Someone Flipped The Switch At YouTube

About 30 hours ago, someone truncated my YouTube channel view analytics. It now shows a lot fewer views than the sum of the views on the individual videos. Not surprising since they have been contaminating my videos with banners and Tom Steyer ads.

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  1. William J Barton says:

    Well, well. You should be proud. Lol

    You’re now well and truly elevated to that rarefied atmosphere of the hoity toities.

    The once smug elitists are now paying FULL attention to ya. Their world is finally trembling with fear. About damned time.

    jack b :-) in
    midland tx

  2. Brian D says:

    I view Youtube through an app on my Dish or with Roku, and I don’t get ads like that. Don’t think I’ve seen an ad on your videos at all using those apps. If I do see them on any video, they are right in the beginning, and are tailored to my location usually (local biz, political, or money making stuff).

  3. KevinPaul says:

    Considering where googles’ sympathies lie, it will only get worse. Lies make the world go round, not truth, as 97% of us here are aware.

    • Aussie says:

      Kevin Paul
      I am an engineer, and we have to “make it work”. Thus we have to rely on facts and actual performance. If it doesn’t work we get the sack.
      Thus my approach to life is moulded by over 30 years worth of this.

      This stupidity on climate change makes me believe all these celebrities and politicians need to be committed to a mental asylum. They are totally off the planet

      In engineering if you ignore the facts it bites you, big time. Same thing here.

      • KevinPaul says:

        Aussie they wear tin underpants, they think nothing can bite them, if they acknowledged the facts they’d all be looking for jobs.

        We know that for every action there is a re-action, just wait until the truth comes home to these post-millennials, ie. a car but no cheap power to charge it, biting hunger, and cold, global pestilence, crippling taxes, pitiful wages, the reaction against the proposed measures will be global anarchy and revolt.
        No, the four horsemen are yet to begin their ride. The haka challenge well expresses my disgust at the groups behind this scam, the revolting backlash will come.

  4. Steve S. says:

    I believe the top (and middle) images give numbers for the past 48 hours, the bottom image gives numbers for all time.

  5. Anon says:

    Maybe your view counts were “adjusted” due to Time of Viewing (TOV) bias? Under the old system, people who would start your videos at a quarter to the hour would get double counted if the video play length extended into the subsequent hour, as views were tallied on an hourly basis. Thus, the TOV correction ensures the system against double counting, to more accurately reflect true viewership. (lol)

    • accordionsrule says:

      They aren’t actual counts, they’re simulated computer models with the IPs smudged across the Antarctic.

  6. feathers says:

    Tony, I’d say wear it like a badge of honor but I do realize for some YouTubers, these analytics equates to actual monetary value. It goes without saying, keep up the good work!

  7. David says:

    All the global warming and GSM stations are complaining. It is active censorship and illegal in this country. You should all get together in a class action lawsuit. If nothing else Google does not want people to hear about you. So they would settle quietly or just leave you alone.

  8. Jack Langdon says:

    You should complain tp yourr US senator, censorship is a hot topic.

  9. Andy says:

    I hope this is just a glitch and not something more. With AGW etc both sides view points should be heard without any sort of censorship or alteration with a bias.



    • arn says:

      This is NOT a glitch
      just as it is not a glitch that i usually do not get notifications from certain channels.
      Many are complaining about such glitches and there are many who complain to be unsubscribed from channels.
      You will barely find this on entertainment channels.

      A guy called Tommy Sotomayor
      had about 1/2 million views per video he did and many 100K subscribers about 2 years ago.
      They closed down his channels and unsubsrcibed-
      now he is down to 20K views.

      Yesterday i visited a Lionel Harris video(a comedian)
      he got 1800 + comments ,but only 19.000views.
      A 1:10 comment to view ratio is impossible.
      Especially when there is no spamming or discussion going on but random comments.
      Same happened to Alex Jones channels where the comment to view ratio was often 1:10.

      They know very well that huge numbers of viewers attract more far more people than vids with tiny numbers.
      That’s why they try to keep those numbers artificially low as soon as people with wrong “opinions” grow big.
      When they do not succeed and people get too big they shut
      it down as happened with Jones,or recently with Soph(a 14 year old girl)

  10. Caleb Shaw says:

    My own obscure site seems to have been “disappeared” on the Google search engine. Because I am no big fish, I assume I used some trigger word such as “alarmist”.

    I think we need to make a fuss, and also increase the number of links to conservative sites, every time we post, comment or even email. The more they try to silence free speech the louder we should get. A new search engine called “Truegle” can replace “Google”, and “Truetube” replace “Youtube”.a

  11. Mich says:

    You’re not the only one with the “reduced numbers”. Several other vids I watch have also mentioned it. It’s obviously an attempt to make their vids less likely to be watched.

  12. Robert Forest says:

    I have been jacked with on finding your site I last visited. This Mallen Baker site gets dropped in front of the Heller site on the list. I know Google is practicing media censorship in China. Witness the absolute corruption in the media and you know the US electorate is being used for analytic research for propaganda. If they compare electoral outcomes (- dead voters, spare ballots) they should be able to figure out what works.
    Next they have to hone control over internet communications. Declare the need to control “Hate Speech”.

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