The Actual Climate Crisis Of 1930

Unlike the completely imaginary climate crisis of 2019, there was a very real climate crisis on this date in 1930.

TimesMachine: Saturday August 9, 1930 –

Almost the entire eastern half of the country was over 90 degrees on this date in 1930, and a  large percentage was over 100 degrees.

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19 Responses to The Actual Climate Crisis Of 1930

  1. Jürgen says:

    Dear Tony,
    I am from Austria. Here in Austria the ZAMG (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik) does the research on climate. I did research and found out that over 60 % of the stations were located on the south of the geographical center of Austria (Bad Aussee) and over 60% located below the average distance to the sea (above the sea level) for my country. I wanted to know how they deal with this and found:

    “Why is there only homogenised data available and no original data?

    Changes like stations relocation or changes in the measurement setup influence the measurments of meteorological stations. Long time series, which are used for climate research, should therefore not be used in their original form as those chances might influence climate analyses like trends for example. During homogenisation non-climatic signals are removed from the time serie according the current state-of-the-art.” (source:

    How to deal with that?


  2. griff says:

    Still waiting for coverage of this year’s climate crisis, rather than past exceptions and outliers…

    Like this:

    “Alaska records warmest month ever in July with coastline barren of sea ice
    Average temperature for month amid Arctic heatwave was 58.1F (14.5C), nearly 1F above previous high set in July 2004”

    • Gator says:

      How much of the Earth’s surface is Alaska Ms Griff, and why are you concerned over a past weather report? And why do you hate poor brown people?

      I was in Alaska during the non-crisis. It was lovely. In downtown Anchorage the loonies held a climate rally, and only the homeless showed up, for the free stuff.

    • Disillusioned says:

      griff said, “Still waiting for coverage of this year’s climate crisis, rather than past exceptions and outliers…”

      Still waiting for coverage of this year’s exceptions and outliers, rather than learning about past climate crises…

      There. Fixed it for you.

    • Joshua Peterson says:

      The Guardian, that’s a good one. That’s like referencing Mad Magazine.

      Exactly like referencing Mad Magazine.

      • Aussie says:

        Josh, you made my day!

      • KevinPaul says:

        Oliver Milman is a biased left-wheeling alarmist megaphone. 2/3 of Guardian climate articles were found to be, inaccurate, exaggerated, and sensationalized.
        griff appears to be so numb skulled he doesn’t realise that if man survived far worse in the past, then we will survive all but a nuclear winter in the future – a suggested possible solution to (sic) global warming. These people are MAD!

    • McLovin' says:

      This is just foolish.

    • GW Smith says:

      We are approaching Grand Solar Minimum, Ms. Griff, when we get bombarded by cosmic radiation, which throws the jet stream into deep wild swings. Nothing to do with “greenhouse gases”.

    • tonyheller says:

      I covered it. This year has been the coolest on record in the US.

      • tommy says:

        Hello tony. this year has been one of the hottest in Santiago chile. How can that been explain by solar mínimum?

        • Gator says:

          It’s always hot somewhere tommy. And I would venture to guess that there may be issues with UHI and cherry picking.

        • KevinPaul says:

          It’s been a mild winter here up until a month ago, seems a mild ENSO has been shipping warm air from the tropics down into the South Pacific maybe this is also the case in Chile, but as Gator alludes to most temperature records have been “homogenised” (cooled the past and warmed the present, the exact opposite to what they should’ve done) thus claimed record highs have past precedents of greater magnitude.

    • spike55 says:

      You are an IGNORANT CRETINOUS IDIOT, griffool

      And a climate change denier.

      USA —- COLD
      Russia —-COLD

      You know, where lots of people actually live !

      But you don’t care about what happens where people live, do you griffool.

      You HATE people with a vengeance.

      ALL people, not just third world people.

  3. McLovin' says:

    Is this Griff person for real? If so s/he misspelled “griFt.” In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny: “What a maroon.”

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