Who Is Tony Heller?

Plaque I was given by IBM/Apple/Motorola

People are constantly questioning my credentials.  Here are a few of them:

BS Geology, Arizona State University
Masters Electrical Engineering, Rice University
Boston University Geology
Northern Arizona University Computer Science
Colorado State University Computer Science
University of New Mexico Geochemistry

Lifelong environmentalist.
I testified at my first Congressional hearing in support of Wilderness in 1972.
I fought for the Clean Air and Water acts
Wilderness Ranger Cibola National Forest, New Mexico
Wilderness Ranger Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico
Currently battling the City of Boulder, Colorado to stop development on the South Boulder Wetlands
Full time cyclist for all my local transportation, for the past 40 years

Science teacher, Athletic Director and Soccer Coach at Oak Creek Ranch School, Arizona
Math teacher at Phoenix Country Day School
Substitute teacher at Murphy School District, Phoenix Arizona
Computer instructor at Tomball College, Texas

Geothermal research at Los Alamos National Labs
Oil shale research at Los Alamos National Labs
Thermodynamic research of methane hydrates at Los Alamos National Labs
Volcano research at Los Alamos National Labs
Safety Analysis Report for the Permian Basin DOE nuclear waste disposal site
Volunteer curator Arizona Mineral Museum

Electrical Engineer
Compaq/SGI MIPS consortium design team
Power PC design team IBM/Apple/Motorola  (Used in  most game consoles over the last three decades, and PowerMacs)
Sandia Labs computer architect
Sandia Labs representative to Al Gore’s Bankers Trust key escrow consortium
Cyrix Media GX microprocessor design team manager
Raycer Graphics OpenGL graphics processor verification lead
Design manager Hitachi/ST SH5 microprocessor
Verification lead MemoryLogix microprocessor
Founder, design lead Visual Media video effects/editing software
OpenGL driver development ATI
Itanium/i7 design team Intel  (very likely being used by you right now)
Sped up Helicos DNA sequencing algorithm by 50X
Sped up NCAR weather microphysics kernel by 500X
Ported NCAR’s radiative transfer model to GPU
Ported NCAR’s WRF weather model to Windows
Drone visualization and control software for the US military
Medical device control systems (under NDA)
Virtual reality visualization design (under NDA)
Radio control and visualization software (under NDA)

There are many more projects I haven’t listed here. You will be hard pressed to find anyone with a broader and more successful career in science, education, environment and engineering.  I use the same skill set and techniques to analyze climate science claims, as I have used in science/engineering.

Your computer/game consoles work, partly due to my efforts. By contrast, climate science doesn’t work, because it is done largely by dishonest, incompetent hacks who don’t follow or even understand any legitimate methodology.

I don’t receive any funding from anyone, other than small donations to my blog – which work out to about $5/hour. I hate cars and would love to see 90% of them off the road. I have been hit by cars several times riding my bicycle, and they foul the air with pollution.

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199 Responses to Who Is Tony Heller?

  1. Russell Cook says:

    But you’re not a climate scientist.

    Oh, wait …. neither is Al Gore, Naomi Oreskes, both the current and former Chairman of the IPCC, or the entire top administration of Greenpeace or Desmogblog.

    • GCSquared says:

      You forgot Bill Nye; he is sooo miffed.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        I never forget Bill “Scientific Prize” Nye. That’s unpatriotic!

        “The main thing is, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change got a Nobel Prize! They got a scientific prize for making a discovery! They didn’t get a minor award. This is a big deal! They discovered climate change, through all kinds of evidence!”

        “This thing of denying science …
        To deny what scientists or scientific evidence is showing is inappropriate, and as I said earlier, to me when I get wound up, it’s unpatriotic!”

        • Tom Swinburn says:

          Barack Obama received the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, long before he became president and had drones kill American citizens HE deemed terrorists. Not a peaceful man by my yardstick, So the Nobel prizes, ONCE with great meaning have become political hackery. A Nobel prize today makes good toilet paper.

          • Bodil says:

            He got it when he was president…

          • Dac says:

            He got it because he was president. A totally political attempt to control the narrative of world politics by the Nobel institute that failed. Geir Lundestad, actually regretted the award being given to Obama, as it didn’t achieve the desired results.

          • Kim Libera says:

            Actually he got it just after he took office. His daughter woke him up after hearing the am news

          • Tony says:

            He destroyed Syria and Libya.

        • Phil G says:

          There is no absolute knowledge. And those who claim it, whether they are scientists or dogmatists, open the door to tragedy. Jacob Bronowski

          • Gerry Denaro says:

            Some might say “there is no such thing as absolute truth.” To which one should reply “is that claim absolutely true?” Others might even say “morality is just doing whatever is fashionable in some culture at some point in history.” To which I would add some things are true and right even if nobody is true. And some things are wrong (false) even if everybody is wrong.

        • Gerry Denaro says:

          EMPIRICAL FACTS : The seas and oceans to the east of Australia forms the largest body of water on Earth. While many islands of the Sth Pacific rise and fall, our continent is the oldest and most stable on earth. The Pacific as broadly connected vast body of water presents a genuine sea level. The Sydney Fort Denison Recording Station provides stable, accurate and genuine mean sea level data. The data shows mean sea levels that are related to Chart Datum which is at the lowest spring tide level. *mean sea level at Sydney in 2019 is 6 centimetres lower than the mean sea level at Sydney in 1914 when the Bureau Of Meteorology commenced recording Mean Sea Level.* High Sea Levels during Storm, Cyclone & Low Pressure Events. BBC and ABC commentators have asserted that sea levels may permanently rise by 1 to 2 metres in the next 100 years. *100 years of very accurate records on the largest water body on Earth indicates that this is incorrect.* There have always been short period storm and low pressure rises in sea levels. The highest recorded sea level at Sydney occurred during the 1974 low pressure storm. The sea level rose to 30 cm above high spring tide level for one day. During recorded history there has been no indication whatsoever of a 100 to 200 cm permanent rise in sea level. There will always be short period storm, cyclone and low pressure rises in sea levels in close proximity to cyclone and storm centres. These storm centre rises in sea levels are not permanent. Ocean swells and storm waves can exceed 16 metres during major storm surge events. It is these massive waves that have caused significant damage to coastal and island communities in the past. It is certain that huge storm event waves will occur in the future and will cause significant damage to the island and low lying communities. Coastline and flood zone protection is the sane answer to sane answer to storm event damage. *It is polite and essential that the world population should avoid incorrect climate nonsense. We need to divert the alarmist energy to caring for the planet. Cease polluting the oceans. Prevent development of flood prone land and threatened coastal zones that have been, and will always be, subject to flooding.* Daniel Fitzhenry – Hydrographic Surveyor 581 Singleton Road, Laughtondale NSW 2775 Australia

        • Gerry Denaro says:

          Who decides where thermometers or rain gauges are placed? Should we only measure it where people live and ignore oceans and vastly under populated regions of which there are many? Depending on latitude and elevation, earth’s temp’s vary between -50 and +50C across the globe. Even if we could make 100 or 1000 accurate in situ measurements and “average” them to 0.1°C it would be more honest to express the result with a confidence limits or relative error say 25°C + or – 2°C How can any continent, let alone the whole planet quote an “average temperature” when there are so many complex, cyclical and unpredictable parameters?
          How relevant or meaningful is average temp’ any more than say average ocean depth, land altitude, rainfall or sunny days? In Australia tropical Nth Qld receives 2 meters or more rain in the wet seasons while other inland areas are lucky to get 2mm? Our temperature ranges from −23.0 °C at Charlotte Pass to a highe at Oodnadatta, 50.7C Many choose to live in warm places like Darwin whose temp’ rarely falls under 30°C all year round . At the opposite extreme, Tasmania is cold – all of the time. Collinsvalle has an annual mean temp of 7.5C.
          In a country of such extreme climate, an “average temperature” has no more meaning than average rainfall, altitude or perhaps personal wealth. On a planet with even more climate diversity and extreme weather events, lets be brutally honest here and admit such values have limited significance overall and to individuals of no value, except possibly to climate alarmists trying to justify global warming.

    • AndyDC says:

      Anyone with access to the raw data can easily determine that the 1930’s were far hotter than anything recently experienced. Same for the 1970’s cold.

    • You’re more qualified than 90% of IPCC Stooges.. and 97% of the 97% Consensuses Scyiences !!

      Go Scyience !! Scyience !!

    • Peter Davis says:

      Mr. Heller is a data miner sir!

      His insight in looking backwards rather than guessing forwards is quit a pertinent poser actually. If not just to judge the unaltered data from back then, but also to show that rather than the climate, its people whom are adapt to get out or order…

      • Ronnie says:

        The real “poser(s)” are those who concede the fact that CO2 is beneficial today, but then predict; the future is at risk due to CO2.

