New Video : Corruption Of The US Temperature Record

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  1. Tony,

    Are you using Brave at all? It is a privacy centered browser. Pretty nice, I like it better than Firefox, which is no small task. It also supports BAT (Basic Attention Token), and you could become a “provider” that people can donate BAT to. I currently have maybe $40 worth, and if you decide to become a provider, I could make it deposit to this site, as could the thousands of other visitors. Suggest checking it out. Once you’re a provider, I think you can withdraw it and trade it like any other cryptocurrency.
    Users can either choose to participate (you’ll see small pop ups), or you can turn the feature off. I leave it on because I know what it is and that I can turn it off if I want to, and I hope to donate some tokens to places like this… Something worth considering. Mike S.

  2. Nicholas McGinley says:

    We have to just keep pounding on the facts, calling out the liars, and bringing attention to the farcical nature of what these people are engaging in, while calling it science.

    • arn says:

      I think AOC gave us the ultimate proof that climate science has nothing to do with science.
      She showed us that any idiot can come around and pull something ridicolous out of his/her butt and noone will dare to oppose or question it.
      She just decided that the world will end in 12 years and you only hear applause or at best silence.
      No mainstream scientist is questioning her bla bla.
      Not even in terms of the timeline.
      Even if experts believe in her prophesy((which became ‘true’ just because she said so and the media is using it as mantra 24/7))
      one should at least expect that “experts” would challenge the timeframe.
      Some of the doom&gloom guys should argue that the world ends in 5 years,others in 20 and others in 50 years.
      Others should argue that it is impossible and dangerous to implement the green new deal within 12 years and that 2 or 3 decades are needed.

      But nothing happens:some opinion master talks some BS and they follow like dogs.

      Do you think rocket scientists would blindly follow everything an incompetent politician said.

  3. MGJ says:

    An excellent video.

    Nothing will every change the feelings-not-facts brigade but there’s plenty of others out there who probably never heard anything beyond what the BBC, CNN etc. spew out and they may at least start to apply their own thoughts to the subject, maybe for the first time.

    Well done.

  4. MGJ says:

    I just posted the link on social media. (I await being called a holocaust denier or such like).

    I refuse to go anywhere near Twitter or Facebook but for those who do, please consider posting it there.

  5. jdh says:

    I’m always amazed by the high quality of the work on this site. I’ve been wondering about actual thermometer readings.
    I don’t see how it hardly matters though, since the human species will probably be extinct within the decade mentioned by AOC anyway, but not for the reason she thinks. Whether you believe the climate change story or not is immaterial. The damage we’ve done to ourselves as a species is irreversible. We’ve poisoned our food, air and water. Who thinks it’s a good idea to eat irradiated, clorinated, antibiotic laced meat or genetically modified toxic frankenfood? Pesticide residue is now found in nearly all produce. We bombard ourselves with electromagnetic radiation 24/7. We’re willing to fry our brains with wifi to watch funny cat videos and have our refrigerator tell us when we are out of milk. If you like brain cooking 4G wifi you’ll really like the new MMW band 5G. The world is armed with instant life-ending military weapons, and hate and greed is permeating all corners of society. We’ve pitted men against women, democrats against republicans, have against have-nots, liberals against conservatives, climate change believers against deniers, gays against straights, you name it. We will soon be pitting friends and neighbors against each other as what’s left of a civil society continues to break down. All of the institutions we depend on are broken and running on fumes, infrastructure is crumbling, and government exists for the sole purpose of enriching themselves before the empire totally crashes. Anyone that believes a lying illiterate politician in a suit or pantsuit can save them from all this is sadly mistaken. The world is awash in debt and promises that can never be paid, and all that separates mankind from anarchy is nine meals. Extinction is creeping at us from every direction yet we worry about a degree or two of temperature?
    Sitting in Doug’s Diner this morning looking out the window wondering how AOC and company plans to run this rat race without using the remaining fossil fuels. Can’t be done.

  6. feathers says:

    Tony – this video came up as a suggestion after watching your new video on YouTube. George Carlin – Saving the Planet. You guys will enjoy this!

  7. Bob Hoye says:

    Look up the Wiki on Millerism.
    Phenomenal surge of religious ecstasy that the world would end on a certain date in the 1840s.
    When that one did not work out Miller refined his research and established another day a year or so later.
    Even sold ascension gowns to the faithful.
    Then when the second calculated end of the world did not work it was called:

    “The Great Disappointment”

  8. billtoo says:

    water will be the undoing of this global scam. They may be able to increase thermometer readings but as long as water freezes at 32F they have a built in hard stop. oh and it’s snowing like crazy here in the upper midwest.

  9. gepay says:

    Anecdotally , I live near Roanoke VA. – “But it doesn’t really reach 100 degrees every year. A full 20 percent of the 100-degree highs, 21 of them, occurred in one year, 1932. And just a little less than half of the 100-degree highs, 47, date to seven consecutive summers from 1930 to 1936, an infamously hot and dry period in American history.”
    Or this past July: But only one of the 10 hottest Julys for average high temperature has occurred since 2000, that being 2012, ranked 10th at 90.9. The 1930s and 1950s dominate the top nine spots on the list. July 2011 is tied for 13th with an average daily high temperature of 90.5 degrees, the only other July since 2000 to rank above the current one in this category.
    I remember August 2019 as not particularly hot so there were probably no 100+F days in Roanoke last year. Yet these are supposedly the hottest weather ever in the new millennium.

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