Tom Steyer To End Central American Droughts

“The Aztecs sacrificed tens of thousands of people”

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  1. arn says:

    Let me try to translate

    “We want to controle all aspects of your political and economical future.
    And ALL policy decisions will be done by us – the centralised one world govetnment.
    Democracy must end.
    As we know that you would never ever allow this to happen
    we created the AGW hoax,
    the most powerfull tool we ever created.
    The army swiss knife of politics.
    Besides being the ultimate apocalyptic global fear mongerer
    to centralise power to the UN
    it should also help us to destroy all sovereignities and borders.
    And not just that:
    AGW is responsible for non existing sea level rise.
    For droughts.
    For floods.
    For supet cold weather.
    For the end of snow and arctic sea ice that never happened.
    For Soros sponsored mass invasions.
    For non existent polar bear extinction.
    For the end of polar sea ice that never happened.
    For the drowning of lower manhattan and the maledives that never happened.
    For the most unscientific documentary with the worst predictions ever= An inconvinient truth.

    AGW is the manifestation of Paul Ehrlich as Science.
    Disgusting incompetent BS for decades and still worshipped by the same “experts” who awarded village idiot Paul Ehrlich with tons of awards
    while good scientists got their carreers ruined and their charackters assassinated for not following dogmas.

    To paraphrase a banker

    “Give me the controle of a nation’s co2 output,
    and i can crush its economy whenever i want to
    (the same way i can crush the economy with deflation by reducing the money supply)”

    • Bob Hoye says:

      Good note
      As we say in the investment business, I’m cautiously pessimistic on these highly-speculative markets. Which could fail in the fall.
      Then the public could turn on the idiot central bankers who spent trillions to prevent ‘bad things” from happening.
      “Managing” the economy has been one audacity.
      And “managing” the temp of the nearest planets is audacity usually attributed to gods.
      Both promotions could crash–soon.

    • KevinPaul says:

      And Arn, to back up what you say about so called ‘sea-level-rise’ a study last year found that nearly 90 percent of low-lying islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans either remained stable or increased in size over the past decades.

      But that doesn’t faze the sociopaths one iota.
      “UN Chief Poses For Time Cover Off ‘Sinking’ Pacific Island That’s Actually Growing”

  2. Peter says:

    In Europe it is estimated over 50,000 “witches” were burnt at the stake in the Middle Ages. One of the main reasons was they were the cause of extreme weather which happened from time to time. Anyone daring to defend a person accused of witchcraft was in danger of being arrested as well.

    Witches gave been replaced with CO2 and anyone questioning the “science” is vilified and labelled a denier

    Funny how history repeats itself and we never learn from the lessons of history.

  3. Joel says:

    Isn’t Tom Steyer that guy with the “Impeach President Trump” ads I sometimes see on TV?

    Who knew he was an expert on climate, too?

  4. Thomas Heath says:

    Hilarious National Geographic article. Spread it far and wide!

    • Louis J Hooffstetter says:

      This is one of many reasons this old altar boy doesn’t go to mass anymore.

    • Gator says:

      Christianity is being attacked on a daily basis around the world. Just today I read that the mission bell at UC Santa Cruz is being removed because it is a “deeply painful symbol that celebrate destruction, domination and erasure”. How much longer will they allow cities like Santa Cruz, San Bernardino, San Francisco and Santa Fe to retain their names? What we are witnessing is really no different than the erasure of Christianity once seen in places such as the Soviet Union, only this time it is in the name of PC. Christians are being framed as genocidal hateful racists, who will eventually need to be re-educated, or eliminated.

      What is the Pope doing about this? Nothing. Because he is worried about ice, and does not give Shiites about his true responsibility.

      • JuZeus says:

        The pope is not christian.
        The Mitre hat worn by the pope represents Dagon. Dagon or Dagan is an ancient Mesopotamian and ancient Canaanite deity. Also, when he’s not wearing the Mitre, he’s wearing a Kippah. And when he’s not wearing a hat, he’s hiding child molesters from justice.

        in 1535, William Tyndale was executed for translating the bible to english.

        1300 “Church father”, “religious teacher, adviser, scholar”.
        1400 – late 16c “medical professional, person duly licensed to practice medicine”.
        1774 “alter, disguise for the purpose of deception, falsify”.

