The Last Time Stupidity Was This High …

The press loves to print stories about what was going on “the last time CO2 was this high.”

People who know how to think logically would recognize that very different conditions at equal levels of CO2, would indicate that CO2 is not the cause of those conditions – and is in fact unrelated. But superstitious people link together unrelated phenomena (like rabbit’s foot/good luck) and no amount of contrary evidence can sway them.

Five hundred years ago, bad weather was blamed on witches. Equally stupid and ignorant people now blame it on CO2.

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  1. Gator says:

    We are witnessing a first in human history. We have a generation that is dumber than its predecessors.

    • Johansen says:

      I think you just coined a new socialogical term, “Generation-D”

      • Jason Calley says:

        Hey Johansen! I like your idea, but can we just call them “Generation Duh”? It’s a bit more descriptive.

        On the plus side, I think that the newest generation (not the generation currently being brainwashed in college, but the kids just starting high school) may actually have a better chance at growing up with some sense in their heads. The brain washing has gotten SO outlandish, SO over-the-top, that a lot of kids are refusing to fall for it. Even a middle-schooler knows that it is not fair for a biological boy to compete with a biological girl in wrestling and track. The adults may pretend otherwise, but at least some of the children are waking up. Time will tell.

  2. dave1billion says:

    Well, like, you know … her, like statements, aren’t, like to be taken, umm, you know, literally.

    That’s like, you, know, dry humor and sarcasm.

    That’s the way, like, you know, jokes and sarcasm and stuff work.

  3. NavarreAggie says:

    How accurate is this?

    Heh! Mini AOC Is Back To Explain The Green New Deal

    • paul courtney says:

      NA: I had to take a pause (haitus) when I got to the “G.W.D.C.” line, due to busting a gut. Thanks for link, it worked for me! Some commenters on the right said AOC is soooo dangerous. My first thought, “yeah, dangerous to D’s” is confirmed every time she is in the news.

  4. NavarreAggie says:

    Let’s try this again. It’s sad that this is so accurate :(

    Heh! Mini AOC Is Back To Explain The Green New Deal

  5. Laurie says:

    Great presentation, thanks.

  6. Petit_Barde says:

    Ya but AOC just explained that we are like, have the social, you know, intelligence, of like, sea sponges because we took the “12 years left” like, litteraly :

    So, she admits that the “12 years left” thing is a farce :
    – Apart those who are mentally challenged, like :
    , who could doubt about this ?

    But now that she backpedalled she has to endorse the consequences of her irresponsible behaviour :
    – She should explain this to Greta who wants all the children to panic and to all the children and other deceived that go on schoolstrike to push this farce.
    – She should state that the GND, which is based on this farce, is a snake oil salesman scam.

    Obviously, she will not do any of this.

    More on WUWT :

    • arn says:

      She is partly right.
      Before CO2 hit 350 ppm there was never ever before such disease like AOC ,but then she was born.

      Now just take some popcorn and wait and see how many weeks/month it will take before she backpaddles and call those stupid who thought her new nonsense was meant literally.

      Let’s observe how biological experts will react to her claims?
      Will they remain silent to not interfere with her climate&evil co2 agenda,
      as climate experts did when she announced the end of the world,
      or will they say that there is no real reliable data wether 3 mio years ago had been 30% less/more bacteria than today or 5 or 327.57 mio years ago
      as bacterias can not be traced back as good as huge animals
      as they can barely leave fossils.(except some cyanobacterias)

    • Johansen says:

      “She should explain this to G. who wants all the children to panic…”
      At the risk of boring everyone, G.T. has mild Autism. All she does is memorize about 30 lines, and repeat them over and over. Her father identifies as an “actor”, and is using her to line his pockets. (Translation: her parents are scaring the sh__ out of her, while controlling her finances – both present and future – through legal means).

  7. Robert B says:

    The fear of witches in the last 1000 years is a bit like AGW – well and truly exaggerated.

    You might read that 3 million witches were burnt in Europe. Completely made up and not supported by even extreme leftwing historians. Their cooked up estimate is 80 – 100 thousand executed. This is an extrapolation of a small number of 20th C written down examples of folklore. The actual number of executions that are recorded in history is a couple of hundred, none by fire.

    The Catholic Church never executed anyone for being a witch, only heretics. Again, there is only a few hundred recorded executions of heretics ( including burning) pumped up by some sources who include causality of religious wars eg Huguenots. Some were accused of being witches like the Basque “witches” but that Inquisition was stopped because witnesses were claiming to have actually seen magical behaviour that was impossible. It was heretical to believe that they were.

    Reading some of the stories behind Protestant executions of witches, there is usually a hint to the use of drugs eg one man who seduced a maiden after stupifying her, who later suicided. An example of someone who got off is Kepler’s mother. She was an apothecary and he was brought up by his grandmother as she was not in a fit state to raise him.

