August 7, 1918 – Second Hottest Day On Record In New York

New York City has had 59 days over 100F (38C) since 1895.  Three quarters of those days occurred with CO2 below 350 PPM.  The hottest day was 106F on July 9, 1936.  The second hottest was August 7, 1918 – which was tied on July 21, 1977 and July 22, 2011.

TimesMachine: August 8, 1918 –

There was an incredible heatwave going on in the US that month – one of the worst on record, but it got little attention because of WWI.


TimesMachine: Wednesday August 7, 1918 –

Later that year came the worst pandemic in history, with 20-40 million people dying from the flu.

TimesMachine: August 21, 1998 –

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