Who Is Tony Heller?

Plaque I was given by IBM/Apple/Motorola

People are constantly questioning my credentials.  Here are a few of them:

BS Geology, Arizona State University
Masters Electrical Engineering, Rice University
Boston University Geology
Northern Arizona University Computer Science
Colorado State University Computer Science
University of New Mexico Geochemistry

Lifelong environmentalist.
I testified at my first Congressional hearing in support of Wilderness in 1972.
I fought for the Clean Air and Water acts
Wilderness Ranger Cibola National Forest, New Mexico
Wilderness Ranger Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico
Currently battling the City of Boulder, Colorado to stop development on the South Boulder Wetlands
Full time cyclist for all my local transportation, for the past 40 years

Science teacher, Athletic Director and Soccer Coach at Oak Creek Ranch School, Arizona
Math teacher at Phoenix Country Day School
Substitute teacher at Murphy School District, Phoenix Arizona
Computer instructor at Tomball College, Texas

Geothermal research at Los Alamos National Labs
Oil shale research at Los Alamos National Labs
Thermodynamic research of methane hydrates at Los Alamos National Labs
Volcano research at Los Alamos National Labs
Safety Analysis Report for the Permian Basin DOE nuclear waste disposal site
Volunteer curator Arizona Mineral Museum

Electrical Engineer
Compaq/SGI MIPS consortium design team
Power PC design team IBM/Apple/Motorola  (Used in  most game consoles over the last three decades, and PowerMacs)
Sandia Labs computer architect
Sandia Labs representative to Al Gore’s Bankers Trust key escrow consortium
Cyrix Media GX microprocessor design team manager
Raycer Graphics OpenGL graphics processor verification lead
Design manager Hitachi/ST SH5 microprocessor
Verification lead MemoryLogix microprocessor
Founder, design lead Visual Media video effects/editing software
OpenGL driver development ATI
Itanium/i7 design team Intel  (very likely being used by you right now)
Sped up Helicos DNA sequencing algorithm by 50X
Sped up NCAR weather microphysics kernel by 500X
Ported NCAR’s radiative transfer model to GPU
Ported NCAR’s WRF weather model to Windows
Drone visualization and control software for the US military
Medical device control systems (under NDA)
Virtual reality visualization design (under NDA)
Radio control and visualization software (under NDA)

There are many more projects I haven’t listed here. You will be hard pressed to find anyone with a broader and more successful career in science, education, environment and engineering.  I use the same skill set and techniques to analyze climate science claims, as I have used in science/engineering.

Your computer/game consoles work, partly due to my efforts. By contrast, climate science doesn’t work, because it is done largely by dishonest, incompetent hacks who don’t follow or even understand any legitimate methodology.

I don’t receive any funding from anyone, other than small donations to my blog – which work out to about $5/hour. I hate cars and would love to see 90% of them off the road. I have been hit by cars several times riding my bicycle, and they foul the air with pollution.

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  1. Russell Cook says:

    But you’re not a climate scientist.

    Oh, wait …. neither is Al Gore, Naomi Oreskes, both the current and former Chairman of the IPCC, or the entire top administration of Greenpeace or Desmogblog.

    • GCSquared says:

      You forgot Bill Nye; he is sooo miffed.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        I never forget Bill “Scientific Prize” Nye. That’s unpatriotic!

        “The main thing is, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change got a Nobel Prize! They got a scientific prize for making a discovery! They didn’t get a minor award. This is a big deal! They discovered climate change, through all kinds of evidence!”

        “This thing of denying science …
        To deny what scientists or scientific evidence is showing is inappropriate, and as I said earlier, to me when I get wound up, it’s unpatriotic!”

        • Tom Swinburn says:

          Barack Obama received the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, long before he became president and had drones kill American citizens HE deemed terrorists. Not a peaceful man by my yardstick, So the Nobel prizes, ONCE with great meaning have become political hackery. A Nobel prize today makes good toilet paper.

