Emma Thompson : Flew 5,400 Miles To Protest That People Are Allowed To Fly

‘Hypocrite’ Emma Thompson flew 5,400 miles from Los Angeles to join London eco-warrior protest

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5 Responses to Emma Thompson : Flew 5,400 Miles To Protest That People Are Allowed To Fly

  1. rah says:

    Probably 1st class. Actor, Environmentalist, and 1st class hypocrite.

  2. David of Aussie says:

    I thought she flew by umbrella.

  3. Colorado Wellington says:

    Andrew Doyle wrote a good primer how to be properly rebellious. He argues forcefully that even poor brown people from the Philippines have joined the London protests so they can go extinct. It’s good that old white limousine socialists flew from Hollywood to go extinct as well.

    “We are here in this little island of sanity!”

  4. Colorado Wellington says:

    Pavlik Morozov must be turning in his grave, green with envy:

    So here is a conversation young activists could have with their parents: first work out what the parents’ CO₂ emissions were last year (there are various carbon calculators online – and the average is about seven tonnes of fossil CO₂ per person in Europe). Then multiply by £200 per tonne of CO₂, and suggest the parents pop that amount into a trust fund in case their kids have to clean up after them in the 2040s.

    If the parents reply, “don’t worry, dear, that’s what we pay taxes for”, youngsters should ask them who they voted for in the last election and whether spending their taxes on solving climate change featured prominently in that party’s manifesto.

    Get angry by all means, but get angry for the right reasons. Action is long overdue, but to a British public sunbathing in February, weird though that was, it doesn’t feel like an emergency. Middle-aged critics would much rather quibble over the scale of climate impacts (as if they have any right to say what climate young people should have to put up with) than talk about the clean-up bill.

    Climate change is not so much an emergency as a festering injustice. Your ancestors did not end slavery by declaring an emergency and dreaming up artificial boundaries on “tolerable” slave numbers. They called it out for what it was: a spectacularly profitable industry, the basis of much prosperity at the time, founded on a fundamental injustice. It’s time to do the same on climate change.

    By Myles Allen
    Professor of Geosystem Science, Leader of ECI Climate Research Programme, University of Oxford


    Pavlik Morozov was not as savvy as today’s activist youngsters, assisted by Oxford professors. Instead of reporting his father to the OGPU secret police and getting him sent to GULAG, he could have squeezed a trust fund out of him.

    h/t WUWT

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