The Anti-Canute

Democrats hoping to return the world to the dark ages.

Steve Goddard on Twitter:

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9 Responses to The Anti-Canute

  1. arn says:

    No need to worry about this idiot as AOC is the chosen one to promote this BS but,
    let”s see where this “experts” got all their ideas from.
    A climate change,caused by pollution and how to save us:

    “OUTLAWING the internal combustion engine of vehicles
    and outlawing or strick controls over ALL forms of combustion”

    “Rigid controls on the marketing of new products which will be required
    to prove a minimum pollution potential”

    “Controls on ALL research and development to be halted at the slightest prospect of additional pollution”

    Dr Arnold Reitze wanred us that the pollution that will make our planet cooler by 20
    degrees(these climate guys are always so humble and reasonable with their predictions)
    could be fatal to our free society:

    His idea to save this free society was:
    “….Will be forced to sacrifice democracy by the laws that will protect us from further pollution”,4211115&hl=de

    even the climate refugees are 50 year old bullshit from the ice age scare,4211115&hl=de

    The entire fascist concept to save us from Climate Change existed already 50 years ago.
    (and it did not start by coincidence with the hippie era)

    And here a little hint what may really be behind this

    • Petit_Barde says:

      This scam began even before, when Callendar published an article in 1938 (after two decades of warming) arguing that CO2 increase was the cause of temperatures increase :

      But some years after a cooling period started and the tale had to change and Schneider 1971 aerosol paper did this move :

      And then, a new warming period began and the Climate clown show had to find another star : James Hansen took over.

      • arn says:

        Damn it-
        The global warming scam is even older than the ice age scare.
        I really don”t know anymore in which lie i should believe.

        It seems some scientists are obsessed with huge discoveries and armageddons.

        ((but i must admit i like point 16.
        Changes in atmospheric circulation to explain regional climate changes is proove of logical reasonable thinking
        the slows down sesationalism and huge discoveries.
        Seems that this kind of logic and reason to lost on its was to the 21st century))

  2. mkelly says:

    Well they do prefer wind mills to coal for electricity.

  3. mkelly says:

    They do prefer wind mills over coal to produce electricity.

  4. DM says:

    Inslee must be a white supremacist. He claims he can succeed where Obama failed.

  5. Colorado Wellington says:

    Meanwhile, the good, progressive people of Vancouver and British Columbia may enjoy an upgraded carbon-free life much sooner:

    “The New Democrat mayor of Vancouver says that he wants a carbon-free Vancouver by 2040,” Kenney said. “Well, if he and the other British Columbia New Democrats continue to block our energy, we can give them a carbon-free Vancouver by 2020.”


  6. Gator says:

    Somewhere, a Dark Age community is missing their village idiot.

  7. gofer says:

    There is a PBS Show called “The Ozone Hole: How we Saved the Planet”. They are trying to push the idea that we did it once and it can be done again with AGW. Now it’s safe to sunbathe in Antarctica. It was puzzling why they didn’t consider any thinning to be natural. It was used to push radical environmentalism.

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