          • Bodil says:

            He got it when he was president…

          • Dac says:

            He got it because he was president. A totally political attempt to control the narrative of world politics by the Nobel institute that failed. Geir Lundestad, actually regretted the award being given to Obama, as it didn’t achieve the desired results.

          • Kim Libera says:

            Actually he got it just after he took office. His daughter woke him up after hearing the am news

    • AndyDC says:

      Anyone with access to the raw data can easily determine that the 1930’s were far hotter than anything recently experienced. Same for the 1970’s cold.

    • You’re more qualified than 90% of IPCC Stooges.. and 97% of the 97% Consensuses Scyiences !!

      Go Scyience !! Scyience !!

    • Peter Davis says:

      Mr. Heller is a data miner sir!

      His insight in looking backwards rather than guessing forwards is quit a pertinent poser actually. If not just to judge the unaltered data from back then, but also to show that rather than the climate, its people whom are adapt to get out or order…

      • Ronnie says:

        The real “poser(s)” are those who concede the fact that CO2 is beneficial today, but then predict; the future is at risk due to CO2.

        Thus, implying predictions trump facts

      • KC Erasmus says:

        Dear Peter, unfortunately you have no basis to predict the future unless you understand the past. Tony Heller is helping you to understand the past in relation to the present, which reveals just how inaccurate and incorrect forecasts were, as they were not premises on the full understanding of the science and chose to ignore the past. Tony Heller does not make thumb-suck future predictions because of the fact that he understands how complex Climate is, and due to the fact that at this point in time, all the influencing factors are not fully understood, and there is no accurate proportionality of the contributing factors to Climate and Climate Change. The rest of the idiots who don’t understand the complexity of Climate and its Influences have lumped everything they don’t understand on Man Made CO2 as the primary influence on Climate and Climate Change in their Gross Ignorance and attempts to become Gods, which has failed dismally as Tony Heller points out in his analysis, as all of their predictions are Backwards as he points out from factual data, which confirms that their primary premise of Climate Change on man made CO2 is hopelessly incorrect. That is what the Arrogance of Ignorance gets you !

    • HenryCH says:

      Toni is not a climate scientist, who creates climate models, and keep in mind that all these models have so far proven to be wrong (at least the last 30 years)!

      Toni’s strength is to see the obvious and to be highly capable to analyze data. I am thankful that he takes his time and shares his findings and the logical conclusions with us, for the official doctrine about the cause of the climate change reminds me to ongoing N-gender indoctrination, with (N>>2).

    • dale says:

      Al Gore actually studied with one of the world’s leading cliimate scientists at Harvard. His work has been to present to the public the scientific findings of actual climate scientists, whereas Tony Heller, who has never had one cllimate science class in his life, presumes to refute the findings of th4e world’s 10,000 climate scientists from 180 countries.

      I call you out for the fallacy of a false comparison

    • George Williams says:

      Yeah, but has he slept in a Holiday Inn Express?🤣
      The world owes Tony a big debt. However our friends now in the White House better expose the climate hoax soon or it will be curtins if the Democrats get power next year.

    • Kim Libera says:

      Climate scientists are just 1 aspect of people in the field who have background in earth science so they do have a role: meteorologists, atmospheric chemists, atomspheric physicists, geologists, oceanographers, astronomers, astrophysicists. All have a role.

  2. arn says:

    do you have a bachelor of arts degree in government and
    have you been a community organiser??

    That’s what you need(+some polar bear pics and crocodile tears) to become a climate world saving expert.
    That’s why both world savers(the community organiser and the bachelor of arts dude)
    became multimillionaires and you didn’t.

    • KC Erasmus says:

      Arn, that’s an Environmentalist, the people that influence the politicians to believe the BS that the Environmentalists sucked out their thumbs and don’t understand themselves. Environmentalists also tend to have a ‘one tracked’ minds, and are not capable of focusing on complex issues, and therefor do more damage than good, as they fail to understand the direct and indirect dependency of factors in nature on each other, and is the reason why they do so much damage to both the Environment and Economies.