        Thus, implying predictions trump facts

      • KC Erasmus says:

        Dear Peter, unfortunately you have no basis to predict the future unless you understand the past. Tony Heller is helping you to understand the past in relation to the present, which reveals just how inaccurate and incorrect forecasts were, as they were not premises on the full understanding of the science and chose to ignore the past. Tony Heller does not make thumb-suck future predictions because of the fact that he understands how complex Climate is, and due to the fact that at this point in time, all the influencing factors are not fully understood, and there is no accurate proportionality of the contributing factors to Climate and Climate Change. The rest of the idiots who don’t understand the complexity of Climate and its Influences have lumped everything they don’t understand on Man Made CO2 as the primary influence on Climate and Climate Change in their Gross Ignorance and attempts to become Gods, which has failed dismally as Tony Heller points out in his analysis, as all of their predictions are Backwards as he points out from factual data, which confirms that their primary premise of Climate Change on man made CO2 is hopelessly incorrect. That is what the Arrogance of Ignorance gets you !

        • Bunyip says:

          Well said all climate forecasters over the last forty or so years have been way off the mark. Which only helps to prove how complex the subject is and always will be. Forget computer modelling because the ones doing the modelling have a vested interest in the outcome.

    • HenryCH says:

      Toni is not a climate scientist, who creates climate models, and keep in mind that all these models have so far proven to be wrong (at least the last 30 years)!

      Toni’s strength is to see the obvious and to be highly capable to analyze data. I am thankful that he takes his time and shares his findings and the logical conclusions with us, for the official doctrine about the cause of the climate change reminds me to ongoing N-gender indoctrination, with (N>>2).

    • dale says:

      Al Gore actually studied with one of the world’s leading cliimate scientists at Harvard. His work has been to present to the public the scientific findings of actual climate scientists, whereas Tony Heller, who has never had one cllimate science class in his life, presumes to refute the findings of th4e world’s 10,000 climate scientists from 180 countries.

      I call you out for the fallacy of a false comparison

      • tonyheller says:

        Where do these clowns come from?

        • Gator says:

          Public schools. Or as I like to call them, the Jimmy Carter Community Clown Colleges.

        • Morgan Brown says:


        • Ken Smith says:

          You lose credibility when you resort to insults. Sad that your talents cannot build a bridge so that your non-vested interests can work with the non-vested climate scientists. Really want a better world? Then try collaboration instead of condemnation. Collaboration has been proven to lead to higher survival rates amongst many species. Unfortunately, to much ego in the human species.
          Really sad, when we have such innate potential.

          • Tom Kunich says:

            How do you build a bridge to people that know nothing? Insults? How can you not insult someone that has learned all they know about “climate” change from from Newsweek or Time? When you actually know nothing you do not tell people with more knowledge that they don’t know what they are talking about. Tell us Ken: What is your training that you could understand science and most especially climate change science? If you have no dog in the fight do not complain that it being mean to dogs.

      • Robert Reynolds says:

        The Harvard professor who introduced Gore to the alleged influence of CO2 repudiated his earlier thinking towards the end of his career.

      • Peter Guest says:

        You cannot even spell climate and where I come from people like you are referred to as Floggs

      • Russell says:

        Dale, It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.
        – Percy Bysshe Shelley

      • Callme Ishmael says:

        Lol. Gore got a D in that Harvard class.

      • Carolyn Barnes says:

        Al Gore’s mentor said Al was mistaken and Al’s response was “oh, he’s senile…”

      • Tom Kunich says:

        Can you explain how you can tell us that Al Gore studied with one of the world’s leading climate scientists but you don’t even know his name. I won’t even mention that there is no such thing as a “climate scientist”. Can you tell us a university that offers such a degree? “The Michael Mann School of Atmospheric Medicine? I would Guffaw but you’re not even worth the effort.

      • john batson says:

        too bad that not one of Al climate predictions have been proven correct, I forgot his main objective was to increase the value of his holdings in goofy media and carbon sequestration projects…Al ‘s favorite color is green, $$$$

    • George Williams says:

      Yeah, but has he slept in a Holiday Inn Express?🤣
      The world owes Tony a big debt. However our friends now in the White House better expose the climate hoax soon or it will be curtins if the Democrats get power next year.

    • Kim Libera says:

      Climate scientists are just 1 aspect of people in the field who have background in earth science so they do have a role: meteorologists, atmospheric chemists, atomspheric physicists, geologists, oceanographers, astronomers, astrophysicists. All have a role.

    • Tom Kunich says:

      1. A corona virus is large for a virus. But they are 120 nm in diameter. And operating room M95 mask pores are over twice that diameter. Anything you can breath through a respiratory virus can pass right through.

      2. If you are infected with a respiratory virus you have a cloud of virus floating around you like a bubble. It doesn’t fall to the ground like a brick as the left wants you to believe. The remain floating about as you walk along. If you’re in an enclosed space like a store a person could walk by minutes later and be exposed. While it isn’t likely that would infect them it could. So social distancing in enclosed spaces is absolutely preposterous and if you are outside air movement in the form of wind rapidly dilutes and disperses the virus and sunlight decomposes them.

      3. What we have is a plutocracy with a guaranteed income telling other people that they may not support their families. This increases the relative difference between the working class and the plutocracy. At what point do people stop asking “Please sir, may I have some more?” and start standing up to a leftist agenda powered by a media who appears to be working for communism? Why are people helping the slave traders by putting the shackles upon themselves?

      4. There is a great deal more to this than meets the eye. People like Nancy Pelosi and most of the Democrats have grown rich in office and very often by devious means. We had an FBI which was supposed to protect this country from corruption but as we’ve seen with Biden, Pelosi and Schiff, they too bow before a power structure and not the law. I do not think that we can afford to not have term limits any more. Rather than learning to use the system to best advantage for the American people, multiple term Congress people learn how to beat the system for their own enrichment and power.

      • Kerry William Hennessy says:

        Tom Kunich, what a lovely election speech.
        After reading your piece I have to ask: how many people, per 100,000, are now infected with Copvcid-19 and how many are dead in the USA after not practising social distancing and adopting the recommended health protocols? And how does that compare with New Zealand and Australia where strict social distancing and health protocols were rigidly enforced?
        Guess it all a Deep State problem and Covid-19 is a hoax just like Climate Change. Next, you will be telling the world how guns make the world a safer place – yes those statistics for Australia and the USA paint a pretty strong picture too of what policy is the best.
        I will agree with you that those that control the Democrats are in it out of their own self-interest but don’t delude yourself that the Republican’s and Trump are not too.
        The manipulation of the public conversation by fossil fuel companies is no better than the crimes perpetrated against society by the Tobacco lobby or the NRA.
        Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a world court where all the knowledgeable people on atmosphere, climate and the Earth Science gave evidence under oath and the truth was revealed rather than the lobbies of the Fossil Fuel Industry and Climate Change lobby both publishing exaggerated or false information for their own financial advantages?
        I understand the self-interest of the Fossil Fuel Industry, they want to make money, and if polluting the air or the oceans is a side effect they really don’t care.
        I don’t understand the secret agenda of the Climate Change lobby, I assume they must be part of the Deep State determined on creating civil chaos.
        In short, the argument seems to be short term (200 years) of financial advantage versus a polluted environment that may not, but probably will have very long term negative consequences.
        I see it as an asymmetric risk situation and the short term gain to me is not worth the risk. For the same reason, I don’t play Russian Roulette.

        • C_R_O_M________ says:

          Where is Sweden in your cherry picking? Bad cherry?

        • C_R_O_M________ says:

          Addition: if you want to look at incentives for the “climate change” agenda all you have to do is to (a surprise right there!) “follow the money”.

          Specifically, tax money.

          It’s trillions of $s annually for governments.

          Not only by direct fuel/carbon taxation, cap and trade schemes, penalties on “emitting” vehicles’ road taxes (annual cost), but also on the increased cost effect overall for the economy, increased cost which affects other taxes like VAT and Sales taxes.

    • Tom Kunich says:

      I am not a climate scientist either, but like Tony an EE. But for those unaware of it, there is no such thing as a “climate scientist. It covers so broad a fiend that you would have to have 20 PhD’s to even scratch the surface. I designed liquid and gas chromatographs so I have always known that the CO2 narrative was utter balderdash. In the bandwidth of energy absorption of CO2 there is insufficient energy to effect anything. What’s more H20 absorbs far more energy in those bands while the atmosphere has an average humidity of 2% vs the 400 ppm of CO2. This is absolutely nothing new since the forerunner of the NOAA wrote papers disproving the 1886 or so theories of Arrhenius in 1905. That was before they too were corrupted by the power structure.

      A plutocracy is rule by the rich and powerful and they achieve this by maintaining a constant fear in the uneducated public telling them that they don’t understand the world about them. Yet most of the common men are those that actually built this world that the plutocrats are attempting to steal from under their noses. Only 6 companies control almost the entire media. Who do they owe their fealty and under what pressure? I have turned from TV news station to other news station only to hear almost precisely the same thing in the same words. Who is writing these scripts and why? Bill Nye the science guy who has shown himself to be a blithering idiot repeating noise from more than 100 years ago?

    • Thomas Kunich says:

      There is no such thing as a “climate scientist” No college or university offers a degree in “Climate Science”. None of those pretending to be some sort of superior “climate scientist” is anything of the sort. The things that effect climate are so many and varied that in order to be actually able to call yourself a “climate scientist” you would have to have at least 20-30 master’s degrees.

