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Another Hockey Stick

Upper Colorado Basin Snowpack Graphs

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Ratio Of Junk Science To Reality Approaching Infinity

One of the most commonly used lies of climate alarmists is that the ratio of record lows to highs is decreasing. Reality is that the metric is cyclical, and three of the last seven years have had more record minimums … Continue reading

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London Mayor Explains Women’s Rights

We respect women. We think they are equal to men. – Sadiq Khan Steve Goddard on Twitter: “Muslims have tremendous respect for women’s rights.… There are neighborhoods in London which now look they are straight of of the 13th century. … Continue reading

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More Ice In The Eastern Arctic Than A Century Ago

This year, Baffin Bay and Svalbard have lots of ice, but in the early 1920’s they were largely ice-free. NOAA/G02135/north/daily/images/2019/05_May/N_20190515_extn_v3.0.png 1922 Strange Things Happening In The Frozen Arctic Is the North Pole going to melt? Reports from fishermen, seal hunters … Continue reading

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Toto Studies The Permanent Drought

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