  3. Dave Ward says:

    I’ll remember this the next time someone says “We should listen to what the experts tell us”. Presumably they mean “experts” like the UK Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth, Claire Perry. Her expertise?

    “She was educated at Nailsea School and Brasenose College, Oxford, where she read Geography

    • KC Erasmus says:

      Dave, unfortunately the reference is always to the Experts or Scientists without naming them, and this runs throughout the chain of BS, but never is the Source pinpointed as nobody is willing to stand up and own their purported or Manipulated Pseudo Science/Junk Science so they maintain the system of Circular Reference which has no beginning/Source and no end/Continued rhetoric of bad science and unfounded statements.

  4. Philip DiMarzio says:

    I think I owned a couple of those computers with processors.

  5. Johansen says:

    A one-man machine! Very few people can crank out this much content in a short time. It takes me a whole day, basically, to research and set-up and edit and upload just one short teaching video. I know how much time goes into it…

  6. Al Shelton says:


  7. Patrick says:

    I really wish we could do more to expose the data manipulation that continues to happen behind the closed doors of our U.S. Government scientific departments. Judith Curry’s forward and analysis on Nicholas Lewis and Marcel Crok’s “Oversensitive” paper is still lagging as it pertains to mainstream knowledge on climate sensitivity to raised CO2 levels. I hope more can be presented and emphasized on this matter so we can move forward without all of these hysterics.


  8. Stephen Reiss says:

    Regarding your comment about cars, carbots will get us most of the way there. They will be electric. They will not hit you while riding your bicycle. As a former black car driver I can tell you, with the requisite expertise, that I will take today’s carbot, warts and all, over 99% of the so called drivers on the roads today.

    • -B- says:

      The reason for robot and electric cars is so the same people who want to control you through energy usage can control or at the very least monitor your travels while limiting them through technological inconvenience before simply limiting who can go where and when.

      We won’t have to worry about robot cars hitting bicyclists because bicycling will be banned once they have control of motoring and government controls medical care. It will then be decided that bicycling is dangerous. Yes, I am well aware the health benefits of bicycling outweigh the risks, but we are talking government here. Bicycling offers too much uncontrolled, untracked, unmonitored travel and people in elected office will generally ‘feel’ bicycling to be dangerous.

      The last 50-100 years has been used to dumb people down in general such that they would accept more government control because those other people can’t be trusted.

      I’ll take the dumbass north american drivers over government control.

      It is possible to have competent human motoring, the US system is simply not designed to produce it.

  9. How is it possible to contact Tony Heller. I do not have a Twitter account. I have facebook and mail. I make radio programs and this is interesting. I am from Faroe Islands and we depend on weather and fisheries. Fisheries and weather are related. We have reliable statistics on weathes since 1875 and fiskeries mabe 300 years back.

  10. RegretLeft says:

    I can’t tell you how much I worry about you! – do you have ANY concern that you are going to get “HIT” real good, real permanently sometime while out on that bike?!

    In that “climate gate” email trove … wasn’t there one in which some principle scientist muses in a moment of some self-doubt something to the effect: “Well maybe it isn’t CO2 — maybe it’s just natural temperature variation … what do you think would happen if we told them that” and some other principle scientist responds apparently without a hint of irony: “They’d kill us!” … think about that please! We cannot lose you! – Best regards

    (it’s OK if you do not post this – you did not when I wrote previously in this way some years back – but please do think more about your personal safety)

    • tonyheller says:

      No, I don’t worry

      • Larry says:

        Hi Tony
        I have some info for you but I have no idea how to contact you.
        I just sent this to MICHELLE STIRLING

        Hi Michelle
        I have something which will help you GRAPHICALLY show people the gloBULL warming is a crock.