      As and electronics engineer I have designed both liquid and gas chromatographs. This means I have knowledge of spectrometry. With this knowledge I can say without any qualms that CO2 has nothing whatsoever to do with atmospheric heating While it CAN absorb the Sun’s emissions in a very narrow band in the very low infrared, very little of that gets to the ground because there isn’t much there to begin with. And this is ONLY the Sun’s emissions. Once it touches and warms the Earth it is not reemitted as energy but is conducted up through the atmosphere via convection.

      Increases in CO2 in the upper atmosphere as a result of increases CO2 actually block the Sun’s emissions in this bandwidth from penetrating the atmosphere and would actually cool the Earth if it were of any significant amount. But it isn’t and doesn’t.

  2. arn says:

    do you have a bachelor of arts degree in government and
    have you been a community organiser??

    That’s what you need(+some polar bear pics and crocodile tears) to become a climate world saving expert.
    That’s why both world savers(the community organiser and the bachelor of arts dude)
    became multimillionaires and you didn’t.

    • KC Erasmus says:

      Arn, that’s an Environmentalist, the people that influence the politicians to believe the BS that the Environmentalists sucked out their thumbs and don’t understand themselves. Environmentalists also tend to have a ‘one tracked’ minds, and are not capable of focusing on complex issues, and therefor do more damage than good, as they fail to understand the direct and indirect dependency of factors in nature on each other, and is the reason why they do so much damage to both the Environment and Economies.

  3. Dave Ward says:

    I’ll remember this the next time someone says “We should listen to what the experts tell us”. Presumably they mean “experts” like the UK Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth, Claire Perry. Her expertise?

    “She was educated at Nailsea School and Brasenose College, Oxford, where she read Geography

    • KC Erasmus says:

      Dave, unfortunately the reference is always to the Experts or Scientists without naming them, and this runs throughout the chain of BS, but never is the Source pinpointed as nobody is willing to stand up and own their purported or Manipulated Pseudo Science/Junk Science so they maintain the system of Circular Reference which has no beginning/Source and no end/Continued rhetoric of bad science and unfounded statements.

      • Thomas Kunich says:

        Dr. Michael Mann stood up and owned to his own claims and look where it got him? He sued some Canadians in Canada and the defendants had the right to request Dr. Mann’s temperature records. He failed to provide them and hence lost and had to pay court and defendant legal costs. the moral of that story is that when you are in the business of getting research grants with false information based upon fear, don’t make it public.

    • Mark Thogerson says:

      In the British system of higher education, If she read geography, that was her major. It’s certainly a more appropriate major, than, say, political science. Take a look at our cabinet: an education secretary that has never set foot in a public school or college, and whose major was economics. a secretary of interior, a former oil industry lobbyist who is dismantling the DOI from the inside out. The EPA chief is doing the same thing. I could go on.

  4. Philip DiMarzio says:

    I think I owned a couple of those computers with processors.

  5. Johansen says:

    A one-man machine! Very few people can crank out this much content in a short time. It takes me a whole day, basically, to research and set-up and edit and upload just one short teaching video. I know how much time goes into it…

    • MBChitown says:

      Johansen, The reason he’s able to produce so much material in such a short span is because he’s been doing this for a long time, and honed his skills and techniques and systems, developed his own software to do a lot of the data crunching, and uses other people’s software to research data. Government and universities have been putting old data online for the last 10-20 years, so more data becomes available to TH and others. TH also has admirers to send him leads and insights. So, he’s not entirely a one-man machine. Plus, he’s trained with and by some of the best in academia and industry for decades! Go Tony!!!!!!!!

  6. Al Shelton says:


  7. Patrick says:

    I really wish we could do more to expose the data manipulation that continues to happen behind the closed doors of our U.S. Government scientific departments. Judith Curry’s forward and analysis on Nicholas Lewis and Marcel Crok’s “Oversensitive” paper is still lagging as it pertains to mainstream knowledge on climate sensitivity to raised CO2 levels. I hope more can be presented and emphasized on this matter so we can move forward without all of these hysterics.


  8. Stephen Reiss says:

    Regarding your comment about cars, carbots will get us most of the way there. They will be electric. They will not hit you while riding your bicycle. As a former black car driver I can tell you, with the requisite expertise, that I will take today’s carbot, warts and all, over 99% of the so called drivers on the roads today.

    • -B- says:

      The reason for robot and electric cars is so the same people who want to control you through energy usage can control or at the very least monitor your travels while limiting them through technological inconvenience before simply limiting who can go where and when.

      We won’t have to worry about robot cars hitting bicyclists because bicycling will be banned once they have control of motoring and government controls medical care. It will then be decided that bicycling is dangerous. Yes, I am well aware the health benefits of bicycling outweigh the risks, but we are talking government here. Bicycling offers too much uncontrolled, untracked, unmonitored travel and people in elected office will generally ‘feel’ bicycling to be dangerous.

      The last 50-100 years has been used to dumb people down in general such that they would accept more government control because those other people can’t be trusted.

      I’ll take the dumbass north american drivers over government control.

      It is possible to have competent human motoring, the US system is simply not designed to produce it.

  9. How is it possible to contact Tony Heller. I do not have a Twitter account. I have facebook and mail. I make radio programs and this is interesting. I am from Faroe Islands and we depend on weather and fisheries. Fisheries and weather are related. We have reliable statistics on weathes since 1875 and fiskeries mabe 300 years back.

  10. RegretLeft says:

    I can’t tell you how much I worry about you! – do you have ANY concern that you are going to get “HIT” real good, real permanently sometime while out on that bike?!

    In that “climate gate” email trove … wasn’t there one in which some principle scientist muses in a moment of some self-doubt something to the effect: “Well maybe it isn’t CO2 — maybe it’s just natural temperature variation … what do you think would happen if we told them that” and some other principle scientist responds apparently without a hint of irony: “They’d kill us!” … think about that please! We cannot lose you! – Best regards

    (it’s OK if you do not post this – you did not when I wrote previously in this way some years back – but please do think more about your personal safety)

    • tonyheller says:

      No, I don’t worry

      • Larry says:

        Hi Tony
        I have some info for you but I have no idea how to contact you.
        I just sent this to MICHELLE STIRLING

        Hi Michelle
        I have something which will help you GRAPHICALLY show people the gloBULL warming is a crock.

        EVERYONE talks theory, conjecture and numbers and this is why you and all of the other people who are trying to present an intelligent argument that GW is spelt BS are losing the hearts and minds battle.
        This is because you guys do not appeal to the people of a lesser god.

        My simple method CANNOT and MUST NOT include the use of a computer.

        I will NOT respond to a generic email address like sales@ or info@ or contact@

        I am also happy to call you and explain this (which will take less than 30 seconds)

        A survey done about 6 or so years ago (USA) claimed that over 70% of people believed WHAT THEY SAW on TV or READ in the newspapers.
        Note the emphasized keywords.

        Please let me know if you are interested.

        Thank you

  11. Mac says:

    Yeah, well, cars can be a pain, and I am a cyclist, too. But seriously… How can you hate a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429? That sucker does 160 MPH, and puts out about 600 horse. The one thing that killed those old muscle cars was the hysteria over tetraethyl lead additive. It was the alar of the 1970s. Not saying it isn’t potentially toxic, but hysteria is hysteria. Just like today, when people actually believe 0.04% CO2 in the atmosphere is going to destroy a 5 billion year-old planet.

    • Johansen says:

      You would only get 600 horse with a blower. 429 has way too much iron and poor breathing characteristics. Drum brakes, solid rear axle, ugh! But nice looking car I have to agree! Darn nice!

      • Mac says:

        Don’t wish to argue with anyone, but that engine was detuned for street use, and was rated at 375, which is a joke. With timing set correctly, decent gas, and a few carb adjustments, it did, in fact, put out 600 HP, or very close to it. It’s basically a hemi engine only better. Lots of evidence to back up my assertion.

        Just like the Chevy 302 Z-28 engine was rated at 290 HP, even though it was really 400.

        • Johansen says:

          You’re right about the older ratings being conservative. Plus, the torque of a big block like that was impressive. Plus they often used taller gear ratios which made them fast off the line, etc etc

        • Al says:

          Yeah, had one. They rated it at 4,000, but the damned thing would easily do 7,000 – which is where it was putting
          out 400. I shut down a frat brother’s 396 in a quarter out
          on the local interstate. Thought he would blow a gasket.

    • -B- says:

      The insurance cartel killed off the old muscle cars more than anything. People could not afford the insurance.

      This was followed up by tack on emission controls that killed power. It was possible even then to get the octane ratings required of those engines without TEL. However the technology did not exist to make the power levels with all the tack on emission control devices that strangled the engine’s ability to breath.

      The naderites and claybrookians didn’t help matters either.

      Also the stock Boss 429 Mustang did not make 600hp gross let alone net. My Coyote 5.0L GT is going to be as fast or faster than a stock Boss 429. I don’t think they went 160mph either. If they did the driver better have balls of steel because that chassis, even modified as it is in the Boss 429 Mustang would be frightening at such a speed.

      • Johansen says:

        The new mustang body style is the best in decades, and definitely better than the camaro – which looks too tall and bulky. Ford got it right with this one.

