Sainthood : Rich And Famous For Skipping School

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13 Responses to Sainthood : Rich And Famous For Skipping School

  1. steve case says:

    Abigail Williams is probably closer to reality. How long before she singles out “deniers” to have them arrested and sent to a reeducation camp or worse?

  2. MGJ says:

    Given the present incumbent in the Vatican, don’t rule out beatification at the very least.

  3. Larry Geiger says:

    Huh? Oh well. I suppose that I’m just out of touch.

  4. annieoakley says:

    Treating young children like short adults is child abuse IMO.

    • Johansen says:

      She has mild autism – Aspergers Syndrome. Her father identifies as an actor. Her parents control her finances. That’s all I’m going to say…

    • Johansen says:

      …she’s also diagnosed with OCD – leading to anxiety and depression. Abusive household?

  5. arn says:

    Since Obama our world saving Messiahs get younger and younger by the day.
    I wonder wether they are running out of idiots to win elections
    or is this just the usual commie modus operandi to heavily target the young?

    I guess the second:
    Germany was “blessed” by another young “activist” called rezo
    whoms video went super viral just right in time before the election
    and pushed by almost every MSM all the time,
    targeting specific parties and promoting the green one,which got a huge increase in votes,
    though the green party is exactly as corrupt as the others,but somehow he forgot about that.

    this girl is the perfect example of what is wrong with AGW as it proves that any moron at any age can become a famous climate expert by just parrotting the official agenda BS.

  6. republic says:

    “I have never let schooling interfere with my education.” – Grant Allen

    It seems like Ms. Thornberg is getting quite the education in climate socialism and green dogma. Her contemporaries are also getting this same indoctrination, but in a scholastic setting. There do seem to be some from her generation who have their eyes open and have allowed the facts to speak for themselves. I don’t know how many have a climate realist viewpoint, but the continuing failure of the AGW crowd and the upcoming period of low solar activity will do much to swell those numbers. We will then see if Dr. Allen’s maxim holds true.

  7. etudiant says:

    The Bible asks what good is salt, if it loses its savor and answers that it is good for nothing and will be thrown out.
    Imho, the cowardice of the science community in standing mute while BS is streamed to the voters will correspondingly be rewarded by comprehensive defunding, once reality strikes the voters.

  8. Gator says:

    This sort of thing causes me to tune out. Like when TV news reporters place a microphone in front of a child. I don’t care what most adults think, and care nothing for the prognostications of children. If adults are using children to promote their agendas, then those adults have no argument in support of said agendas.

    Seen, not heard.

  9. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Greta needs to be careful.

    Joan of Arc was burned at the stake when politics changed direction.

  10. Gator says:


    Greens lost voters in Greta’s Sweden!

    Ironically, the Greens even lost in Greta Thunberg’s home country of Sweden…

    I guess people still remember that bit about false prophets.

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