        EVERYONE talks theory, conjecture and numbers and this is why you and all of the other people who are trying to present an intelligent argument that GW is spelt BS are losing the hearts and minds battle.
        This is because you guys do not appeal to the people of a lesser god.

        My simple method CANNOT and MUST NOT include the use of a computer.

        I will NOT respond to a generic email address like sales@ or info@ or contact@

        I am also happy to call you and explain this (which will take less than 30 seconds)

        A survey done about 6 or so years ago (USA) claimed that over 70% of people believed WHAT THEY SAW on TV or READ in the newspapers.
        Note the emphasized keywords.

        Please let me know if you are interested.

        Thank you

  11. Mac says:

    Yeah, well, cars can be a pain, and I am a cyclist, too. But seriously… How can you hate a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429? That sucker does 160 MPH, and puts out about 600 horse. The one thing that killed those old muscle cars was the hysteria over tetraethyl lead additive. It was the alar of the 1970s. Not saying it isn’t potentially toxic, but hysteria is hysteria. Just like today, when people actually believe 0.04% CO2 in the atmosphere is going to destroy a 5 billion year-old planet.

    • Johansen says:

      You would only get 600 horse with a blower. 429 has way too much iron and poor breathing characteristics. Drum brakes, solid rear axle, ugh! But nice looking car I have to agree! Darn nice!

      • Mac says:

        Don’t wish to argue with anyone, but that engine was detuned for street use, and was rated at 375, which is a joke. With timing set correctly, decent gas, and a few carb adjustments, it did, in fact, put out 600 HP, or very close to it. It’s basically a hemi engine only better. Lots of evidence to back up my assertion.

        Just like the Chevy 302 Z-28 engine was rated at 290 HP, even though it was really 400.

        • Johansen says:

          You’re right about the older ratings being conservative. Plus, the torque of a big block like that was impressive. Plus they often used taller gear ratios which made them fast off the line, etc etc

    • -B- says:

      The insurance cartel killed off the old muscle cars more than anything. People could not afford the insurance.

      This was followed up by tack on emission controls that killed power. It was possible even then to get the octane ratings required of those engines without TEL. However the technology did not exist to make the power levels with all the tack on emission control devices that strangled the engine’s ability to breath.

      The naderites and claybrookians didn’t help matters either.

      Also the stock Boss 429 Mustang did not make 600hp gross let alone net. My Coyote 5.0L GT is going to be as fast or faster than a stock Boss 429. I don’t think they went 160mph either. If they did the driver better have balls of steel because that chassis, even modified as it is in the Boss 429 Mustang would be frightening at such a speed.

      • Johansen says:

        The new mustang body style is the best in decades, and definitely better than the camaro – which looks too tall and bulky. Ford got it right with this one.

  12. Bob Hoye says:

    Oh boy–cars.
    Until last year I had 4.
    My Daily Driver is a BMW 535 Touring Wagon with the top speed limited by a governor to 155 MPH. Never driven faster than 100 MPH.
    A 1962 Alfa Romeo Spider-convertible sports car.
    1963 Alfa Sprint Coupe.
    1967 Alfa Sports Sedan.
    Why sold?
    Turned 80 years old and the price increases were outstanding.

    • Johansen says:

      So do you say “Romero” or “Romeo”

      • Bob Hoye says:

        A few years ago, a friend set up his 1960s Sports Sedan for rallying and put in a 2 L motor instead of the 1600.
        Entered in the Mexican Pan Amera road race or whatever they call it.
        His competition was the early 1960s Porsche 911 coupes, also with a 2 L.
        Seven day event and the Alfa was first in class on six days and second on one day.
        On the pronunciation–phonetics will serve.

  13. Bulaman says:

    I was reading a comment that I should have copied.
    It claimed that if all known fossil fuels were burned the CO2 PPM in the atmosphere would increase by (only) 60 PPM. Does anyone know if this is correct?
    There was a bunch of math calculating the giga joules of this and that but if it is correct then the whole fossil fuel thing seems much ado about nothing..