  12. Bob Hoye says:

    Oh boy–cars.
    Until last year I had 4.
    My Daily Driver is a BMW 535 Touring Wagon with the top speed limited by a governor to 155 MPH. Never driven faster than 100 MPH.
    A 1962 Alfa Romeo Spider-convertible sports car.
    1963 Alfa Sprint Coupe.
    1967 Alfa Sports Sedan.
    Why sold?
    Turned 80 years old and the price increases were outstanding.

    • Johansen says:

      So do you say “Romero” or “Romeo”

      • Bob Hoye says:

        A few years ago, a friend set up his 1960s Sports Sedan for rallying and put in a 2 L motor instead of the 1600.
        Entered in the Mexican Pan Amera road race or whatever they call it.
        His competition was the early 1960s Porsche 911 coupes, also with a 2 L.
        Seven day event and the Alfa was first in class on six days and second on one day.
        On the pronunciation–phonetics will serve.

  13. Bulaman says:

    I was reading a comment that I should have copied.
    It claimed that if all known fossil fuels were burned the CO2 PPM in the atmosphere would increase by (only) 60 PPM. Does anyone know if this is correct?
    There was a bunch of math calculating the giga joules of this and that but if it is correct then the whole fossil fuel thing seems much ado about nothing..

    • MBChitown says:

      Then there’s the ‘report’ that fossil fuels (crude oils) do NOT come from the transformation of decomposed plants. Petroleum engineers and others report that crude is OFTEN found in strata that are far below strata that hold the residue of plants from hundreds of millions of years ago. And, since crude oil is relatively buoyant, crude wouldn’t sink, but rise or float upwards, not downwards. Interesting information. I’m hardly in a position to critique the ‘findings.’

  14. paul courtney says:

    Mr. Heller: Funny, I’ve been coming here for over a year, and never looked into your credentials. I am impressed! Never looked because so many of your posts don’t call for expertise (photographic nature posts excepted), instead you use the other sides’ info to deconstruct their “science”, to great effect. The alarmists are their own worst enemy so often that it doesn’t take credentials to give them the bird (no, not the photographs), which is part of what makes this site a daily read. When CAGW collapses and we build a truth-in-science hall of fame on top of the rubble, you and that Goddard fellow go in the main hall! And these credentials might get you a higher pedestal.

  15. GW Smith says:

    No Harvard PhD in Climatology. These “people” are though.

    • KC Erasmus says:

      GW Smith, who are these people with the Harvard PhD’s, and do you honestly think that only a Harvard PhD is capable of determining the influences on Climate and Climate Change ???

      • Al says:

        I’m a former VP of Manufacturing who also had responsibility
        for Engineering at a division of a big, Fortune 500 company.
        Had several PhD’s working for me. Not a one of them was what
        I would remotely categorize as competent compared to two of
        my Bachelor’s degree engineers. One(PhD) went around me to
        the company’s CEO when I gave him a less than stellar performance review and got transferred to the New Zealand
        division. A year later I was hosting a global senior manager’s
        conference at my operations when the New Zealand “Managing Director” cut in line behind me at lunch and asked to talk to
        me about “Steve”. He said he had been told this guy was the
        greatest thing since canned Foster’s, but that he was a total
        dud, as far as performance. I told him I had the same problem.
        “Steve” requested, and was given, a transfer back to our U.S.
        corporate headquarters a few months later, where he shuffled
        paper and wrote reports.

    • rah says:

      An Ivy league degree doesn’t impress me much anymore. The quality of the work is what feeds the bulldog.

  16. Dave N says:

    Bookmarked. I figure that list deserves a plaque of its own.

    On the other hand, when people start questioning your credentials, you know they’re losing the argument anyway and have to attack you personally.

  17. Nutation_discombobulation says:

    Tony, for future reference, you can add that many versions of the PowerPC you helped develop have been used in tens of thousands of data switches now spread all across the globe. Many are still in service, in fact the packets containing this message will likely be routed by at least one of them.

  18. DCA says:

    Oops. Already done, I see.

  19. Jdh says:

    Took a white knuckle ride up South Boulder Road a couple of days ago. Exhausting and terrifying. Cars drive too fast.

    • tonyheller says:

      There is a bike trail up 36. Why go on South Boulder Road?

      • Tom Kunich says:

        Concerning your recent posting on covid-19: Here is what happened; In August and September there were approximately 300,000 students studying or doing research in Wuhan. Contrary to claims most people cannot catch this virus. It takes an immune system that is not up to par. These college kids returned to their schools, frat houses and dormitories and spread it around in the classrooms and such. Most people’s immune systems are familiar with corona viruses so they react so rapidly that the general population doesn’t catch it. Then along came the winter holidays and everyone went home. THIS is how that disease turned up in every state, every town and berg in this country almost simultaneously. No disease no matter how infective moves that rapidly. The older people with defective immune systems and most of them with serious comorbidities started dying off. Most of these people were being kept alive though medical assistance anyway. If we did not have this disease, they would have died within a couple of months anyway but the cause of death on the death certificates would have been different. So what we saw was a stacking of deaths supposedly because of covid and not COPD or diabetic heart disease. We can tell how soon these people died by waiting for normal total deaths to return to normal. The CDC’s one responsibility is to keep track of these normal deaths in such a manner that they can be analyzed and Dr. Fauci has been a complete and utter failure and should be fired immediately. The data from Italy and their socialized medical system gave more than enough data to tell who was dying and why. Here is a graph from the CDC showing something very important – the red line represents a skyrocketing number of covid-19 deaths. But as you see, there was no increase in total deaths. How did this happen? Hospitals were forbidden to accept voluntary surgeries. Which is 99% of their profits – Cancer etc. They COULD however get around $50,000 for a covid-19 death. So suddenly everything was a covid death. And they didn’t even have to have proof – the diagnosis could be symptomatic. And since the symptoms of pneumonia and flu are very similar —.
        https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/covidview/04102020/nchs-data.html Later indeed the very old and very sick began dying. But once they died off, the total death rates for the US has fallen below normal. As I said, we can adjudge the lifespan lost to these people when the normal total deaths return. You can scroll down this page to the chart which tells everything. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm It is extremely important to recognize what a horrible job and what failures the CDC and especially Dr. Fauci have been. It is my opinion that the CDC should be shut down completely as an example to other government agencies, and their record keeping role subcontracted out to universities who are far less likely to get political goals in their eyes. (Does NOAA and NASA ring a bell?

        • Kerry William Hennessy says:

          I read what you write with interest as you seem intelligent, but politically influenced, so I am wary of what you say. From your second reference, the graph for ‘Weekly number of deaths (from all causes)” when set on All US or New York or California show spikes (red+) above normal in Jan for previous years but this year the spike is in April. This coupled with your assertion that reducing/stopping surgery to allow for the expected increase of beds needed for Covid-19 patients would explain the shift of the above normal death rate to April. But if your assertions are correct then most of the old sick people will now be dead and the current death rate over the next few months should drop below the norm. Can you refer me to the data for June to test your hypothesis?

  20. Randy SJ Williams says:

    Thanks, Tony. I’m enjoying your blog, and learning as well. Not surprised at your achievements thus far. As a lifelong Mac user (since Mac+ in 86), thanks for the Power Mac work, and your work on the Intel i7. Mostly thanks for supporting the Real Scientific Method.

  21. Pops says:

    I like cars. I could probably commute on an eBike, a nasty hill being the main problem, but I would have to dodge cars the whole way. That, and my lungs no longer work thanks to many decades of acid reflux.

  22. gregole says:

    Thanks Tony! You are very accomplished and could use your valuable time in countless other ways but choose to keep us informed and use your skill and experience to destroy the evil message that is climate change.

    I never miss a post and learn a lot from this blog. As I’ve said before, this is the best blog on the internet.

    Time to hit the tip jar (Griff).

  23. Kent Clizbe says:

    Logic, analysis, focus on data. Those are your strengths. That is why the PC purveyors of hate loathe you.

    Your achievements, in the face of the destroyers’ attempts to bring you down, are impressive.

    Let’s not forget, either, the fact that the haters’ bitter bile and attempts to personally ruin any who spoke the truth made you work under an alias for the first years of your effort. Your decision to come into the open with your identity took more courage than most can ever understand.

    Thanks for all you do. Continued health, wealth, and wisdom to you and yours.


  24. I have to admit to being totally addicted to your website .
    It’s just so frustrating to watch the free run all the charlatans are getting -with huge funding and overseas junkets – while a true scientist with real qualifications and the decency not to follow the funding – is ignored ( by the Libtard left , and a surprising amount of Republicans )

    • Tom Kunich says:

      It isn’t enough to explain the climate lies. I’m 75 so have personally watched the weather cycles in the San Francisco Bay area. We must have incontrovertible proof of why this is being done and take them to court. This, unfortunately, is the only answer that students will accept.

  25. Karol Wlodarczyk says:

    How can you fit all that in one life? That’s absolutely maddening…

  26. Howard Crawford says:

    There is some evidence that witch trials including Salem ‘s were caused in part by the little ice age:

    AGW has the same feel as does the zealot’s belief in witchcraft. This theme would make a great documentary movie or video.

