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Will The Real Thermometer Please Stand Up

I pulled my videos about the French thermometer, due to several different theories about which thermometer it actually was recorded at. Here is a new video discussing the confusion and the best information I can find.

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Pulled My France Videos

There are a lot of different theories floating about which thermometer recorded the 45.9C in France, so I made the videos discussing the thermometer private. Please do not send me information if you are not certain about the source.

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50C In France

There must have been a lot of fossil fuel use in 1773. 50C (122F) in 1930 p2 – 30 Aug 1930 – The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 – 1947) – Trove 48C (118F) in 1773 Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) … Continue reading

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New Video : #ClimateBreakdown and #ClimateEmergency

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The Footprint Of Global Warming

Red areas are climate, blue areas are weather. France’s record hot temperature (115F) was set yesterday a few miles east of Montpelier. I can’t find any long term data at the record site, but at Montpelier, the temperature at 11 … Continue reading

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