  14. paul courtney says:

    Mr. Heller: Funny, I’ve been coming here for over a year, and never looked into your credentials. I am impressed! Never looked because so many of your posts don’t call for expertise (photographic nature posts excepted), instead you use the other sides’ info to deconstruct their “science”, to great effect. The alarmists are their own worst enemy so often that it doesn’t take credentials to give them the bird (no, not the photographs), which is part of what makes this site a daily read. When CAGW collapses and we build a truth-in-science hall of fame on top of the rubble, you and that Goddard fellow go in the main hall! And these credentials might get you a higher pedestal.

  15. GW Smith says:

    No Harvard PhD in Climatology. These “people” are though.

    • KC Erasmus says:

      GW Smith, who are these people with the Harvard PhD’s, and do you honestly think that only a Harvard PhD is capable of determining the influences on Climate and Climate Change ???

  16. Dave N says:

    Bookmarked. I figure that list deserves a plaque of its own.

    On the other hand, when people start questioning your credentials, you know they’re losing the argument anyway and have to attack you personally.

  17. Nutation_discombobulation says:

    Tony, for future reference, you can add that many versions of the PowerPC you helped develop have been used in tens of thousands of data switches now spread all across the globe. Many are still in service, in fact the packets containing this message will likely be routed by at least one of them.

  18. DCA says:

    Oops. Already done, I see.

  19. Jdh says:

    Took a white knuckle ride up South Boulder Road a couple of days ago. Exhausting and terrifying. Cars drive too fast.

  20. Randy SJ Williams says:

    Thanks, Tony. I’m enjoying your blog, and learning as well. Not surprised at your achievements thus far. As a lifelong Mac user (since Mac+ in 86), thanks for the Power Mac work, and your work on the Intel i7. Mostly thanks for supporting the Real Scientific Method.

  21. Pops says:

    I like cars. I could probably commute on an eBike, a nasty hill being the main problem, but I would have to dodge cars the whole way. That, and my lungs no longer work thanks to many decades of acid reflux.

  22. gregole says:

    Thanks Tony! You are very accomplished and could use your valuable time in countless other ways but choose to keep us informed and use your skill and experience to destroy the evil message that is climate change.

    I never miss a post and learn a lot from this blog. As I’ve said before, this is the best blog on the internet.

    Time to hit the tip jar (Griff).

  23. Kent Clizbe says:

    Logic, analysis, focus on data. Those are your strengths. That is why the PC purveyors of hate loathe you.

    Your achievements, in the face of the destroyers’ attempts to bring you down, are impressive.

    Let’s not forget, either, the fact that the haters’ bitter bile and attempts to personally ruin any who spoke the truth made you work under an alias for the first years of your effort. Your decision to come into the open with your identity took more courage than most can ever understand.

    Thanks for all you do. Continued health, wealth, and wisdom to you and yours.


  24. I have to admit to being totally addicted to your website .
    It’s just so frustrating to watch the free run all the charlatans are getting -with huge funding and overseas junkets – while a true scientist with real qualifications and the decency not to follow the funding – is ignored ( by the Libtard left , and a surprising amount of Republicans )

  25. Karol Wlodarczyk says:

    How can you fit all that in one life? That’s absolutely maddening…

  26. Howard Crawford says:

    There is some evidence that witch trials including Salem ‘s were caused in part by the little ice age:

    AGW has the same feel as does the zealot’s belief in witchcraft. This theme would make a great documentary movie or video.

  27. Hi Tony,
    I guess this is the best place to contact you. I wanted to take your message to the LinkedIn community in a condensed version (1-2 fact filled minutes). Your message is very unique in the way you use real observations from the past and present to shine the light on the Alarmist bias, failed predictions fraudulent data adjustments.
    I have created my first and would like your blessing to continue down this road. I would also like any input on subject matter or I could even send you a copy first for your approval or ideas for improvement.

