very, very grey issue.”

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