The High Intellect Of Climate Alarmists

In response to my video criticizing the abuse of children by climate alarmists, this comment was received from somewhere near Calgary. IP address

August 30, 2019 at 5:15 pm

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21 Responses to The High Intellect Of Climate Alarmists

  1. GW Smith says:

    You would think this would embarrass them. Not in the least.

  2. Gator says:

    Looks like another case of psychological projection, from one of the haters of poor brown people.

  3. Zoey L says:

    As I sit here in Central Florida, watching a hurricane that is looking more and more likely to miss us (after days of media-induced panic), I think of all the money and time wasted on people wanting to “study” the climate to satisfy their already well-established political/religious beliefs, instead of trying to improve the science of forecasting tropical systems.

    Tropical cyclone forecasting has not seen any significant improvement in the past twenty years. Sure, there’s more computer models, but they continue to get things wrong. Either intensity or path. Going back to 1999, Floyd was going to be “Andrew 2.0” for Florida. Millions evacuated off the coast. Schools closed here in Central Florida for days. What happened? Two lovely days off for kids. Not saying I know what can be done to better forecast these things. But, maybe the climate religious zealots masquerading as “scientists” can spend more time and effort in that area instead of saying the sky is falling.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Yeah, maybe not. I think you are giving them far too much credit. That’s a job for real scientists.

    • Nicholas McGinley says:

      Forecasting hurricanes accurately more than a couple of days out may in fact be absolutely impossible in certain cases.
      There are simply too many variables.
      It may in fact be akin to trying to pick which slot the puck will wind up in, in the old Price Is Right game called Plinko:
      Only in this case the Plinko board is so tall it takes days for the puck to fall.
      Can a really strong computer and an exact knowledge of the factors affecting the plinko puck let someone guess which slot it will go it?

  4. Phil Schummer says:

    Maybe there is some hope for them. After all, he did spell a multi syllabic word correctly….

  5. Stella Ashley says:

    I bet his parents are so proud of their offspring and its elegant use of the English language. Sounds like such a happy and well balanced individual.
    Do you think its spent too much time in the basement? Locked in perhaps?

  6. Thomas Heath says:

    I live in Calgary. The level of NGO-Media alliance driven self-hate going on up here in Soviet Canuckistan is mind-boggling.
    Keep up the great work Tony! :-)

  7. Robert Austin says:

    We here in Canada have a wealth of retards. They are spread evenly from the halls of academia and government through even to the head of our government.

  8. Jimmy Haigh says:

    It should be a capital “U” surely?

  9. Andy says:

    I have to say that is totally uncalled for. And it’s not even relevant.

    I know myself and some other posters on here tend to quip about each others intelligence and comments, but I would never call them something like that and they not me.

    Griff gets a roasting of course, due to AGW, but it’s still about the topic in hand.

    I change my name for one day to show solidarity.


    • spike55 says:

      Griffool gets roasted because he is an ignorant twit who refuses to learn basic facts, parroting the same mindless anti-science lies every time he comments.

      He is basically just an ignorant space wasting troll.

      Your comments are mostly pretty similar to griffool’s.

  10. Caleb Shaw says:

    I think the only response that has any hope of working with such frozen “the-science-is-settled” minds is to infect them with a sense of wonder. Tony does this at times when showing the real data, and saying, “There was something exceptional going on with the weather that year, around the world. Instead of trying to understand it, NASA chose to hide it”.

    When someone descends to name-calling there is a genuine temptation to descend to their level and scald them with pithy wit. And I confess: sometimes I can’t resist giving them what they deserve. But other times I just act as if the insult is water-off-a-duck’s back, and respond with eager enthusiasm about the actual data, and how interesting it is, and how it makes me wonder.

    I think it troubles people who think the-science-is-settled to see it isn’t settled. It makes them feel insecure. They want the smugness of a know-it-all, and are disturbed when they see all-isn’t-known. Therefore I attempt to soothe and reassure such people by showing them a frontier is a wonderful thing, and the unknown isn’t so terrifying.

    The know-it-all Alarmists are certain, year after year, that the Arctic Sea is in a “Death Spiral”, yet year after year the sea-ice fails to melt. Rather than just calling such people morons, I attempt to wake their sense of wonder with infectious curiosity.

  11. Sunsettommy says:

    I have him at British Columbia and has spam problems on the IP.

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