  28. Bill says:

    I saw a recent YouTube video of flooding in Miami. The water was coming up through the storm drains. Claiming this was from sea level rise. They mentioned in passing Atlantic City.
    Video showed the flooding in the street. Did not mention the tide gauge values. I was wondering if this could be the land of settling.
    Another video was talking about flooding in the San Francisco Bay area. Again, I was wondering if this may be the land settling. No mention was made about tight gauges.

  29. Benzies says:

    Do you have any videos on what productive things we can do that will actually help the environment? Even the most remedial. Especially now, with so many liars and fraudsters out there it’s easy to throw the baby out with the bath water and not have any considerations environment wise. So, minus all the man made b.s what can we do

  30. bd says:

    Thank you, Mr. Heller. Keep on. You are not only dismantling faux-science. You are exposing the grandest hubris-of-rulers yet seen. Kudos

  31. John Ellwood says:

    You might enjoy my new book The Hefferman Diaries 2032 -34. I know the world has just ended but in case it has not you can read about the new Democratic President and Congress and the impact they have on the world. It is free on Kindle today 27th June.

  32. Adrian Dorst says:

    For about 25 years I foolishly believed what I heard in the media about global warming. Then about 5 years ago I read something that made me have doubts. Thanks to dissident scientists and Tony Heller I am now quite certain the whole theory is bogus. Below is a fact not often heard, but which if true, completely contradicts the basis for the CO2 warming hysteria.

    Rising CO2, by itself, cannot cause dangerous warming. Its warming properties are logarithmic, meaning the more there is in the atmosphere, the less additional warming it can cause. It was known as far back as 1901 that “nearly all the long-wave radiation that can be absorbed (by CO2), is being absorbed, and even a doubling of atmospheric CO2 will have very little effect.” This same truth was reiterated by Princeton University physicist William Happer in 2015. This explains why warming does not follow elevated atmospheric CO2.

  33. The says:

    This is part of a post by Zero Hedge that reviewed scientific papers you might want to look at. It examines the role of clouds – great read.


  34. Rick says:

    Tony, I hope you are aware of the two part series that Popular Science ran in September and October of 1977. It was called Our Changing Weather. Part 1, Drought. Part 2, Colder Winters ahead? They were leaning towards droughts and another ice age. Both are available online on Google Books.

    Thank you for the great work.

  35. Nigel BM says:

    Here in the UK we have no one to vote for who has a sane energy policy. Such is the depth of media wide propaganda, now taught in schools as well, that all the mainstream political parties are terrified of losing the “green” vote and go along with the nonsense that we can reduce temperature by returning to the dark ages. Keep up the good work Tony!

  36. Dennis G Field says:

    Good morning Mr Heller,
    I would like to see a video on Antarctica.
    All I see is Doom and Gloom of the loss of ice. This seems to be based on an article by two scientists/activist who believe in the CO2 theory and warming oceans and reviewed by 80 pals.
    I have found only one contradicting article and that was by Jay Zwally in 2015 showing ice gain. He is supposed to be coming out with a new study indicating the same.
    The entire fear factor seems to be coming from the thinning of the Ross Ice Shelf and possible breaking off, which they claim would cause massive sea level rise.
    What I find interesting is the Ross is gaining ice from underneath as indicated by a bore hole in 2018. Also, through a chance viewing of Ancient Aliens that lead me to further research, was the massive amounts of heated (77 Degree) ice caverns caused by several hundred volcanoes. There is also many fresh water lakes and river systems under the ice which indicates to me thermo activity.
    I also question the massive sea rise should the Ross break off, since most of it is floating.
    Thanks in advance if you can.