  8. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic) says:

    600 years ago, people sat in churches and were PREACHED TO by priests.
    Then printing came along and MIDDLE CLASS/RICH people started having conversations with each other and they talked about politics, religion & science, and in all those areas there was a revolution over the next few hundred years.

    Then in the 20th century, television came along and they together with Newspapers PREACHED TO the sheeple.
    What I’m suggesting is that for most of my life, we’ve got our information about what was happening in the world from sources where we could never answer back. You can’t say to the TV: “Why do you believe that”, you can’t ask a journalist “I don’t see any factual basis to your article”.

    The reason I mention it, is because I went to stay with a relative who just keeps the TV on at night. And they don’t have any views of their own. I tried to engage them in discussion about some of the ridiculous assertions – and they just didn’t want to talk – which I know is because they thought their views were those which they’d been told to believe by the TV people …. but they hadn’t a clue why they believed them. They were totally incapable of arguing why they believed what they believed. In short, they had been brainwashed.

    I think the future looks horrific: a greater and greater ability of big corps like Google and the BBC to brainwash people – but fewer and fewer people having the ability to think – even to the stage that although brainwashing is now extremely easy, they have no conceptual process to develop an idea of what they would like other people to believe.

    • Johansen says:

      Yep. It’s now to the point where the real innovation is happening here. This is true in almost every field

  9. Robertv says:

    And of course like CO2 there are good bacteria and bad bacteria.

    Without bacteria we would not survive.

    • Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic) says:

      And like bacteria there are good politicians and bad politicians.

      Without politicians we would not sur … who am I kidding?

      • Robertv says:

        All career politicians are bad. Maybe 10 years should be the maxim to be in politics.

        By the way why do people want an independent Scotland ruled by corrupt Brussels?

  10. Psalmon says:

    The Alps are literally buried in snow…

    This is from the Austiran-Italian Alps. And it still has been snowing up there.

  11. Brodirt says:

    When CO2 was at 350ppm a baby in Africa had about 1/2 the chance of survival that it does today. See how easy it is to play the non-correlation game, although there’s a stronger correlation between the consumption of fossil fuels and human survival than there is between the consumption of fossil fuels and “climate change.”

  12. Psalmon says:

    In one week May 24, the Giro d’Italia will visit here, Ceresole Reale, Lago Serru…at 2247m one of the highest points in the race…buried in snow, organizers fighting to keep the road open with snow canyons 10s of meters deep.

    Hottest year ever.

  13. Billyjack says:

    Actually AOC is the intellectual giant of the DNC.

  14. Bob Hoye says:

    AOC is ranting about high CO2 forcing many new life forms “that we have never seen before.”
    I though this month’s mantra is the Extinction Rebellion.

    • arn says:

      i am pretty sure that she can exactly determine when and how those new lifeforms were created and how co2 was the ultimate factor.
      (and i’m pretty sure that this is not just some kind of nonsense to create fear by missusing on purpose “new” lifeforms which are neither new nor
      have anything to do with co2 but are direct result of penicillin resistance, mutated cells in contaminared fallout territories or modified
      bacteria created in labs as bio-weapons))

  15. Jason Calley says:

    The last time CO2 was this high the entire planet was pristine wilderness, teaming with life. I would think the alarmists would be happy.

    Actually, I am not convinced that we know when the last time really was. There are a lot of CO2 estimates made by chemists over the last 200 years or so and some of them are surprisingly high, quite a bit higher than at present. Additionally, the CO2 estimates made from trapped air bubbles in the ice suffer from being a sort of low pass filter, i.e., any short term fluctuations are effectively smeared out and not detectable. How sort is short term? A year? A decade? A century? Good question! We may well have had spikes in CO2 which we are unaware of. One thing we can be fairly certain of is that the biosphere seems to like CO2, certainly up to 1000 or 2000 ppm. Also, for any alarmists who have fallen for the methane scare and rail on and on about how “methane is a greenhouse gas X times as powerful as CO2!”, remind them that every new natural gas fired power plant is busy converting dangerous methane to less dangerous CO2.

    • Johansen says:

      You’re right. If you look at chemistry textbooks from 1860’s-1870’s (I’m one of those nuts who has…) they measured atmospheric CO2 well over 400ppm. These were not stupid people, either.

  16. Morgan Wright says:

    During the last ice age, CO2 was 270 ppm.

    The last time it was that low before then was…….never.

  17. Tom Harding says:

    The gasses that compose our atmosphere are self regulating. That’s why the ratio of each are nearly constant and have been for–forever.
    The increase in CO2 is caused by the ocean giving up some of its storage of the gas as the supply of it is diminishing.

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