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Coolest/Wettest October-May In US History

The last seven months was the coolest and wettest October-May on record in the US. The percent of days above 60F and 70F was the lowest, with 1933-1934 being the highest. Compare with 1934, which was the warmest and driest. … Continue reading

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Dances With Coyotes

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Climate Tipping Point Discovered

“Scientists say” all warming over the past 140 years was caused by CO2 emissions from humans and volcanoes. Natural variability no longer has any impact on climate. New study confirms natural cycles play little role in global temperature trends Humans … Continue reading

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Summer Rates Kick In At The Greenland Country Club

Today is the first day of meteorological summer, and temperatures at The Greenland Country Club have warmed up to a balmy -27C (-17F.)  Summer greens fees now apply, but do not include treatment for frostbite and medical evacuation. Ask about … Continue reading

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