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US To Run Out Of Oil By 1976

03 Aug 1966, Page 20 – The Brandon Sun at Newspapers.com

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NASA Data Tampering – Not Just For Temperatures

In 1982, NASA’s James Hansen showed that sea level rise slowed to almost a halt after 1950. That 30 year hiatus in sea level rise has since been erased. 1982     2019 Normalized to 1880, you can see that they … Continue reading

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US To Run Out Of Oil By 1992

Sad news – the US will run out of oil by 1992, and the world will run out of oil between 2012  and 2022. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – Google Books

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Rewriting America’s History

“He who controls the past, controls the future; and he who controls the present, controls the past.” – George Orwell “1984” In 1998, NASA showed 1934 as the hottest year on record in the US, and declining temperatures for the … Continue reading

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New Video : Hurricanes Don’t Lie, But Climate Scientists Do

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The $600 Socialist Sympathy Watch

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