New Video : Extreme Climate Fraud Arrives At The Washington Post

And a follow-up with some new information.

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20 Responses to New Video : Extreme Climate Fraud Arrives At The Washington Post

  1. Mary-Anne Sillamaa says:

    My husband and I watch your videos on YouTube each week. Thank you very much for your patient and persistent effort into getting the true data and true big picture into public view!

    Following is an article referenced in “Science News”. (The quotes unfortunately have double meaning.) The lightning angle is a bit different so I wondered if you would be interested in commenting on the article?

  2. DCA says:

    Well done, sir! The Whack-A-Mole WaPo has been whacked with a 20 lb sledge!

  3. Brian D says:

    Meanwhile, Hudson Bay continues to retain ice that normally is gone by now.

    This ice is normal for the end of July.

    PS: When trying to upload a pic, I get blocked by the site.

  4. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    Lake Hopalongcong is now completely surrounded by suburbia. How long has it been like that?
    Could it be that in the houses around it were once just weekender shacks, and now they are multimillionaires’ mansions?

  5. Richard Smith says:

    I use your videos to educate my children (now young adults) about so-called climate science. They are lucky that unlike most kids these days they have not been brainwashed into believing the global warming scare by the BBC. The work you have done in revealing the extent of the scam and the data that you have put together in evidence is invaluable. A Tony Heller video is exemplary in calmly setting the record straight with a little wry humour at the expense of the charlatans. Keep up the good work – you deserve a medal for your diligence. But I don’t think you’ll be getting the Nobel Peace Prize any time soon. Great work.

  6. Kent Clizbe says:

    There’s a NJ State Park on Lake Hopatcong.

    Here’s what their website says the park on the lake offers:

    “Facilities and activities include Lake Hopatcong, The Morris Canal, Lake Musconetcong…Winter sports include ice fishing, snowmobiling, ice skating, ice boating, sledding and ice sailing.”

    2019: Local newspaper report on fire department training for ice rescues on Lake Hopatcong:

    See the pictures of the whole fire department on the lake ice, chopping holes in it to practice ice rescues.

    See ice fishermen and many others in background.

  7. Kent Clizbe says:

    Lake ice sailing goes on as usual.

    “Winter on the lake

    Sussex County is home to dozens of lakes, including part of Lake Hopatcong, the largest freshwater body in the state. When temperatures plummet, these lakes are often covered in ice boaters, fishers and skaters.”

    An ice sailer rescued after accident while sailing on 4-5 inch ice. See the chart for gauging safety of ice thickness in this article. Why would the locals share such information if there was no more ice sailing there?

  8. Anon says:


    In case anyone insinuates that you are somehow dodging this claim in the article: “automobile owners would drive out on to the thick ice”. And makes the argument that “the ice is no longer thick enough to drive on due to CAGW”, see:

    1] To drive on ice, the ice thicknesses you need are:

    Ice more than five inches thick will likely hold a snowmobile, and ice more than eight inches thick will likely support a car or small pickup truck.

    2] And how thick does the ice get on Lake Hopatcong?

    Ice fishing on Lake Hopatcong

    Ice thickness was 18 + inches in the video above.

    3] And the reason you don’t see vehicles on Lake Hopatcong is not because of CAGW, but because of this:

    7:2-3.2 (c) Unauthorized motor vehicle use

    A person shall not operate a motor vehicle upon the ice-covered waters under the
    jurisdiction of the State Park Service at any time except for the operation of snowmobiles on routes designated by the State Park Service.

    The article was a complete sham in every respect. It took me 20 minutes to answer the above three questions, but that kind of research is not expected of journalists these days. Pathetic. This is a perfect illustration of Fake News!

    • rah says:

      The modern “journalist” expects information and talking points to be fed to them so they can just regurgitate it. Most of them don’t even have enough imagination to rephrase the information or talking points they are given, let alone research and investigate to validate it.
      Yesterday the “news” on the economy was simply hilarious. A real clown show. I really can’t take the A-holes seriously anymore.

  9. Aussie says:

    In line with the bad science displayed here, a guy from Boston who I know keeps posting “warmist” links

    The latest is below on more coastal flooding…

    Is this more junk science?

    • Anon says:

      Hi Aussie,

      I posted a few links to SLR resources above… (I think they are still in moderation)…

      Coastal flooding is a good story, but unfortunately when you go to look for the acceleration of SLR at any HQLTTG, you don’t find it. As has been pointed out to the IPCC (ad-nauseam):


      There are no full-length graphs of representative high-quality tide gauges. Fig. 13-17 has graphs going back only to 1970, despite the fact that the best tide gauges go back over 150 years, and despite the fact that the literature indicates that at least 60 years of tide gauge data are needed to determine a robust SLR trend*. FAQ13.1 Figure 1a (p.89) has a few such graphs, but shrunk to the size of postage stamps, and only back to 1950. Good quality graphs of full-length tide gauge records from high-quality tide stations are absolutely essential for “grounding” the reader’s understanding of sea level, in particular the (lack of) response (thus far) in rate of SLR to GHG forcings, and the amounts and timescales of typical fluctuation in relative sea level, and the variation in relative sea level trends between locations. The omission of such graphs appears calculated to hide the fact that, thus far, sea level rise has not increased in response to GHG forcings, and will surely be powerful ammunition for critics of the IPCC and its reports.*

  10. Gator says:

    From 2000 to 2019, these “sunny-day flooding” events jumped by 190 percent in the Southeast, and by 140 percent in the Northeast…

    Cherrypicked dates, places, and “phenomenon”.

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