Summer 1975 Three Degrees Warmer In England

The summer of 1975 had two prolonged heatwaves in Central England, and averaged three degrees warmer than this year’s “record hot summer.”

12 Aug 1975, 6 – The Guardian at

Similarly, the following summer was five degrees warmer than this year.


The 1975 heatwave wasn’t enough to erase post 1940’s global cooling however.  That required data tampering by NASA and NOAA.

19 Aug 1975 – Cooler – Trove

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4 Responses to Summer 1975 Three Degrees Warmer In England

  1. Gator says:

    I was living in Stuttgart at the time, and it was a very warm Summer…

    The fire on the Lüneburg Heath was a major forest fire in 1975 on the southern part of the Lüneburg Heath in north Germany, with various points of origin near Gifhorn, Eschede and Meinersen. To this day, it is the largest known forest fire in the Federal Republic of Germany.

    The fire was aided by a long period of drought with hot summer weather and dried-out coniferous forests. Additionally, there was a lot of storm-damaged wood left in the wake of Hurricane Quimburga on 13 November 1972 that had not been cleared. The sources of the fire could only be reached with difficulty by the fire services over the unmetalled forest and heath tracks. Assisted by the monoculture of the area with its uniform stands of pines, the fire was able to spread rapidly and developed into a giant forest fire in parts of the districts of Gifhorn and Celle.üneburg_Heath

    There was even a tornado that hit the forest near my home, snapping large trees like toothpicks.

    Of note…

    The 1981 United Kingdom tornado outbreak is regarded as the largest recorded tornado outbreak in European history. In the span of 5 hours and 26 minutes during the late morning and early afternoon of 23 November 1981, 104 confirmed tornadoes touched down across Wales and central, northern and eastern England

    You know, 1981, when we had “safe” CO2 levels.

  2. Casper Lewes says:

    Tony, I checked out the data you linked to from the MET office.

    What units are these temps are recorded in? They don’t seem to be C, K, or F.


  3. Adam Gallon says:

    We’ve had one really hot day & maybe a couple of hot nights too. My car recorded 37.5C, three days later, at a similar time, 17.5C!
    No drought either, ’76 followed on from a very dry 1975. I remember going for a walk with my parents & visiting the Ladybower dam, near Sheffield.
    The remains of the drowned village in the valley was clearly visible.
    Data can be found here.

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