  37. Young says:

    What would we do without truth-seekers and tellers like the honourable Tony Heller? We’d fall prey to apeshit and delusional pied pipers who blindly tell the sighted that what they see is in all probability illusory and to follow them into the bittomless pit of manipulation and deceipt. To feed $$ interests, ideological rigidity and corrupting power. White men speak with forked tongues! Not always of course.
    Gustave Le Bon and Edward Bernays were reknowned masters in this field of propaganda.
    To add to Mr Hellers’ great work, I can recommend another brave and officialdom-blocked scientist, Ned Nikolov Phd, who I follow on twitter and elsewhere. Mr Nikolov is an interesting example, because for years he vigorously defended the greenhouse effect and the poisonous life-gas co2’s heating characteristics. Until the ClmateGate scandal and his closer look at the question applying both the Gas Law and the Laws of Thermodynamics. To his amazement, the Tower of Babel, House of Cards false climate paradigm was totally blown to smithereens💥.
    Since then, Zeller & Nikolov have proved that the gas composition of earth’s atmosphere has ZERO effect on surface temperatures.
    Keep up the good work Mr Heller and best wishes from Nancy, France🇫🇷.

  38. Brian Johnston says:

    You next challenge, CBC suggesting July is the hottest on record, which is bunk (I’m old enough to know):


    • Kim Libera says:

      Notice that every year becomes the hottest year on record-relative to what. The highest temp-where? Or are they going by the most # of 90 degree days-again where? And how does one gather an average temp on the globe. Do they take 1 temp from every country or do they tally up a bunch of different readings from a bunch of different places in each country & on each island. Are they getting these readings from airports, seaports, valleys, mountain tops, sidewalks, homes, asphalt, bank signs. I think that would take some time to tally up a huge bundle to get an average just for that land mass & then have a computer tally it. And they have the answer for us already. Bunk!

  39. Matt says:

    Hello Tony.

    I want to thank you for the work & effort you put into debunking this ridiculous modern religion.

    Really looking forward to see/hear/read your thoughts on the memorial for a glacier in Iceland:


  40. Alan says:

    I avidly follow your blog and videos Tony, I believe your work is excellent. However, it terrifies me that the facts that you present (using NOAA’s own data and historical information) is completely ignored. What future can we expect if everything the so-called scientists present is based on fraudulent manipulation of the data? Something I find equally frightening is the fact that it is impossible to even comment with a different opinion to the mainstream consensus without being insulted, blocked or deleted. This authoritarian indoctrination of the public is almost complete. I would love to get your thoughts on how you seeing this pan out.

  41. Russg says:

    Here’s http://www.realclimaterecords.com.au/ from Australia.
    Lots of historic records being added from Trove archives on how hot it used to get there a hundred years ago, and how many people used to die during the heat waves.

  42. ronald coyle says:

    No matter how overwhelming facts are people with agendas will not be swayed. Don’t waste time on these, mostly lefty globalist, spend time exposing all the bad science (propaganda) to sensible people.

  43. Kim Libera says:

    I lack a tv but i heard bits on this 7 hour debacle of a climate debate. This is the extent the country has descended too a bunch of loons who have probably not taken any remote course in any of the earth sciences just spouting off eugenics. It is pathetic. The very far left wing orgs latch on to this & conspire with the media on this because they really want to control our lives. They can’t win on the economy. Now some of these orgs unfortunatley have bought into some of this albeit i do understand their concern for wildlife or bees or tree species. I just think they have bought too far. What they are really looking for is money to get donated to them. That comes with alarmism. I certainly would not set off a cyanide bomb in a forest nor would I employ pesticides given we have new technology but they don’t have the stuff on climate either. They just want donations.

  44. Dan S. says:

    Hi Tony. Recently read an article in The Guardian, where they claim that Las Vegas, NV will be unlivable, hellish future, etc.:

    I wanted to do some research and share what I found with you, but I can’t find an e-mail address or any contact info (I just have e-mail, or phone). Would be happy to forward my work, if you are interested in taking a look.

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