  27. Hi Tony,
    I guess this is the best place to contact you. I wanted to take your message to the LinkedIn community in a condensed version (1-2 fact filled minutes). Your message is very unique in the way you use real observations from the past and present to shine the light on the Alarmist bias, failed predictions fraudulent data adjustments.
    I have created my first and would like your blessing to continue down this road. I would also like any input on subject matter or I could even send you a copy first for your approval or ideas for improvement.

  28. Bill says:

    I saw a recent YouTube video of flooding in Miami. The water was coming up through the storm drains. Claiming this was from sea level rise. They mentioned in passing Atlantic City.
    Video showed the flooding in the street. Did not mention the tide gauge values. I was wondering if this could be the land of settling.
    Another video was talking about flooding in the San Francisco Bay area. Again, I was wondering if this may be the land settling. No mention was made about tight gauges.

  29. Benzies says:

    Do you have any videos on what productive things we can do that will actually help the environment? Even the most remedial. Especially now, with so many liars and fraudsters out there it’s easy to throw the baby out with the bath water and not have any considerations environment wise. So, minus all the man made b.s what can we do

  30. bd says:

    Thank you, Mr. Heller. Keep on. You are not only dismantling faux-science. You are exposing the grandest hubris-of-rulers yet seen. Kudos

  31. John Ellwood says:

    You might enjoy my new book The Hefferman Diaries 2032 -34. I know the world has just ended but in case it has not you can read about the new Democratic President and Congress and the impact they have on the world. It is free on Kindle today 27th June.

  32. Adrian Dorst says:

    For about 25 years I foolishly believed what I heard in the media about global warming. Then about 5 years ago I read something that made me have doubts. Thanks to dissident scientists and Tony Heller I am now quite certain the whole theory is bogus. Below is a fact not often heard, but which if true, completely contradicts the basis for the CO2 warming hysteria.

    Rising CO2, by itself, cannot cause dangerous warming. Its warming properties are logarithmic, meaning the more there is in the atmosphere, the less additional warming it can cause. It was known as far back as 1901 that “nearly all the long-wave radiation that can be absorbed (by CO2), is being absorbed, and even a doubling of atmospheric CO2 will have very little effect.” This same truth was reiterated by Princeton University physicist William Happer in 2015. This explains why warming does not follow elevated atmospheric CO2.

  33. The says:

    This is part of a post by Zero Hedge that reviewed scientific papers you might want to look at. It examines the role of clouds – great read.


  34. Rick says:

    Tony, I hope you are aware of the two part series that Popular Science ran in September and October of 1977. It was called Our Changing Weather. Part 1, Drought. Part 2, Colder Winters ahead? They were leaning towards droughts and another ice age. Both are available online on Google Books.

    Thank you for the great work.

  35. Nigel BM says:

    Here in the UK we have no one to vote for who has a sane energy policy. Such is the depth of media wide propaganda, now taught in schools as well, that all the mainstream political parties are terrified of losing the “green” vote and go along with the nonsense that we can reduce temperature by returning to the dark ages. Keep up the good work Tony!

  36. Dennis G Field says:

    Good morning Mr Heller,
    I would like to see a video on Antarctica.
    All I see is Doom and Gloom of the loss of ice. This seems to be based on an article by two scientists/activist who believe in the CO2 theory and warming oceans and reviewed by 80 pals.
    I have found only one contradicting article and that was by Jay Zwally in 2015 showing ice gain. He is supposed to be coming out with a new study indicating the same.
    The entire fear factor seems to be coming from the thinning of the Ross Ice Shelf and possible breaking off, which they claim would cause massive sea level rise.
    What I find interesting is the Ross is gaining ice from underneath as indicated by a bore hole in 2018. Also, through a chance viewing of Ancient Aliens that lead me to further research, was the massive amounts of heated (77 Degree) ice caverns caused by several hundred volcanoes. There is also many fresh water lakes and river systems under the ice which indicates to me thermo activity.
    I also question the massive sea rise should the Ross break off, since most of it is floating.
    Thanks in advance if you can.

  37. Young says:

    What would we do without truth-seekers and tellers like the honourable Tony Heller? We’d fall prey to apeshit and delusional pied pipers who blindly tell the sighted that what they see is in all probability illusory and to follow them into the bittomless pit of manipulation and deceipt. To feed $$ interests, ideological rigidity and corrupting power. White men speak with forked tongues! Not always of course.
    Gustave Le Bon and Edward Bernays were reknowned masters in this field of propaganda.
    To add to Mr Hellers’ great work, I can recommend another brave and officialdom-blocked scientist, Ned Nikolov Phd, who I follow on twitter and elsewhere. Mr Nikolov is an interesting example, because for years he vigorously defended the greenhouse effect and the poisonous life-gas co2’s heating characteristics. Until the ClmateGate scandal and his closer look at the question applying both the Gas Law and the Laws of Thermodynamics. To his amazement, the Tower of Babel, House of Cards false climate paradigm was totally blown to smithereens💥.
    Since then, Zeller & Nikolov have proved that the gas composition of earth’s atmosphere has ZERO effect on surface temperatures.
    Keep up the good work Mr Heller and best wishes from Nancy, France🇫🇷.

  38. Brian Johnston says:

    You next challenge, CBC suggesting July is the hottest on record, which is bunk (I’m old enough to know):


    • Kim Libera says:

      Notice that every year becomes the hottest year on record-relative to what. The highest temp-where? Or are they going by the most # of 90 degree days-again where? And how does one gather an average temp on the globe. Do they take 1 temp from every country or do they tally up a bunch of different readings from a bunch of different places in each country & on each island. Are they getting these readings from airports, seaports, valleys, mountain tops, sidewalks, homes, asphalt, bank signs. I think that would take some time to tally up a huge bundle to get an average just for that land mass & then have a computer tally it. And they have the answer for us already. Bunk!

  39. Matt says:

    Hello Tony.

    I want to thank you for the work & effort you put into debunking this ridiculous modern religion.

    Really looking forward to see/hear/read your thoughts on the memorial for a glacier in Iceland:


  40. Alan says:

    I avidly follow your blog and videos Tony, I believe your work is excellent. However, it terrifies me that the facts that you present (using NOAA’s own data and historical information) is completely ignored. What future can we expect if everything the so-called scientists present is based on fraudulent manipulation of the data? Something I find equally frightening is the fact that it is impossible to even comment with a different opinion to the mainstream consensus without being insulted, blocked or deleted. This authoritarian indoctrination of the public is almost complete. I would love to get your thoughts on how you seeing this pan out.

  41. Russg says:

    Here’s http://www.realclimaterecords.com.au/ from Australia.
    Lots of historic records being added from Trove archives on how hot it used to get there a hundred years ago, and how many people used to die during the heat waves.

  42. ronald coyle says:

    No matter how overwhelming facts are people with agendas will not be swayed. Don’t waste time on these, mostly lefty globalist, spend time exposing all the bad science (propaganda) to sensible people.

  43. Kim Libera says:

    I lack a tv but i heard bits on this 7 hour debacle of a climate debate. This is the extent the country has descended too a bunch of loons who have probably not taken any remote course in any of the earth sciences just spouting off eugenics. It is pathetic. The very far left wing orgs latch on to this & conspire with the media on this because they really want to control our lives. They can’t win on the economy. Now some of these orgs unfortunatley have bought into some of this albeit i do understand their concern for wildlife or bees or tree species. I just think they have bought too far. What they are really looking for is money to get donated to them. That comes with alarmism. I certainly would not set off a cyanide bomb in a forest nor would I employ pesticides given we have new technology but they don’t have the stuff on climate either. They just want donations.

  44. Dan S. says:

    Hi Tony. Recently read an article in The Guardian, where they claim that Las Vegas, NV will be unlivable, hellish future, etc.:

    I wanted to do some research and share what I found with you, but I can’t find an e-mail address or any contact info (I just have e-mail, or phone). Would be happy to forward my work, if you are interested in taking a look.

  45. DAN A HALL says:

    Hi Tony,
    I am a big fan of your site. Thank you for sharing your insights into the climate realm.
    I stumbled onto climatefeedback.org today, and read an article by them sorta trashing you. They had their view of why the NASA data that has been changed is accurate. With everything that I have been reading about climate alarmism the last 3 years, I am inclined to believe you, rather than them. I am not sure if I may have missed your specific response to them, but I would like to see your counter argument to their view.
    You, and others have really opened my eyes to the amazing amount of outright fraud out there. Michael Mann….I have no words for that charlatan….just amazing, and I am not surprised at all that the left has taken him in as the most amazing “scientist”.
    On a separate note, I have designed what I think is a pretty cool T-shirt that you might like. I would like to send you one. I am not interested in any promotion of it at all, I wear them around here, and several friends of mine like it too. If you would want a free T-shirt let me know what size and color you want, and an address that I can send it to.
    Thanks Tony,

  46. Lane Poor says:

    Message from Lane Poor continued…

    Above got cut, I think.
    Adding contact info.

    C Lane Poor (now Jr.)
    604 Devils Foot Rd. #3
    North Kingstown RI 02852

    401 644 7742

  47. syntholabo says:

    yes Tony, but are you a 15 year old child?