        Once people could finally verify what was written in the bible for themselves, it was no longer possible for doctors to hide, misrepresent, or invent complete bullsh’t, point at it, and say “god said so”. Once that happened, the worst doctors migrated to a different religion I call “the cult of hermes”.

        The cult of hermes, aka “the American medical system” (represented by the caduceus [staff of hermes: god of thieves, guide to the underworld]) is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States, with an iatrogenic death rate of 783,936/year. Add 640,000 fetal murders (modern day sodomy *1), and the death toll rises to 1.4 million/year. Also add the sexual torture and mutilation of between 50-90% of american males *2. Also add a number of other things you can find out on your own…

        *1 “Sodomy” has nothing to do with anal sex. “Sodomy” = “The sin of Sodom”. The Canaanite cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because among other things, they were burning children alive.
        *2 Phil 3.2 “Watch out for those dogs, those people who do evil, those mutilators who say you must be circumcised to be saved.”

        slave: named after the slavic people.

  5. Petit_Barde says:

    “Dense” is a good qualifier for all those Chicken Little who see “climate change” in each and every bad event.

  6. Psalmon says:

    Under Trump I really thought there would be at least a slowdown in funding or a reorganization of assets at least to help stop this scam permanently. Frankly I haven’t seen much change other than the occasional “take down the signs in Glacier National Park.” Whooo Hoooo big victory. Yes he withdrew from Paris, but the next guy can just sign us back up.

    I really don’t mind if Tom Steyer wants to fund trips to the Antarctic to weigh Penguin guano. But I am really disappointed that I must continue to fund this nonsense.

    What is the point of ever winning an election? When guys like Obama win we get Paris, suppression of energy, and the bankrupting of the coal industry.

    When guys like Trump win, AT BEST we get a PAUSE in this madness. Agencies change some of the wording on their websites…but AT BEST the lights are dimmed for a few years. The switches remain in place to turn it all back on. We gain NO GROUND and then punt…

    At this point politically we should get it over with and join Steyer and ban all fossil fuels rather than have this slow spread of tyranny be institutionalized beneath our feet using our own money.

  7. Witchburner says:

    Which is the worst effect of climate change induced drought? The dog lying down, the verdant greenery or the standing water in the field. Or perhaps the hat. Or even the stick. I need to know so I can deny it.

  8. MGJ says:

    Oh yeah, the left really wants to “solve immigration”!

    And just how furious would they be if we ever “solved climate change”? They’d have to invent something else – assuming any humans were still alive following the implementation of their Final Solution.

  9. Denis Rushworth says:

    Steve Goddard said “The Aztecs sacrificed tens of thousands of people in an effort to stop Central American droughts.”

    They must have been very altruistic to want to help their Central American neighbors.
    The Aztecs lived in central Mexico, not Central America.

    • TimA says:

      Wow…great pickup…now back to Leftardia…

    • Jonathan Ranes says:

      I believe the Indians called it Maize

    • KevinPaul says:

      As I see it from here downunder, Mexico is roughly situated in the middle between North America and South America, ‘Central America’ [sic] seems right on to me.
      Nit picking is for dim monkeys who couldn’t care less that climate superstition drove men to tear still beating hearts from subjugated unfortunates.

  10. KevinPaul says:

    What a lot of people don’t know, is that droughts are just as likely to occur from cold weather as they are from hot. When there’s snow on the ground, your washing on the line will often dry much faster than on a hot sunny day. Seems a paradox, but few understand the water cycle and its dance with the atmosphere, plus its ultimate cosmic command of weather and climate events.

    • rah says:

      In general colder times are dryer times. The more of the earths water that freezes the dryer the uncovered land gets and the lower the sea levels drop. A look at the changes during periods of major glaciation makes that pretty clear.

  11. JuZeus says:

    co2 comprises FOUR HUNDREDTHS OF ONE PERCENT of the atmosphere.
    Water vapor and clouds account for 75 percent of greenhouse gas.
    without co2, there would be no life on earth. without co2, plants would not exist.
    greenhouse gas is also vital to life on earth. without greenhouse gas, earth’s climate would be like that of a desert. Because deserts have no water vapor, and hence do not benefit from the greenhouse effect, a desert that reaches 38°C during the day can drop to -4°C at night.

    Al Gore’s Whopper would never withstand a televised debate against actual scientists who have researched this fraud; so that is why it will never be allowed.

    ps, “the ozone hole” is another fraud. I think it is simply the rotation of the earth causing the atmosphere to be thicker at the equator.

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