New Video : Greta’s Dire Straits

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12 Responses to New Video : Greta’s Dire Straits

  1. MrZee says:

    In our Green future Greta will become known as Momma Thunberg, she will be the Mother Theresa of the 21st C, a semi deity, worshiped, there will be shrines to her & the future Children of the Corn will speak of her in hushed tones. The comparison to Nazi Germany is chillingly apt methinks.

    • DCA says:

      Assuming she lives long enough to become Momma Thunberg, what will she think, having seen that the Earth did NOT become uninhabitable? What will she think, knowing that she was denied an education and used/abused by grown ups for propaganda?

  2. Nicholas McGinley says:

    And in other news, the boat Greta is on is not skirting a tropical storm that has popped up, Chantal. Track both here:

  3. Daun Penh says:

    Pigtails or not, there’s also something vaguely creepy about the attention being lavished on a teenage girl. If Greta Thunberg was a teenage boy, even one with the same sort of sweet (zombified) look, I’d bet my bottom dollar he’d be getting less than 0.01% of the publicity avalanche lavished on this precocious little madam.

  4. Bill Sumner says:

    This Pippi Longstocking imitator is not sailing on a wooden boat. But one made from Carbon Fibre and Petroleum-derived resins. Quite the green saint ain’t she?

  5. Nicholas McGinley says:

    I bet Greta’s wintertime banana were not brought on a sailboat to Northern Europe.
    And is that food almost all in plastic containers and wrapping.
    That better not be a plastic spoon!

    • Robertvd says:

      It is mind boggling how hypocrite this all is. Only real believer Green Shirts and the indoctrinated Global Warming Jugend can fall for this.

  6. Since Greta T. is on her way to the UN, the buildings of which were recently renovated in 2015 for over 2.15 billion dollars, according to Wikipedia; wouldn’t it behoove her to talk about moving the UN to higher ground? Why would the UN expensively renovate directly on the New York coastline if we are in imminent danger of coastal flooding brought on by “almost” irreversible man made global warming? Are there no plans to relocate? Did 97% of the geological inspectors who have studied the area say the land would be flooded within 30 years? The world war on CO2 started a long time ago. Surely if they believe their own words they will see their stupidity. Inquiring minds want to know.

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