  48. Hi Tony Heller. I thought maybe you might want to do a video sometime discussing a short video segment that appears in the link below. It is found at the 34 minute 38 second time mark. It is a speech made by a 13 year old girl at the U.N. Earth Summit held in Rio De Janiero in 1992. The girl is, well, for lack of a better term, “the first Greta Thunberg”. In some respects, this girl’s speech is quite reminiscent of the speech that today’s Greta Thunberg delivered to the U.N. I have to wonder if the same U.N. apparatchik wrote both speeches. Certainly, they general tone of the speeches is very similar and the direction of the speech seems to be towards a one world government under the U.N. because world leaders have failed etc. etc. The left seems to be a one trick pony show. The left really does think we are all stupid. I guess they think we have all forgotten about the Acid Rain scam they almost pulled off decades ago.
    Anyway, the link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2140&v=9Jpk8Ix1CCg
    By the way, I love EVERYTHING you have done on YouTube. I definitely check my notifications every day in anticipation of something new from you.

  49. Errol Lindner says:

    Hi Tony,
    Can you spend a video on nitrogen dioxide air pollution? This topic is rising in the Netherlands and want to know the details on it.

    Thank you,

  50. MBChitown says:

    Tony, Thank you so much for your courage and humor and leadership.
    I notice that the graphs you’re using in the last couple of days refer to the graph period of October 1 through September 31. I’ve never heard of a calendar that includes September 31st.
    Best wishes for continued success and Boulder Bliss.

  51. Lars from Sweden says:

    Hi Tony!
    One of the news headlines in Sweden yesterday was about the weather.
    “Earliest fall in 40 years”
    Summer is over. Since October 3rd all SMHI measuring stations in Sweden had meteorological fall, and in parts of the mountains it’s already winter.
    Not in 40 years has summer ended so early. 1979 the meteorological fall entered September 30.

  52. Spurwing Plover says:

    Bill Nye the Fake Science Guy,David Suzuki,Leonardo DiCaprio,Al Gore,Laurie David Etc their a bunch of total fakes calling themselves Scientsts their as authentic as a 4 dollar bill

  53. Kevin Alexanderman says:

    Hi, Tony, have for a long time enjoyed your excellent videos.
    Please take a look at http://www.climatesciencejournal.com/invalidity-of-greenhous-gas-thy/
    The data integrity is one problem, but even the scientists opposing global warming theory have failed to challenge the basis of the false science, which is the greenhouse gas theory.
    The above paper is a draft, please feel free to apply your meticulous analysis so that I may improve it so that when it is released to a wider audience, after further capable peer review, it might influence the conversation and overcome this faux-science-based political threat to our societies.
    I will delete this draft soon, so let me know when you have downloaded it by emailing my address.
    Thanks, Kevin

  54. Dear Tony Heller,

    My highest commendation to you for your excellent expose of KATHARINE HAYHOE.
    I might have some more documentation and exposes for you, including my letter confronting Greta Thunberg. But if I could send them by email to you, I can attach the PDF files.

    Also, in your last broadcast you mentioned that she is going into a host of Christian churches and organization to defraud and deceive them. Having written two books exposing Rick Warren who is also touted in Hayhoe’s book as another Evangelical Climate Change promoter. I can help you warn much of my own Christian media contacts about her and will happily add a link to your expose on her, as I have done with Rick Warren.

    Have a few brief climate questions for you, but hope to hear back from you first.

    Kindest regards,

    James Sundquist

  55. Jason Ware says:

    Hi, I am in a debate with someone who responded with the following. Can you point to a reference that addresses this? Thanks!

    Jason Ware I watched the video and did a little research on Tony Heller. He has no peer reviewed publications and seems to exist only on his website. The main chart he shows is a misrepresentation of the data: 2) Heller’s giff does not demonstrate any significant change in values. Rather, it exhibits a change in the range of the y-axis from -0.6 to 0.8 for “NASA 2001” to approximately -0.85 to 1 for “NASA 2015”. That represents a 32% increase and accounts for nearly all of the apparent change in trend – particlularly post 1980. An honest presentation of the data would have plotted both on the same axis, and ideally on one graph to allow direct comparison, like this:


    As can easily be seen, the temperature trend between 1980 and 2000 is nearly the same in all versions, and has certainly not doubled. In fact, the GIFF is doubling misleading. The 1998, 2000, 2012 and 2016 versions of the NASA GISS Meteorological Stations only temperature index are downloadable here (as also for the Land Ocean Temperature Index). the 1979-1998 trends are, respectively 0.184, 0.134, 0.169 and 0.177 oC/decade. You will notice that largest change is the 27.2% reduction in the trend from the 1998 to the 2000 version, followed by the 26.1% increase from 2000 to 2012. This is from https://skepticalscience.com/argument.php?p=9&t=521&&a=110

    • Gator says:

      It’s right there in your SkS link…

      Comparison of spatially gridded minimum temperatures for U.S. Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) data adjusted for time-of-day (TOB) only, and selected for rural or urban neighborhoods after homogenization to remove biases.

      SkS is being dishonest (their M.O.), and is not addressing Tony’s actual post.

      You should have been able to figure this out on your own.

      • Jason Ware says:

        Thanks. So I think what you are saying is the graph they address the question of data manipulation.

        My debate opponent claimed that the y axis of Tony’s gifs had been changed. I don’t see that. I see only that the y axis does not have a label of “1.5” in one graph but the scale is the same.

  56. rah says:

    “Jason Ware I watched the video and did a little research on Tony Heller. He has no peer reviewed publications and seems to exist only on his website.”
    Tony Heller/Steve Goddard exists in the head of about every climate alarmist proponent out there.

  57. Byron L Trackwell says:

    Steven Goddard / Tony Heller, of “Real Science” I am an Engineer of Science & have presented 18 comprehensive GW RCP Solutions meeting the Paris Climate Accords thru this century. Comprehensive as all 18 of them have (1.) Time in Years; (2.) GW year by year in °C; (3.) Atmospheric CO2 concentrations year by year in ppm and (4.) Man’s CO2 emissions year by year in GtCO2. I am unable to find anywhere, i.e. IPCC, another comprehensive GW RCP Solution, do you know of one?

    It is just fundamental mathematical science to me, no politics whatsoever, and my assumptions are clearly stated in my pdf post; posted to as many CC/GW FB groups as I can find and to several USA government officials. Here is a FB link to my recent pdf post. I sure would like your scientific take on it!


    Your scientific judgement requires reading all the pdf post. That is easily done in one cup of coffee, maximum 2 cups of coffee. ENJOY & Regards! s/BL Trackwell

  58. James Beauchamp says:

    My only question is WHY: Why would scientists switch from global cooling to global warming? What’s the motivation, if it’s all lies? Was it simply younger scientists trying to carve out a career path when all options were filled by established ice age proponents? The climate version of the process described so well by the book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions?” Basically a dominance heiarchchy on government cash steroids?

  59. Clint Wadsworth says:

    I had the misfortune to read about a group that postulates that tidal and storm events will rise tidal inundation by 6″ in 15 years. I reviewed these predictions in relation to my personal knowledge of where I have lived on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for 70 years. What is the new news? Growing up in the 50s and early 60s, we had “high tides” similar to their predictions. We kids actually looked forward to the opportunity to run and play in 100 yard long splash pools. Catching fish in the drainage ditches was a common occurrence. The tides were an easy way to haul out heavy skiffs that the kids had to maintain. I am very skeptical about these tidal inundation predictions being new news.

  60. Tim Whisnant says:

    Tony Heller how much CO2 do volcanoes emit when they have a major eruption?
    Thank you

  61. George Harrison III says:

    Tony when are you meeting with Trump’s people to discuss how we can expose the climate fraud? If there is anything I can do to help just contact me via email.

  62. R Craigen says:

    Hi Tony. This should be prominently linked on your home page. I had to search for it for some time. Most sites of this type have an “About” link or something of the sort. Those criticizing your work generally start by disparaging your credentials … but they generally don’t know anything about your credentials — lack of qualification is inferred from the difficulty of finding them.

    I’m not saying this because I think one’s credentials are an important determiner of honesty and validity…I know plenty of highly credentialed folks on this question and others who routinely distort the truth – and often use their credentials as defence for those lies. But I am aware that people seek first-order filters for understanding the basics in fields for which they have no expertise and it’s a fact of life that most people use one’s credentials as part of that filter. For myself I prefer to do sniff-testing and then, when faced with statements that sound compelling, I rely on crosschecking sources, hearing out competing narratives and doing my own investigations into what is known — we live in a remarkable age in which an intelligent but otherwise unconnected person can easily track down stuff that would have been impossible for all but the most elite in the past. Our elite betters, however have not yet accepted that we live in the age of democratized knowledge.

  63. Phillip Justice says:

    Your comment “Money” is absolutely correct. Anyone not following the party line gets no funding or grants, and the “publish or perish” doctrine of universities push ethics out the window.

    I do have a curious question: Why Waverly, OH? I’m familiar with the area and don’t see anything particularly unique that would provide data for a long term analysis, other than the shuttered uranium enrichment plant just south of the city.

    Thanks for having the courage and fortitude to present factual interpretations of the available climate data.

  64. Giovanni Paquin says:

    It would be great, being a Colorado resident, if you addressed the fight against natural gas, which, prior to the “fracking” opposition, was considered clean energy.

