Man-Made Global Warming Is Real

Dear Teacher,

The vast majority of scientists believe that humans have some impact on the climate. However, most of the claims of future catastrophe being made by politicians and the press, have no basis in science.

The National Climate Assessment shows that heatwaves in the US were much worse in the past. John Steinbeck wrote about this poignantly in “The Grapes of Wrath.”  Millions of people fled the heat and drought of the Great Plains during the 1930s.

Exact opposite of predictions made by some well known climate scientists, the US has been getting wetter, and droughts have been becoming less frequent.

Data from NOAA tide gauges shows no change in the rate of sea level rise since Abraham Lincoln was president.

According to data from the National Interagency Fire Center, US burn acreage is down 80% since the 1930s.

The worst US floods occurred during the 1920s and 1930s. The worst US tornado occurred in 1925. The most intense US hurricane occurred in 1935.  The deadliest US hurricane occurred in 1900. The deadliest Atlantic hurricane and the third deadliest Pacific Hurricane both occurred in 1780. The worst US forest fires occurred in 1871 and 1910.

Predictions of an ice-free Arctic and the demise of Polar bears have not panned out.  Many of the world’s leading scientists are prominent climate skeptics, including Freeman Dyson and Ivar Giaever.  The only scientist to have walked on the moon, Harrison Schmitt, is a well known climate skeptic. There are tens of thousands of skeptical scientists who are systematically ignored by the press.

Global warming is real, but the wild climate exaggerations being parroted by politicians and the press – are nothing but 16th century superstition. Similar to what Galileo faced.

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6 Responses to Man-Made Global Warming Is Real

  1. bill odom says:

    SACRILEGE!!! Oops, that is a religious term… wait… Anthropogenic Climate Change IS
    a religion. Never mind.

  2. Timo Soren says:

    Did you know that some anagrams of climate change are:
    Lame Chic Agent
    A cheating camel
    Mega Lichen Act
    technical game
    Clan Itch MaGee
    Itch a calm gene
    clean itch game

  3. Well, whoever that student was, you can tell he’s visited more than once!

  4. gregole says:

    “…but the wild climate exaggerations…

    Nothing ruins truth like stretching it.

  5. TimA says:

    I know right?!….Mr Ed deserves better!!

  6. Squidly says:

    I agree .. that sure made Mr. Ed look stupid.

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