  65. rory says:

    Hi Tony , It’s nice to know there is someone with your credentials and smarts waking people up.
    Isn’t it funny that when you get into your sixties, you feel that you’ve been on this earth long enough to see the cycles that effect climate? At least I feel that way.

    I would hope these comments get through to you.

    To me it’s obvious that “as you state” there are people that gain from misleading those who are vulnerable. But I believe that the climate issue is a small part of the thick cover of lies piled as snow on the proverbial ice berg. But by your exposing the arrogance of those unwittingly and foolishly showing this deception, people will awake to the truth.

    And I believe that the people that are part of this lie, like those in NASA, NOAA, IPCC and the media, should not be riding on the backs of the real hard working honest people .

  66. Arthur Nace says:


    Thanks for taking the time and resources to make your videos. I watch them all and pass on to friends. Please don’t stop. The haters of freedom are using “climate change” to take away our freedoms and property rights.

    Have you seen this:

    Thanks again

  67. Bruce Boyden says:

    Hi Tony, just a link from the BOM that you may not have seen demonstrating past extreme events.

  68. Graham Sturgess says:

    There is an old saying in physics that if you keep your data set short enough you can prove anything. It may well be the case that an arbitrary start point has been chosen for all of the warming charts be it 1850 or 1910. I came across the attached chart on a German wiki site and I want to know if it is genuine. It starts before 1800 and the temperature in 1810 was warmer than it is now. If true, then the current cycle is has not warmed up at all. The world has been through a short cooling cycle and is now returning to normal.

    Can anyone give feedback on this chart? Is it real or is it bad science?

  69. Ian Pickering says:

    Hello Tony. Many Many thanks for your information. The general public are confused and misled by media and political spin which has reached new heights this year with children being used as puppets to make the general public accept man made climate change. I’m absolutely sick of the lies we are being told! I tell everyone about your information, So a BIG thankyou from me to you on exposing the lies ,deceit. I would love you you to come over to the UK . Regards Ian.

  70. Donald Edward says:

    China and India Lead the Way in Greening
    NASA “research team found that global green leaf area has increased by 5 percent since the early 2000s, an area equivalent to all of the Amazon rainforests.”
    On NASA’s own web site.

  71. Jan Hard af Segerstad says:

    Tell me if you would like to contribute with your Climate Knowledge in an event with the Royal Swedish Academy of Scienses, and I will send you some information! Thanks!

  72. David Coath says:

    I enjoy your excellent and un emotive presentation of the facts about this complex and politically charged issue. I saw a piece on Youtube about Temperature anomolies but due to the vagaries of this medium I could not find it again. I did find this piece from Richard Lindzen which I found interesting.
    The “lost” Youtube video talked about modern temperature data being based on 1850 – 1890 (?) anomolies. Why use these at all, why not just use temperature.
    Even as a total novice I can see that some variation from early records could just be the inclusion of more recording stations since these relatively early times.
    All the best

  73. Robert Hicks. says:

    You seem to have the ear of many people with science degrees. I was wondering if anyone could help me with something. Years ago, in the 1970’s I was in a debate class and the subject of my debate one semester was “global cooling: man made or natural”. I drew the “natural” side (you didn’t get to choose your topic or side). At that time, the news media was all about global cooling being caused by particle pollution.
    In the debate research period, I found an article I can no longer find, about scientist in the late 1940’s using data on glaciers and their rate of ice loss to show that the warming that had occurred from the 1910’s through the 1940’s was due to two things. They found there was a 60 year cycle, which had 30 years of warming, and 30 years of cooling. When the warming was combined with a warming trend it was a fast warming and the same with the cooling and a cooling trend. When they were in opposition, there was either a slight cooling (warming during the cooling trend) or a “pause”.
    The second thing was the melting of glaciers. This is what they said caused the warming trend. They calculated the amount of ice lost and determined the amount of energy it would take to raise that to sea level, then compared it to the warming of the planet. According to them, if you averaged the glacier melt over 60 years, added it to the 60 year cycle, you would get the exact warming and cooling of the 60 years previous. They then predicted the warming cycle of the next 180 years (3 cycles) and as of today, their predictions (if my memory is correct-take with a grain of salt) are pretty close to what was actually happening in the last 70 years.

    Because I am a disabled vet with no connections to any university, I can not get anyone to look at this as a possibility. Could any of you get someone with that kind of data look at the possibility this is the truth?

  74. Scott Fraser says:

    Tony Heller,

    I downloaded your UNHIDING THE DECLINE for windows program. It works great. However, when I used the script to download more data from NOAA the new US.txt file that is made does not work with your program. It gives an error right after generating the TMAX line from 2017. Any ideas how to make this work?

    Thanks for all you are doing to reveal the truth.

  75. There must be 2 “Debug Gods,” because that’s what I was. Hardest programming job in existence. My PhD is Computer Science, based on BSEE & MSE.

    I link to your videos in my political forum and use your arguments debating Climate Alarmists. Because I have 3 doctorates (MD, JD), and am the only-ever simultaneously licensed doctor, lawyer, accountant & engineer in the world, plus your incontrovertible evidence, so far so good. Keep it up, and keep me in mind when wondering who’s listening to you.

  76. Dave Brenton says:

    Mr. Heller,
    I feel that this question has been asked before, if so please forgive a duplicate.

    Where can one download ALL of the U.S. HCN data?
    It appears they are only making available version 5 (five) of the data sets available
    online, which I strongly suspect have been “adjusted.”

    Can you confirm that is true and is there somewhere on the web
    to collect the previous sets?

    I became curious when I attempted to download information about
    History at or near Bristol Virginia (via the History Link on NOAA.gov).
    Not only was my data request directed to a station far away, the data
    for the 1930’s through 1940 was MISSING!

    Thanks to very much

    • Eric van der Worp says:

      Likely you will have to officially mail the ‘proper’ organizations and prove your credentials with valid reasoning to obtain a copy…. or go back in time to download and save them….

  77. David Weeks says:

    Dear Tony,

    Huge fan here. Thanks for setting the record straight. I was wondering if you had been keeping up with the extremely high waters of Lake Michigan? A few years ago, the lake was at historic lows, and they were blaming it on climate change. Now the lake is at near record highs, and you guessed it, city representatives in Chicago are blaming it on climate change. I’m attaching the latest news article.

  78. Mary Lou Heintz says:

    Mr. Heller,
    I see by your eduction hat one you are not a scientist. Nor do any of your studies directly address climate change. You charge manipulated data. When we know without any dought or argument with 98% of the world most established and educated scientists to accept that climate change began during the industrial revolution. This is a known fact. All of the scientific research has proven the warming tren and rising sea level are real. I use this every day on a regular basis. S so you can read and manipulate your own data as much as you want. You are not qualified at all. I love to look up the qualifications of people that deny or question that we are being affected by climate change. None of them have a scientic background.

    • tonyheller says:

      You have no clue what you are talking about

    • Gator says:

      When we know without any dought or argument with 98% of the world most established and educated scientists to accept that climate change began during the industrial revolution.

      Yeah Tony! Take that! Fact!

      Climate never changed until the industrial revolution. Mary Lou said so.


      There is nothing better than a self immolating troll.

    • john batson says:

      I have a degree and 40 years experience in paleoclimate geophysics and geology and nobody but a Michael Mann troll thinks that CO2 is a significant climate warming gas as compared to water vapor….CO2 levels are a result of climate change and not a causal agent

  79. Mario Barbafiera says:

    Hi Tony

    First, thank you for all the videos.

    On to more substantial stuff. In New Zealand this case has been trundling along for a while. I don’t know if you would like to investigate this a bit.


    Best wishes

    Mario Barbafiera
    MSc (Paleaoclimatology, WITS)

  80. Preta K says:

    Hi Tony, In Australia we’ve been bombarded with celebrities and armchair activists over the last few months due to the bushfire season, as you’ve noticed on some of your Youtube clips.
    I noticed this article on 24th Feb which was an interview with Christiana Figueres (according to the article, she “was the United Nations’ top climate negotiator in 2010 and was at the helm for the historic Paris Climate Agreement in 2015”).

    According to this lady: “I am deeply pained by the attitude of the current Australian Government, that still after the worst disaster that has ever hit the planet, the bushfires in Australia, that this government is still denying climate change and denying the fact that there is a lot that Australia can and should be doing”.

    The worst disaster to hit planet Earth – I had no idea it was so bad……our bushfires were worse than, say, the 2004 tidal wave that killed around 227,000 people in 14 countries. But who am I to question her credibility….after all, according to Wiki, she was awarded the 2015 Medal of Honour from The Guardian :)


  81. George Baxter says:

    Hello Tony. I am a supporter of the view that climate change is over stated. I would like to prepare a talk, and use some of your material. Either screen shots or download your videos. I expect that they are copyright protected. Do I have your permission to cite your material.


  82. Graham Hynes says:

    Dear Mr Heller. I know you are a busy man but, if you could, please investigate Dominique Arseneault and Serge Payette, Laval University, Quebec research in the Ungava Peninsula of Northern Quebec, Canada. They have unearthed species of trees (Black Spruce) that are about 100 miles north of existing tree line that carbon-date to Medieval warm periods. Thanks for all you do!

  83. bob snyder says:

    Thank You for all the research and work you put into Your videos . I am 54 years old and I have been interested in climate change since I was a kid in the 70s and they scared us with the coming Ice Age . I had relatives leave Minnesota and move to Texas because of the fear. When I watched ”The Superbowl of data tampering” I became angry , angry with our corrupt government, academia , the media but mostly I am pissed off at the Public that enable this fraud to continue . You have said
    ”It has become a religion” so facts and reason take time to hopefully percolate through . Please write a book I would feel better if some of these facts were in Hard copy to prevent future digital manipulation. Thanks again. Bob

  84. Bella Mirton says:

    Great article

  85. The continuing debate about coronavirus (Covid-19) and what should be done at any time has thrown up a quite enormous number of options and suggestions for scientists to consider and some (of course) turn out to be mistakes – one such might prove to be the panic to build ever more ventilators when it now appears that these might bring more deaths if used on intensive care patients. Anyway the numbers of problems with the science of Covid19 is reminiscent of those in the matter of climate change. Both have resorted to modelling and I thought you might like to know that in today’s (28/Apr/2020) Daily Telegraph, UK government virus scientist Prof Dingwall has said that “Modelling is not that much of an upgrade on crystal balls”. It may be all we’ve got but that needs to be publicised and climate science surely needs to take note

  86. Bill Rentz says:

    Anyone with access to the raw data can easily determine that the Medieval Warm Period, and the 1930’s were much warmer than anything recently experienced. Today it is Mothers Day 2020 and it is snowing where I live in South Dakota, the last time that happened was the 70’s when it was colder on average than today. I watch every presentation Tony does because he is a steady hand in the face of a crazy world looking for attention instead of reliable data. Thanks Tony!

  87. ROBERT BROWN JR says:

    Please take another look at Brazil.

    The media is in a frenzy comparing the downside curves of US and European countries to the upside curve of Brazil.

    Brazil’s curve may or may not reach the peak US curve.

  88. W.K. Browning says:

    Mr. Heller,
    I want to thank you for your youtube and other posts. It is you, and a small number of brave people (and the facts) are the only thing keeping the world from the descent to economic and social de-evolution. Thus falling into socialist bondage and forced worship of the green church .

  89. Hi Tony,

    Could you respond to this in a video?


  90. Paul Fitzpatrick says:

    Dear Tony,many many thanks for your efforts in exposing the global alarmist charlatans.Is there any chance of you visiting the UK again and knocking some sense into our Government’s heads? If you come to Scotland I can guarantee you some great Scottish hospitality!

  91. Warren Welsh says:

    Excerpt from New York Times, January 4 1996
    The average temperature in 1995 was 58.72 degrees Fahrenheit, (14.84 C) (same temp as 2019) according to the British data, seven-hundredths of a degree Fahrenheit higher than the previous record, established in 1990. The British figures, based on land and sea measurements around the world, are one of two sets of long-term data by which surface temperature trends are being tracked. The other, maintained by the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, shows the average 1995 temperature at 59.7 degrees, ( 15.38 C) slightly ahead of 1990 as the warmest year since record-keeping began in 1866. But the difference is within the margin of sampling error, and the two years essentially finished neck and neck.

  92. Eric Kinder says:

    Tony and viewers,
    May be a small point, but has anyone noticed that The Weather Channel app on the iphone is always 100% correct when predicting daily high temperature. For example, they will predict the high for the day and show it at the top and also at the bottom of the app page. Throughout the day, this predicted high of the day may change a couple degrees either way, with the actual high of the day maybe ending up at one of these many predictions, but sometimes not. Nevertheless, in the evening at the bottom of the page it will say, “,the high today was forecast as” (insert number for actual recorded high of the day). For the viewers who don’t pay attention, it appears their computer models are never wrong and they always predict daily temperatures with 100% accuracy. Kinda hilarious the recorded temperature throughout the day could swing a few degrees either way with such perfect models. Is this a glitch, or is there some other reason they would want computer models to appear perfect?

  93. Neil Heriot says:

    I was wondering what Tony Hellers thought are on the last fully intact ice shelf collapsing? I watch are his videos and have no way of contacting him. GREAT videos!!

  94. Mr. Heller.

    Here is everything you need to know about Social Distancing. Why this has been overlooked by every intelligent person is beyond me.

    SOCIAL DISTANCING EXPLAINED; Given that the Regressive Left Monopolizes Tech Based Media…Insert Covid-19 and Forced Covering of the Face combined with Social Distancing: With the increasing use of technological-based communication, it is important to reflect on the impact this may have on the proximity principle. This form of computer-based communication allows people to interact with others disregarding the constraints of physical distance, however it is “reported that a majority of social network site postings they sampled occurred between people living in the same state, if not the same city”.Furthermore, it appears that computer-based communication increases the ability for people to communicate, but is often only utilized between those who already know each other through pre-existing circumstances. Given that the Regressive Left holds the monopoly on Social-Media platforms, who’s ads will be drowning out the Conservative View Point? This creates an opportunity Forced Shaping of the Culture that they are “Forcing” apart and breaking the Cohesive Bonds of said Culture en masse

    Although this article is focused on the proximity aspect of the Principles of Attraction, it is important to note other principles. These are not in any specific order, but they are an important to consider to fully understand the principles of attraction. The other principles are the elaboration principle, the similarity principle, the complementarity principle, the reciprocity principle, and the minimax principle.

  95. Thomas Kunich says:

    Tony, I didn’t catch the references to the video of that Russian explaining how you beat a country without using military means. That was so amazingly accurate I have to pass it on. Can you post it somewhere plain?

  96. Paul Kay says:

    Tony Heller,
    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
    On your YT channel (published by Tony Heller), every time I post a comment it appears in my version of the comments section. But if I log in on someone else’s YT account, my comment is not there (not visible to the public).
    Are you filtering my comments (user: Not Q) and not approving them afterwards? If not, then YT is censoring them. If that’s the case, can you recommend a way to undo it or get around it.
    Much appreciated.

  97. Stephen Isaacs says:

    Dear Tony

    Thanks very much much for fact based critique to Climate Science. It’s been a great help to my sanity. I recall that sea level actually fell due too the drought breaking rain in Australia in 2009.
    Is a similar thing happening now due to the China rain?



  98. helen says:

    I love your stuff. I never miss an episode and I often share them. As a geologist myself, I had my pivotal awakening while watching “an inconvenient truth”. I often describe the event as a barfing in my sleeve experience. Meanwhile, it’s been very hard to reconcile a strong science education and decades of research experience with what has happened to science. What can I say, this is war….

  99. Simple Strategy that has taken over 20 years to

  100. Arthur Rothman, MD, PhD says:

    I am a semi-retired Neurologist who began his academic life as a Physicist (PhD in theoretical high energy physics from Brown U. in 1980). I am a lover of truth and do not suffer fools gladly. I have learned a great deal from your Youtube videos as well as your realclimatescience.com website. I had collected essentially all of your videos in a file on Youtube which I foolishly called “Global Warming”. Unfortunately Youtube has erased that file and prohibited me from “saving” any further videos. Is there some way I could have access to your videos on a thumb drive or external hard drive? I would be happy to donate, say, $500 to your website. Thank you for considering this.

  101. John Parks says:

    Hi Tony, The Trump administration needs someone like you to help shape the message about C19 and the Climate Change Hoax. I think you understand that this administration faces an almost insurmountable headwind from global forces on this subject. Your common sense cuts through the trash corrupt statistical manipulation. I hope that somehow you would be involved at a national level. Thanks, John

  102. Keith Mineo says:

    HEY TONY! I’ve been “woke” to the reality that computers can’t model climate since my university experience in the early 90’s – I was told there were too many variables to control for in the climate system – it seems that tech and science hasn’t been able to solve for that even now.

    I’m glad you’ve expanded your analysis to involve SARS CoV-2

    Question: Have you analyzed data to compare (say) NY (or NYC) to similar populations throughout the world? What I wonder is, instead of comparing the whole of the US… how would specific states compare if they were treated as independent countries? (like to England, Italy, Sweden, etc.) It doesn’t seem right to compare the US as a whole with 200K+ deaths when situations and responses for any state are not the same (e.g. nursing homes, lock down strategy)

    Also, how would the EU as a whole compare to the United States?

    keep it up!

  103. Peter Schell says:

    Hello Tony. Hey, I want to thank you for all your reaserch and hard work that you do. If I had a better income I would love to support you. As I think your work needs to get out to EVERYONE!! I resend many of your videos to my contacts weekly. So, I just watched a video that I am unsure if you have saw. Part of it I think falls in line to what you say but, towards the 3/4 way through perhaps, I think they go off base on the truth. But, in my limited knowledge, I am really unsure. I will send you the link and if you have the time, could you please tell me if their conclusions are sound? Thank you so much! I wish you and Toto and Keiria all the Best!
    Here is the link…

  104. Hi my family member! I want to say that this post is amazing, nice written and come with almost all important infos. I would like to look more posts like this .

  105. face masks says:

    I’m missing something with this post. Your premises are on point, but conversely it’s unrealistic to base things on whatever others might feel. Please write more about this, because I think you are a very eloquent blogger and I hope to learn more from you!

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